Best Shampoo for English Bulldog

If you have a dog under your care, understanding how to maintain its hygiene is a must, especially when your dog is an English bulldog. You should know exactly how to keep your dog healthy, since this type of dog is unlike any other regular dog breed.

best dog shampoo for english bulldog

Here, some important facts and information about how to keep up your puppy’s hygiene – including how bathing it and how to select the best shampoo for English bulldog – will be discussed in further.

Wrong Shampoos Harm Your Dog

Many of us have not known that actually, we should only bath the English bulldog once or twice per month at the most. Instead of making the dog healthier, bathing it often will only cause its skin dry because the protective oils on its skin are washed away. It will automatically result in itchy skin, or even worse, dandruff.

You are not suggested to directly pour water over its head while you  are bathing it, since it can cause the water get in its ears. It is better to use a warm cloth to clean its head. Next, you also need to make sure that the shampoo you use to bathe your dog is design for bulldog’s sensitive skin. Using regular shampoo for human is a big mistake, since it can definitely make your dog uncomfortable, or even harm it. The reason is bulldog’ skin is much more sensitive, softer, and more delicate than that of human’s. Therefore, shampoos with a neutral ph are best to be used in order to maintain your dog’s healthy coat.

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for English Bulldog

It is, indeed, true that bulldog have short coat instead of long flowing locks covering its body. However, we should consider its folded skin which is potential to cause some skin problems. One of them is when the dog’s furred-skin rubs against each other in its wrinkles which will traumatize its skin. Moreover, the valleys hidden in between the folds are usually warm and humid, causing the bacteria and fungi grow and finally results in what so-called as skin fold dermatitis.

That is why being aware of the dog’s skin problem and the ingredients that meet its needs are essential when you are choosing the best shampoo for your dog. For example, a shampoo with anti-fungal ingredients is suitable for dogs with prone over growing in their skin folds, since it can keep the skin and hair healthy.

Another example is when your bulldog has skin which tends to produce too much grease. Shampoo with effective cleansing ability but without getting rid of the dog’s natural oil is ideal to be given. It is necessary to do, since the over-dry skin will only make the infection gets worse. Therefore, it is better for you to know some of the best shampoos for bulldogs which are listed as follows.

The top 4 Best Recommended Shampoos for English Bulldog

  1. Malaseb Shampoo Bayer Healthcare

This shampoo can be used as an alternative to cure bulldogs with skin infection problems. Malaseb Shampoo Bayer Healthcare is formulated to fight off any bacteria, fungi, and yeast which are usually infected bulldog’s skin, since it contains chlorhexidine (functions as antibacterial) and miconazole (works as anti-fungal) as its two active ingredients to give your dog skin treatment.

What makes this product great is the ability to get rid of dandruff and ringworm. It is also effective to fight off the greases from your dog’s skin. It is, indeed, not the cheapest product in the market, but the Malaseb Shampoo does offer high quality ingredients that should not be underestimated.

However, there are still some points to be taken into consideration. First, since this product has quite strong active ingredients, you are suggested to always wear gloves every time you are applying it. Second, before being rinsed off, this product should be left in contact with your dog’s infected skin for a full ten minutes to effectively cleanse the yeast. This process should be repeated every two or three days until the infection cured. it will not be a problem if you treat your dog like this during the hot days, but winter will definitely be a disadvantage.

  1. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Something great from this product is that it is 1005 soap free and it does not contain any chemicals or toxins, since it is made of selected natural ingredients, meaning that it is ideal for your English bulldog’s delicate skin. The natural ingredients we are talking about are coconut and almond oil, oatmeal, and of course, free from sulfates and DEAs.

Not only does this product smell good, but it also can be safely used to take care of active and outdoor living dogs which need relatively often bathing procedures. It has been also proved by many bulldog owners that this shampoo can re-hydrate and make the dog’s coat healthier and stronger. What is best form this product is that not only is it very nice for the budget conscious, but it is also easy to find or accessible in some bigger stores.

  1. CuraBenz – Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo

CuraBenz – Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo is known as one of the best skin-protecting shampoos for English Bulldogs, since it is made of simple but efficient active formula for your dog’s irritated skin. Many bulldogs’ owners claim that it can get rid of itch after its third use.

It contains benzyl peroxide as its active formula which can cure some dermatology problems such as pyoderma, acne, and dandruff. Its smell is also impressive and it is quite easy to find in pet stores.

  1. Bulldog Bright Whitening Shampoo

Some dogs have no skin problem, but have a light-colored coat which is sometimes exposed to dirt and mud. The owners do not need any medicated shampoo in this case, but they do need shampoo with the ability of cleaning the stains.

This product can gently cleanse the skin and coat without causing dry skin, since it contains oatmeal as its base. Instead of stripping chemical, this product contains vitamins which are good for the dog’s coat health.  It also makes your dog smell nice with a pleasant tropical scent.

The best shampoo for English bulldog should be good for your dog’s health, quite accessible and easy to find in bigger pet store. Taking care of an English bulldog will not be that hard if we understand well how to maintain its health and hygiene.

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