Adorable Bulldog in Teacup French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

The French bulldog had enjoyed their long history as the companion dog and they provide you in Teacup French bulldog puppies for sale. This dog had been created in England which also become the miniature of bulldog. Beside being your companion. They also once served as the excellent ratter, nowadays, their job might focus become fabulous family friend and show dig as well. they also rare breed dog, so you might need to take longer time on waiting list before you bring one home.

Teacup French Bulldog Puppies For Sale

This French Bulldog were so cute, funny, kindhearted and fascinating were just some words that you can use to describe this breed. However, these dogs were adorable and thousand peoples across the globe had been excited with this breed, similar with other breeds, this dg might not suit for each owner. The French had been fallen with this small dog on early 20s, and this French bulldog became so popular, which related writes and artist along with wealthy Americans who come to Paris. Nowadays, French bulldog had been ranked as the 6th for most popular dog breed, referring to the AKC. They also had been recognized by their bat ears and scrunching face. Whether you consider to purchase or adopt this French bulldog, you should consider several things before you get one. Also, you can check on official site teacup French bulldog puppies for sale that provide you with many options and needed information related with your potential dog.

When you look up for French Bulldog, you can consider to visit TeaCup site that had been specialized for French bulldog puppies that you can by in South Florida since 1999. So, you can check on their galleries to see the French Bulldog puppies images that had been provide by teacups, puppies and boutique. They also provide you with hand delivery which also available in whole United State even across the globe as well. So, they will offer you with safety and sound hand for delivery service for in state and international clients.

French Bulldog also known as Frenchie is a compact and muscle dog that come along with smooth coat, wrinkle face and pushed nose. This French bulldog also cheerful and low maintenance of companion dog, of course, they are affectionate, pleasant, sweet, curious on something, alerts and even tempered as well. This breed will need string bond with one peoples. While the French bulldog usually accepting strangers and other animals, but some males might bit aggressive toward other dig with same sex. This breed also need human companion and attention. If ad been overlooked, they can get depression and mischievous. French Bulldog also not a loud or hyper dog, but they were very persistence and enthusiastic.

However, you should note that French bulldog cannot stand in outdoors. Their breathing system getting unwell and make them impossible to regulate their body temperatures efficiently, so this reed have a problem with hot weather and easier prone with heatstroke. Most of French bulldog also give birth through the cesarean section, because they have broad head, even for puppies. In addition, they are not a good swimmer so you can avoid water activity.

There are several things that you should know before get French Bulldog

–               They are not cheap

Because of their popularity, some peoples might sure that they are in affordable price, but for some peoples, buying French bulldog is more an investment than purchasing. The average cost for this breed start from $1400 to $8000 depending on breeder, pedigree and color of the dog. You might see that price of French bulldog out there were cheaper, but this is important to note that you should but them from reputable breeder. You might consider getting rescue French bulldog with cheaper price, but in the case of rescue often needing for extra care and you should commitment with it.  So, you may wonder why Frenchies become so expensive. This is because need a lot of hard work for breeder to care this breed since they were born until they come to your house. A professional breeder who cares with their puppies quality will give them the best in everything, including care. As mentioned before that most of Frenchies females were birth their puppies through C section which cost of money.

–               French Bulldog does not need much exercise

Some peoples might prefer a dog that they do not have to exercise and if so, this French bulldog can be your perfect option. This dog has lot energy, but they are not tolerance with much exercise because of how their body was made. They will face difficult breath when they get into some exercise. However, this breed is prone with weight gain, so they still need a bit exercise and games. A good exercise for this Frenchies is walking around once or twice in a day. If the weather is too hot or too cold, this is better to skip the walks on that day as mentioned before. So, you can prefer to play indoor in this situation. Plus, you should keep in mind that brings Frenchie on a walk which a harness is best instead getting collar. The collar can damage their trachea and even can cause the straining on their neck as well.

–               They bit destructive

You should know that French Bulldog could be a bit destructive before you go out then get one. One of reason is because they get bored easily and they will chew to explore their own world. Chewing also becomes common behavior for puppies, and this is help them to remove their baby teeth, so the adult teeth are able to move in. If you choose French bulldog, you should ensure that you store your personal items and valuable items out of their reach. They small, but they are pretty big to get on tables and reach your remote control, shoes, shocks, cell phone and more. To minimize this thing, you can offer them with item which dog was allowed to chew, such as: chew toy or bone. Bring your beloved Frenchies in Teacup French bulldog puppies for sale.

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