Anything You Need to Know Before Going to Adopt German Shepherd Puppies for Sale In Sc

Do you have plan to adopt German shepherd puppies? That is a good choice. You will not find any difficulties when you check the website or go to German shepherd puppies for sale in Sc (South California). It is because German shepherd puppies or dog is one of the most popular dog in the world. Of course, people know the specialty in raising this dog, but are you sure you have known about all the facts of German shepherd dog? This article will talk about the facts, the price and tips to choose German.


German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Sc

There are many facts you should know about German shepherd dog before adopting the puppies. The first fact is, this dog is known as a loyal, smart, brave and full alert dog. If you raise the puppies for years you will found that they will become a dog with 30-40 weight and 55-60 height. German shepherd puppies love their owner but they don’t really like the stranger. But, if they are trained well, they are not too aggressive. This kind of dogs is just do not want the stranger enter their territory. If they find people they don’t know enter the territory or their owner house, they will bark loudly. German shepherd will attack people who hurt the family of their owner. They also protect the children.

The second fact is, German shepherd puppies and dog have to run because they have big energy. By giving a sign, they always ask to go running, walking and playing with their owner. If they are not trained well, they will become troublemaker at home, barking and running around inside the house. They are tough runner. While running, they directly accelerate to the highest speed and spin fast without losing their balance. That is on of the reasons why they are become police’s and soldiers’ dog. As it has mentioned above, German shepherd puppies are cleaver. According to the American Kennel Club, German shepherd is on third place in the list of the smartest dog. They are easy to be trained. They understand many commands just in five time repetitions.

The fact number four, German shepherd puppies have big curiosity. They will approach to things they feel strange instead of walking away. They like exploring their environment, checking the backyard when the owner is not at home. But, they can get various medical conditions like hip dyplasia. Hip dyplasia is the abnormal growth of hip joints. The condition will get worse if the owner can’t raise them well. If you are going to adopt or check German shepherd puppies for sale, you should ask the breeder whether the parent of the puppies have normal hip.

The fifth fact is, the combination of beige and black are the common color that German shepherd have. But there are also German shepherd puppies that have full black and full white feather color. Usually, the puppies of German shepherd have thin body but they will be fat fast in following years. Like it has explained above, in general, they will have 55-50 kg weight and 20-40 cm height. German shepherd puppies are productive ones. If your brush the feather, that will fly in the air after 15 minutes. Brushing their feather every day is the only way to avoid feather stacking in your house.

Those all about the facts, you have to consider it again to raise the kind of dog because it is for long commitment for 10 years or more. Planning to add new family member is important decision. Before you are going to adopt you also have to think that you want male or female puppies. When they are still puppies, it seems like there are no differences. However, it matters when they are growing to be a dog. Female dog will get cycle of fertile period twice a year. She has smaller body and milder weight. Male German shepherd tends to behave more territorial than female one. He usually mark their territorial by urinating his. The female German shepherd tends to behave more protective to her family and owner family. It will make other pets In your home get jealous.

After you have decided which female or male puppies for you, you can look for the information of dog adoption place or German shepherd puppies for sale. If you find any difficulties to find adoption place near your house, you can contact the dog shelter near your house. By raising the dog from shelter, you have chance to save the dog. However, you will not know the genealogy of the dog you choose. If you do not want to adopt from shelter, you can directly go to the breeder.

There are things you should do in adopting. Don’t ever buy or adopt German shepherd puppies from newspaper advertisement without coming directly to their location. you also should not agree if the breeder make appointment outside their house. It is because you really need to know the facilities that breeder has and the condition of the dog has risen. You are better not to buy or adopt the dog in pet shop. Usually, pet shop gets the dog from the breeders that do not care about the health of animal. The animals live in unhealthy condition. You don’t want to support this kind of breeder by giving your money, right?

You probably ever looked the puppies that are sold on the side of the road. If the seller do not affiliate dog adoption agency, don’t ever buy the dog. The kinds of sellers are usually breeders who are not responsible. Buying the puppies from them is the same as supporting them to do irresponsibility things. Instead of adopting dog in illegal place, you can find the good puppies from German shepherd lover community. The community you can find in internet will give you detail information such as the price of the puppies. The price of black German shepherd puppy is $700 USD, $500 USD for tan and $ 900 USD for pink collar German shepherd puppy. If your friend and dog community lover recommend you the website of German shepherd puppies for sale in SC, you can adopt online. Do not worry about the shipping because your puppies can be sent to all over the world.

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