Adopting French Bulldog Rescue Nc

This even tempered house dog that make French Bulldog demands the attention and very fit for single household, then start look for French Bulldog Rescue Nc. They are very suit for single household because they can compete for attention with the other family members. The descendants of this breed had been owned by the Ancient Greek which also known as the Molossians and French Bulldog had been used for the large number blood sports, including of bull baiting before that practice had been outlawed in 1835.

French Bulldog Rescue Nc

After Bulldog was no longer use as the work dog, they had crossed with smaller breed, such as: pugs and terriers for the companion dog purposes. French Bulldog had been popular among the lace workers in the Nottingham and got the name after many workers had been migrated in French to get better job. After they gain popularity in whole of France and some states in Europe as the show dog, this French Bulldog also become popular in United State at the Westminster Kennel Club in 1896. This breed soon gets a nickname as a “Frenchie”, for the affectionate moniker which had been used today.

Had been build like small tank, the French Bulldog was a midsized member in non sporting group. This breed sharing the non sporting group with Boston terrier and of course bulldog. French Bulldog also not simply known as the mini bulldog. The most standing characteristic is their bat ear that occur naturally and never been altered or cropped. This is also unique to this bread skull that is flat between their ears. French Bulldog is the compact dog along with muscular look, short coat and flat. The common coat color are including of white, fawn and brindle varieties. The male and female dog weight is around on 25 to 27 lbs.


French Bulldogs the even tempered dog house which thrives with attention. Actually, they had demand it as mentioned before. This breed is so ideal for single household because they will compete for attention with other family members, French Bulldog also not bark a lot, they will bark when they find the real cause for pleasure. French Bulldog also can be so happy in any house. So, this breed is very suit for city live, because they do not need large yard as required. They are not mean as jogging companion, but they will ready to go for brisk walk. You should know that French Bulldog also do not require with much food and their short coat is easier to be cleaned as well. Their wrinkle face should be cleaned regularly. Frenchie also snores and snorts, but somehow it can be their best appeal. They prefer to spend time inside a house and get your attention.

For coat and grooming

The routine grooming for French Bulldog including of ear cleaning, nail trimming, occasional bathing, skin cleansing frequently and brushing to rid off the excess hair. Their nail can grow faster and shall be trimmed in regular time with nail clipper or grinder to prevent overgrown nail, cracking and splitting. Their bat ears also should be checked regularly to prevent the building up wax and dirt which can cause infection. Then teeth also should be brushed regularly.

Energy and exercise

You do not have to worry if this breed will bother your neighbor because French Bulldog rarely bark as mentioned before. Which said, you could rely on them to warn the owners to danger. They will enjoy for daily walking or playing around, due to their short nose, they cannot play or exercise on hot or humid days. You also should have access to cool during the warmer seasons. Their most favorite hobby is being on their owners personal lap warmer and get attention.


You should provide a routine checkup for your French bulldog, test for the intestinal parasite, getting routine vaccinations, get flea and tick control and heartworm prevention as well. Your vet should do some regular dental checkups along with care treatment, and this is better to clean your dog’s teeth regularly in a house too. As the short faced, this breed might have some health problems that you should notice. Their short faced can make their breathing less efficient than the breed with long nosed. So this French bulldog intolerance with over heat weather, stress and exercise which can increase their need to breathe. You can keep your French Bulldog cool in the warmer season and avoiding the harsh exercise. You can get a lot of information about through several places French bulldog Rescue Nc.

If your dog look overheat and become stress easily, with the noisy breathing and sometime spit out foam, you should contact your vet and ask for pinched nostril. The anesthesia also brings more risk for short-faced dog, so ensure that your vet have wide experience with such breed. The spine also needs to get special treatments. Like the other short breed, fatty French bulldog might have abnormal vertebrae or premature degeneration on the intervertebral discs.

What is animal rescue?

There are to many animals and might not enough homes. Shelters and rescue had been facing overpopulation problem of pet during some decades. Some pets might have been found wandering as trays and some of them might surrender by their owners who cannot or no longer want them. However shelter and rescue are different. Animal recue usually become private organization or private endeavor which will take certain animal, most of them are pet animals or companion animals for abusive act or homeless situation as well. The animal rescue will provide the animal with temporary living space through the animal foster parents who agree to host those animals until getting adopted. The animal rescue also can be focused only one or two types animals. Some were breeds and certain age that also become a good thing because they had meant for peoples who were fostering this animals. So, you can look adopt this Frenchie through French bulldog Rescue Nc or the other local area as well.

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