Best Breeders of Bulldogs For Sale In Ct

Having a bulldog is certainly one of the best decisions you will make. This dog breed is so gorgeous that one bulldog may not be enough to complete your family. The best way to get the bulldogs for sale in Ct is by getting it from the local breeders. Exactly, instead of getting it from pet stores, visiting the breeders and getting the puppies from them is always a better choice. Only from reputable breeders you can get puppies in good physical and mental state. Always know from where you get the puppies and never buy from illegal puppy mills if you really care about the well being of your dogs.

reasonably priced bulldog puppies for sale in connecticut

For centuries, bulldog has definitely been one of the most popular breeds thanks to their great personality. Contrary to their ancestors which were known for being ferocious dogs in the bull baiting, the today’s bulldogs are gentle and sweet. Their ferocious look remains but not their aggressive personality. So, it is really cute to have ferocious looking dog that actually behaves sweet and spoilt. Owning a bulldog means you clearly have a great dog to snuggle with each and every day. Yes, these dogs love to relax and take a nap as long as they can beside playing and having regular light exercise.

What about their behavior towards the kids? Well, they are very good with kids and other pets as well. So, you definitely can give your kids their best friends to grow with. As for the grooming and maintenance, bulldogs are considerably easy to take care of. However, you need to constantly clean their wrinkle face and mouth to prevent any infection from occurring. Other than that, you can simply do once a week grooming and bathing thanks to their smooth short coat. Now, are you ready to get your dream bulldog? Visit these breeders and find your future puppy.

Reputable Bulldogs Breeders in Connecticut

  1. Kathy’s Bulldogs

You can find this breeder in Chicopee, MA 01020. Despite being a small breeder, they raise the puppies very well so you definitely can get a great puppy as additional family member. You may want to contact them first before visiting because they do not have many puppies to offer. On site, you can also see the parents of the puppies.

  1. Brooklyn Beefcakes

Have you ever heard of Brooklyn Beefcakes breeder? Well, another reputable breeder is on town. It is a small breeder raising only limited number of puppies and taking care of each dog very well. Their dogs and puppies are purebred and AKC registered in case you wonder. You can feel certain about the standard of their puppies because they only breed the superior females and males for improved quality. In fact, they also breed some rare colored bulldogs with finest standard.

  1. Color Me Bad

The Color Me Bad is considerably new breeder yet they have great puppies to offer. Find them in Mystic, Connecticut 06355 before you visit their location.

  1. Fondelheitbulldogs

Located in Dayville, Connecticut 06241, this breeder has the Bulldogs puppies you have been looking for. For now, they have only limited number of puppies that are usually offered after the puppies reach 6 weeks old. Find this breeder if you want to get good quality puppies.

  1. The Shire

The number of breeder in Connecticut has been growing rapidly and The Shire is among the new breeders in town located in Putnam, Connecticut 06260. Their puppies and dogs are all AKC registered. You can get both puppies and adult dogs. Feel free to contact them and make a visit to get your dream dog.

  1. Nightrun Bulldogs

Put this breeder on your list if you live in Medford, NY 11763. This breeder has a number of dogs and puppies that you can choose from. All the dogs are raised inside the house so you can feel sure how the breeders truly care about the wellbeing of their dogs. Just like other reputable breeders’ dogs, the four paws living here are also registered.

  1. Ocean State English Bulldogs

Here comes another reputable bulldog located in Richmond, 02892. This local breeder raises all registered puppies and dogs that grow being used to children. And, you can also find the tri-colored English bulldog with high quality from this breeder in case you are looking for such puppy.

  1. Tinybear Bulldogs

Located in Islip Terrace, NY 11572, this local breeder is definitely a great choice in town. They always raise puppies and dogs with AKC standard so you can get the high quality dogs to be your family member. And, the dogs are microchipped as well.

  1. Pearl Bulldogs

If you live in Blackstone, MA, 01502, you can visit this local breeder to find your perfect bulldog. This is an ethical family breeder breeding both English and French bulldogs. The breeder fully strives on how to produce high quality healthy puppies with great social skill so they can get along with kids and pets well.

  1. Wrinkle Squad Bulldogs

Another home breeder you can consider is Wrinkle Squad Bulldogs that is located in Milford, MA 01757. This is a family breeder growing their dogs inside the house. They have both English and French bulldogs and you can also meet the parents of the puppies in order to know the origin of the puppies. This breeding service is ready to provide you with gentle and wonderful puppy for years to come.

  1. Bessette’s Bullies

Living in South Attleboro. MA 02703 means you should visit this breeder to get the great bulldog for your family. All the puppies are AKC registered, vaccinated, dewormed and also have the health certificate. With range of price from $2500 to $4000, you can definitely get the puppies you have been looking for.

  1. Puerini Family Bulldogs

Last but not least reputable bulldog breeder in town, the Puerini is located in Rehoboth, MA, 02769. This breeder high quality AKC registered bulldogs that you can get and adopt. Feel free to make contact with this breeder so you can get your prefect dog.

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