Anything You Need to Know Before Raising French Bulldog Puppies for Sale Near Me

If you want to raise French bulldog puppies, you can easily search the breeder in internet by typing French bulldog puppies for sale near me. But, before you do that, you have to know about the characteristic of French bulldog, how to train and how to treat them well. This article will help you to know all about French bulldog puppies and dog.

French Bulldog Puppies For Sale Near Me

If you think French bulldogs are from France, you are completely wrong. French bulldogs are from England. French bulldogs are different with other bulldogs. They have smaller size of body. French bulldogs are descent of English bulldog, pug and terrier dog. The height is not more than 30 cm and the weight is around 8 kg – 14 kg. People like to raise them because they think French bulldog puppies are cute. The ears of this dog race is like bat and their ears can stand up straight. Talking about the feather, French bulldogs do not have long one. It eases their owner to give the treatment. Usually, the color of the French bulldogs are full white, but you can also find French bulldogs with different colors such as brown and black.

The role of French bulldogs are for people’s friend. It makes them like following wherever their owner go. Do not worry if you do not have big house or you are currently living in apartment because French bulldogs can adapt to any place. They never bite and like playing with children. French bulldog puppies and dog are also friendly with stranger, if your friends or your big family visit your house or your apartment, French bulldogs will not be mischief and can play with your guess.

Talking about training the French bulldog puppies, they are one of smart dog race. They can learn fast to do your commands. You are better to teach them about the rules in your house such as urine and poop in the right place or you never let them to enter your private room. Do not be misguided with their cute face, if they do bad things like banking a lot, biting your stuff or make your home a mess, you can give them punishment. If they do right things, you can give them compliment, applause or their favorite food. And be careful because they are sensitive with their owner voice.

Besides the training, you can go out with your French puppies but do not go so far away from your house. You can play on park near your house. You can also go to the event of French bulldog lovers with them. If you find people who also love raising French bulldog puppies, you will get more knowledge about how to train or treat them. You can also share your tips to them.

Even though French bulldog puppies do not need many treatments, you have to pay attention to their health. You should regularly check the wrinkles on their skin. You have to make sure to keep it dry to avoid the growing of bacteria and fungi. They also often get respiratory problems. It is because of their flat nose and their big stomach. If you have never raised puppies before and you do not want bad things happen to your puppies, you can do these tips below;

If you have bring the French bulldog puppies to your home, you have obey rules. The rule number one is starting to train your French bulldog puppies in the first day they come to your house. Puppies are not delivered as trained dog. They look at you as you are their trainer. Things they should do and things that should not do have to be taught at the first day. You can teach them by playing to avoid them from boring. By playing with them, you build the friendship with your puppies. They also will learn fast about things that you want and things you don’t.

Second rule you should know is, French bulldog puppies need balanced nutrition. Food with complete and balanced nutrition is a must for the puppies to grow well. French bulldog puppies need protein, fat, vitamin, and mineral intake. They are better to given form of concentrate food so that they can get all nutrition needed without interfere their digestion. You also have to supply fresh mineral water for them to drink.

The rule number three is French bulldog puppies also need dental care and grooming. For your information, dental unkempt will cause various diseases. Clean the teeth of your French bulldog puppies regularly. Do not let plaque and tartar are on your puppy’s teeth. Plaque and tartar will break the gum and many disease will come. About the grooming, if you can’t bathe them well, you bring your French bulldog to grooming to make them fresh and cuter.

The fourth rule is, let your French bulldog puppies to sport. Give them their normal activity, sport. The necessary of sport doesn’t depend on the size of the dog. They are all have big power. But do not push them to do heavy things when they are still puppies. The fifth rule is, medical checkup in pet clinic. If you haven’t found vet near your house, you have to find it or get the information before you have puppies. The first week you have the puppies, you should see the vet and do all medical checkup for your French bulldog puppies. Ask the vet to make vaccine schedule. Make fun atmosphere when you bring them to the clinic so that they are not afraid. You also can do the simple things to check their health. Check their weights, skin and feather, eyes, ears, gum and teeth. If you think there is something wrong in your French bulldog puppies, you can contact your vet.

The sixth rule is, introduce your French bulldog puppies with other dogs in your home. If you have other dog, you can introduce your puppies to them. Your dog will feel that they are ruler in your house and your puppies will ignore them. It will harmful your puppies. You need time and control this. When they can get along, they will play together. If you have made choice to raise French bulldog puppies and read all things in this article and you are sure to look after them, you can find their breeder by typing French bulldog puppies for sale near you. Happy playing with your new puppies.

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