Adopting a Dog from French Bulldog Rescue Bay Area

Adopting a French bulldog from a dog rescue is a great idea because of two reasons. First, French bulldog rescue Bay Area keeps dogs that are mostly abandoned. By adopting a dog from a dog rescue in Bay Area, you have done a good thing because you help the rescue take care of one of its dogs and therefore help lighten its burden. Second, French bulldog is one of the most popular breeds to keep as a pet. A French bulldog is a perfect playmate for toddlers and children, an amiable friend and lap dog for adults, and a good and dependable companion for senior people.

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Adopting a French bulldog from a dog rescue is indeed a good idea, but there are several important things to mind before you proceed with the adoption process. You need to know the difference between a dog rescue and a breeder, the reasons why you should adopt a dog from a rescue, the reasons why adopting a dog from a breeder could be a better idea, and why you should adopt a French bulldog.

Dog Rescue or Dog Breeder

Some people think that this distinction is utterly unnecessary because a dog rescue and a dog breeder are basically the same. If there are differences, they are more often than not negligible. Nevertheless, there are also people who believe that a dog rescue and a dog breeder are two different entities that carry out their activities in different ways and for different purposes. Because they have different methods to acquire and maintain their dogs and because they have different goals, choosing an organization whose business and goal are in accordance with your preferences is necessary.

So, how do a dog rescue and a dog breeder actually differ? A dog rescue or dog shelter is a place where abandoned and lost dogs are sheltered. If you adopt a dog from a dog rescue, you will least likely get a puppy because most rescued dogs are adults. A dog breeder, on the other hand, is specialized in breeding puppies. If you want to get a new puppy, you should go to a dog breeder. This is perhaps the most significant difference between both entities that you need to know.

Pros and Cons of Adopting a French Bulldog from a Rescue

Adopting a French bulldog from a french bulldog rescue in Bay Area is a good thing to do because by doing so you basically provide a home and a family for any abandoned dog that takes shelter in the rescue. In addition, there are some benefits that you can reap if you adopt a dog from a shelter.

  1. You’ll skip the hassles of growing a puppy.

When you adopt a dog from a dog rescue, you will mostly get an adult dog because most rescued dogs are adults. You will still have a chance to get a puppy, but that chance is minimal and the biggest possibility is that you will get a fully grown-up dog. Growing a puppy involves a lot of hassles, including feeding, potty training, neutering or spaying, and vaccination. Because you get a grown up dog, you can skip all of those hassles and save a great deal of money.

  1. You get what you want.

The look of a puppy will change when they grow up. If you want to have a dog with a particular look, that look may not become apparent when the dog is still a puppy. If you buy a puppy from a breeder, there is a lot of guesswork involved to determine how they will look when they become adults. If you buy an adult dog from a rescue, you get what you want.

There are also the negative side of getting a French bulldog from a shelter. Here are some disadvantages of adopting a French bulldog from a dog rescue in Bay Area.

  1. Many people simply want to start from a clean slate.

For many people, keeping a pet means taking care of them since they are a puppy. Getting a pet as an adult means you lose everything beautiful that could happen when your pet is a puppy and when the puppy is growing and developing. In fact, even care aspects of a puppy that are considered hassles, such as potty training and veterinarian visits, often turn into great and memorable experiences when the puppy becomes an adult dog. Ultimately, people simply feel proud if they successfully grow their puppy to become a smart and healthy adult dog.

  1. A dog rescue often keeps obscure information about the dog’s past.

Although a dog rescue strives hard to investigate the past of every dog it keeps, the information that it successfully obtains is often considered lacking. If you adopt a dog from a rescue, you may not know the dog’s health records and who their parents are.

There are pros and cons of adopting a dog from a dog rescue. Therefore, take all factors into consideration before you decide to adopt a French bulldog so that you can make a sound decision of whether to adopt the dog from a shelter or from a breeder.

Why French Bulldog?

After you make a decision of whether to adopt from a shelter or a breeder, it’s time for you to pick your breed. There are many dog breeds available, but why should you pick a French bulldog instead of anything else? Here are some reasons why a French bulldog can be a good pet.

  1. French bulldog is both formidable and amiable.

Bulldogs are formidable because they used to be a star in bull-baiting; however, that doesn’t mean all bulldogs, including French bulldogs, are ferocious. They are known to be sociable dogs that rarely bark and treat people nicely.

  1. The size of a French bulldog is just perfect.

French bulldog is smaller than their English and American counterparts, making them a perfect lap pet for everyone.

  1. French bulldog is happy to stay indoors.

If you don’t have enough free time to walk your dog outside too often, you will be happy to have a French bulldog as your pet because the dog that you adopt from French Bulldog Rescue Bay Area is an indoor dog who enjoys staying at home all the time.

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