Baby German shepherd for Sale: Get to Know about German shepherd Temperament

Baby German shepherd for sale is the good place for you if you want to get new puppy. But I guess you can also look for it on the shelter since there are many dogs out there that need home by now. Still, if you like certain breed of dog, you better find good breeder that treats the dogs like how it should be, not like the breeder factory though. Well, we should move on then.

Baby German Shepherd For Sale

The AKC Standard told me that this kind of dog has distinct and unique personality. It is marked by the expression, fearless but not hostile, direct attitude, certain aloofness and or course self-confidence. But they will not discriminate the friendships they have. German shepherd is also approachable. They do not like to go around and will standing still very quietly on the ground with bunch of self-esteem. But in the other hand, they also love to see the willingness to see the overture though.

What I said above is the fair description of German shepherd dog in ideal definition.

But the fact is you will find it difficult to find the ideal one. German-shepherd dogs you can find in nowadays are all over the table in temperament. This breed is basically bred for business like and protection work purpose which made this dog has pretty hard-tempered manner. If you do not ding the mild and mellow then you probably will me the hyperactive and skittish up to dopey and downright dumb.

The other issue is it might have health problems in serious level too especially if the dog was bred by backyard breeder.

In general speaking, the energy level of the dog might be varied. You can find the vigorous ones and you will also meet the laid-back type. But in order to maintain the athletic shape of this dog, you have to walk around with him every day. They can be your running mate as long as it is safe and try to show them by running enclosed area in daily basis.

German shepherd dog really needs the mental exercise like herding, tracking, protecting, agility and advanced obedience class. Keep in mind that this dog is so smart and he loves to think. Their intelligence will be definitely in waste if they just lying around the house like the casual pets. It is important to manage the temperament and the self-esteem as well as socializing with others.

This dog is basically fine with other pets as long as you introduced them when they were young. But, you will also meet the cat-chaser German shepherd. Some of them can also aggressive and dominant especially with strange dogs with the same sex. But more than anything, this dog is excellent companion as long as you trained him well.

Choose German shepherd if …

If you like dog with strong and athletic body shape but it is all natural, you should consider the German shepherd dog. This dog is also good to be the company for exercise or other challenging activities but of course you should train them first. This dog is also suitable for something imposing and stern so you can have deterrent look since the first time people see you.

This dog is very loyal and he has so good intelligent yet versatile. As long as you train them really well and bring them to socialize too, they can learn to do anything you ask, just like a real buddy.

Do not choose German shepherd if …

This dog loves to do searching in order to get the stable-tempered of the dog along with good chance to stay healthy. As I have said earlier, it can be another issue when it comes to health since it brings certain disease in their body. You will be forced to provide plenty or interesting activities to do along with exercise. If you do not like that then do not go with German shepherd.

The dog needs special treatment when it comes to socialization. You have to be so careful so they will not get aggressive. Besides, once the dog gets bored or did not have enough exercise, they will be really destructive. The socialization should be done carefully because they can get so aggressive with other dogs especially with the same sex. You will also face the heavy shedding constantly every day in years.

This dog can be the cause of to face the lawsuit though. They can really cause the issues with legal liabilities too. And if you do not want to concern about various problems related to health issues, just do not go with this dog anyway.

Minimize the negative traits by …

Of course there are several ways you can try in order to get rid or minimizing the negative traits from this dog. You can start with choosing the right breeder of the dog and also the right puppy to bring home. Even though they are on sale, just make sure that you are not just picking it without reason.

If you bring it from animal shelter or the rescue group, you better choose the adult dog because most of them mostly have no problems with negative traits. Still, you have to train the dog and teach them how to respect you as the owner, friend, or the handler.

And if you are worried about the health issues, you definitely can minimize it by following the care program for German shepherd. If you go to the veterinarian and ask for the daily care program, they will let you know the perfect option.

If you choose German shepherd as your company, you should concern about the legal liabilities. There are certain places that target this dog for banning. You can also have problems when you apply for certain insurance policies.

Other than that, they have wide range of temperaments since one another are so different. It depends on the breeders. So, make sure the breeder is good before you buy baby German shepherd on sale.

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