Adoptable French Bulldogs: How to Find Them?

If you are looking for adoptable French bulldogs to buy, it’s no doubt that you should know the whole thing about French bulldog. It is not difficult to know how they are. You will benefit from the knowledge about French bulldog. That knowledge will help you to find the best French bulldog you’ll never regret to adopt. Adopting is about caring and loving. You can buy the French bulldog, but they are going to be your life partner.

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French Bulldog Character

French bulldog is sweet and sociable. They can live in family with many members. They are very good companions for you. They are the type of dog who will follow you wherever you go once they are comfortable with you. They may be stubborn to obey your command sometimes, but generally they are nice and loyal friend. This dog is smart and wants to spend a lot of time with human. French bulldog is adorable pet that will be a nice partner to play something fun. They love to play with their master, especially if they get food for prize. You can let your French bulldog to play with your kids, because it’s friendly with kids too. But, never leave your kids with your dog without your surveillance.

If you live in apartment, you shouldn’t be worry to have French bulldog as a pet. They don’t need a large room. They can live well in small room and apartment. But you should keep the room temperature stable (neither too cold nor too hot). It’s because they can’t tolerate extreme temperature.

French bulldog is a type of dog who can’t live alone and left in outdoor area. If you want to have them as pet but on the other hand you love to do traveling, you should have not left your frenchies alone outside of the house. You can take them with you or you may rent a pet care to take care of your French bulldog while you are away.

Exercise and Training

Remember that bulldog can’t live in extreme temperature. They can be uncomfortable and scratch on their body when the weather is too hot. You can take your French bulldog out sometimes to refresh them and get enough outdoor activities. You shouldn’t let them outside for long time without your monitoring to avoid excessive activity. They can’t do too much exercise either indoor or outdoor. But, it doesn’t mean that you give them less time for exercising. Daily exercise is necessary for French bulldog. They are type of breed that prone of obesity. It’s because they are greedy for food and will look for food. They will always eat and wait for meal. Once they stop, it’s the time for waiting the next meal while sleeping. They are actually lazy dog that will spend the day laying and doing nothing while waiting for being fed again. Don’t let your French bulldog to be lazy. Give your French bulldog enough exercise everyday to make their body fit and healthy. Remember to give them healthy food to support the exercise.

Note that French bulldog can’t be too much doing exercise. Take them for walk for 30 minutes per day is the easiest way to give them exercise. It’s a chance for your French bulldog to get a breath of air than always being kept in the house. But, remember not to take them for walk in the extremely hot or cold day.

French bulldog can be stubborn but excited to be trained. You can try multiple techniques to find out what kind of training that is suitable for your French bulldog. You can use food to attract the attention of the dog. Praise your dog and give it food for appreciation every time it does the things right.

Treatment and Food

You need to give the right amount of food. There are some factors to consider before feeding them such as age, size, metabolism, and activity level. It’s recommended to feed them with ½ to 1 cup of high-quality dog food divided into two meals a day. Always do check-up of their health condition to the veterinary regularly to know if you need any treatment for your French bulldog. It’s important to note that feeding your French bulldog with enough nutrition from selected food will boost their metabolism and increase their exercise level. Don’t give them too much food to avoid obesity.

French bulldogs are generally easy to groom for keeping their coat healthy. It’s important to get them familiar with the cleaning and grooming process from the young age. Check their physical healthiness every time you groom your French bulldog. Try to check if there is any bare spot, skin lesions, flaky skin, scabs, rough, or any signs of infections. You must check their eyes, ears, and teeth for any dirt or bad smells. Those are the signs that your French bulldog needs to go to the vet. French bulldogs also need their nails to be trimmed regularly to prevent splitting and tearing which can hurt them. So, never miss a grooming when it’s time to do it.

Adopting Tips

If you want to adopt a French bulldog, you have to find a good breeder who is able to show you the health record of the dog. Regardless it’s adopted from a pet shop or a rescue organization. For the French bulldog, you need to make sure that the health clearance is from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, and hip dysplasia (with fair or better score). For certifying that their eyes are normal and healthy, make sure that it’s certified by Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF). You may check the health clearance certificate on the OFA website to know the credibility. You have to pay attention about its heredity and medical record before you adopt a French bulldog. Make sure that the pet shop or the breeder is trustworthy, so you can contact them again if there’s something wrong when you pick the adoptable French bulldogs.

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