Animal Rescue Rangers: Golden Retriever Puppy Rescue

Golden retriever puppy rescue or any dog rescue center are not a place where you see dogs playing at the fields ready to be adopted or taken home. It is not like animal shelters or humane societies, dog rescue center have their dogs secured because of several reasons to keep the dogs safe because the main goal of dog rescue center is to find a new home for the rescued dog as soon as possible. Here are some things you should know regarding golden retriever puppy rescue.Golden Retriever Puppy Rescue

The pros and cons of having yourself a rescued dog

Rescue dogs are totally different with dogs from dog shelter. While dog shelters have their dogs ready to live at home environment, rescue dogs are not prepared for that. The rescued dogs can be suffered from different factors and they should be treated differently because of the bad thing they have experienced. On the human side, the foster family should know how to handle problematic dogs, as expected from a rescued dogs, so they will be ready for everything that will happen when they bring the rescued dog to its new home.

Similar with dogs from animal shelter, most of the dogs in rescue groups don’t have a clear background. You won’t know the dog’s genes, so there is a chance that your adopted dog carrying hereditary disease. Hereditary disease is not good especially to purebred dogs. You may find behavioral issues with rescued dogs since they are having or experienced bad thing that make them do something bad. An important thing for you is that rescue group is not a place for you to search for a puppy, but there will be a small chance to get a puppy there.

Uncommon breed is not a common thing to see when you come into a dog rescue group. Although it is a popular breed, you can’t expect variety of choices since dog rescue groups focused on rescuing the dog, regardless of its behavior or breed. You will be provided with the available dogs and you can’t request and look for a dog with specific behavior in dog rescue group. After you tell what kinds of dog you are looking for, the rescue group will recommend you a dog that suit with your preferences, although not met all of your preferences. The important about rescued dog is that it is already neutered, cleaned, and freed from every problem regarding the health of the rescued dog (minus the hereditary diseases). Also the dogs received basic training, socialization, and grooming so you can expect to pay more when you want to adopt a rescued dog, compared to shelter dog or pet shop dog.

Although the dog is already treated and groomed well, getting a dog from rescue group is not as easy as getting a dog from pet shop or dog shelter. Adoption requirements are often times strict and you may be put into a waiting list. Lengthy processes are needed before you can take a dog home from a rescue group. You need to fulfil application, interviews, home inspection, and fill a lot of paper. If these are not your thing, you may consider to not taking a dog from rescue group.

There are many reasons why dogs are often dropped at a rescue shelter

Golden retriever that you found on rescue group may had behavior problems. Barking a lot and chewing to almost everything in your house is common reason why a dog put into a rescue group. Excessive digging and climbing are also the reason. Several dogs in rescue group may be not good with your cat, another dog, or having an issues with kid so you should be careful.

You have to know that it is the owner that causes the dog to have a bad behavior. Being left alone too often, whether it is inside or outside the house, will cause a bad behavior. Not enough exercise or teachings are also the cause of a dog’s bad behavior. If you are ready to give more affection, training, and proper way to treat your dog, you will get a golden retriever from a rescue group even if it has a bad behavior.

Lost and never claimed dogs are often found in a shelter or rescue group. Health problem is a common reason why a dog is put into shelter. So you may get a dog that needs special diet, insulin shots, daily pills, or anything similar to that matters. Human problems such as prohibiting dogs in an apartment, too big for your house, and stuff like that are also the reason. A reason why old dog is put into a shelter is because they are not fun anymore, maybe because older dogs have their ability to see and hear reduced. But, if you are looking for a well behaved and calm golden retriever, an old retriever is a good choice for you and it’s easy to find at shelter.

There is a possibility that your destined golden retriever could be in your local dog shelter or rescue group right now You should prepare yourself if you are looking for a dog at shelter or rescue group and you should go there with your eyes and heart open. Well matched dogs often time found in an unexpected place like dog shelter or rescue group. But, before going to your local shelter or rescue group to find your long awaited golden retriever, you have to determine what kind of dog that suits your lifestyle. So the time you have to train, groom, play and the tolerance about your dog’s bad behavior should be put into consideration. It is an important thing that you should put your best effort if you want to adopt a shelter or rescue group dog since the dog usually suffered from bad experience from its previous owner.

Although it will be hard for you, golden retriever from a rescue group or shelter should be fine. You have to pay more but your golden retriever is already neutered and given all things needed, so it is ready to be adopted. The thing you should do after getting golden retriever puppy rescue is that to give your maximum effort to raise it.

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