Blue English Bulldog Puppies for Sale, What’s Good and What’s Bad About Them

Nowadays its not that easy to look for a unique Blue English Bulldog Puppies For Sale. Tri Colored English Bulldogs (Black Tri and Blue Tri, considered Gray by AKC) are rarely seen due to back in 1835 it was outlawed to breed English Bulldogs for bull baiting. Because of that, the English Bulldogs breed are in the brink of extinction until saved by an exhibitor that loved English breeds.

Normally, when someone saw Bulldog, they will imagine a ferocious beast who threatens kids. Moreover, Bulldogs originally was bred to herd cattle to market, not to mention forced to compete in a bloody sport, bull baiting. But, as the time passed and many things have changed, including Bulldogs, now, they are gentle and docile companions, especially for kids. You can enjoy a brief walk and nap together on the sofa, with this breed.

unique Blue English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

Even more, AKC says that English Bulldog should be kind and dignified, as well as pacific and courageous at the same time. Some Bulldog Puppies are friendly, even with strangers, while the other puppies tend to be more politely reserved. While the puppies are frisky, the adults like to spend their entire day by snoring on the sofa. So, they need extra-care on the exercise to stay fit, for example walks them in cool weather.

Brief History of English Bulldog

This breed descends from fighting mastiffs, and slightly resembles its ancestor that were brought by the Romans to England. Sometimes called by British Bulldog, English Bulldog originated from England and has rather bloody past. Back in 16th century, this breed is used in sport called Bull baiting, a bloody sport that involves tying the dog to an iron stake, to restrict its movement between 10 meter. The purpose of this, was to immobilise a bull that was sent to the arena.

Bull baiting officially banned at 1835, after the Bill of suppression at 1802 by House of Commoners are defeated by thirteen votes. After that, English Bulldogs transform, from fighter dog to a lovely companion and show dog. When the first Show Bulldogs appeared, they had completely blackish color.

But, after sometime passed, the blackish color turned unpopular and undesirable. Consequently drove dog breeders to avoid black color in their breeding program, resulting the emerge of bluish, brown, and lilac color, though they already came already in black, white, black tri since long before 1800s.

Color of English Bulldog

Normally, there are only three uncommon colors found in English Bulldog, which are, black, blue, and brown. You can say, that blue itself is dilute from the black one, due to unique genetic sequence, because a dog can only carry black, or black with other color, except blue, so the blue one considered a different color. A dog considered as a triple carrier if it has all three color on their body, and when it bred, and when bred with the right partner, it can produce black, blue, and brown puppies.

Some people considered lilac is not the fourth color, because it is a diluted from brown and blue. There is no unique genetic code in lilac one, just a combination of brown and blue color. Thus, you can have a lilac puppies by breeding brown-blue bulldog couple. But, it will be fairly hard to get lilac puppies from lilac bulldog couple, because it wont pass down, since its not a genetic code.

Due to the different rarity in color, some bulldogs may be more expensive than the others. Take example for tri colored bulldogs that cost roughly $4000 up to $5000, and if you are lucky to find the blue one, it will cost you around $8500 up to $14000. One must know, in the whole world, the blue colored one is few in number, because they are extremely hard to bred.

Bulldog as a companion

Its true that bulldog once are ferocious due to the bloody sport custom. However, today, despite violent appearance, you’ll find the dog rather sweet, cute, playful, and lovable. They have easygoing, attitude, seldom barks, and spend most of their time either walking around or snoring on sofa. They can be a good friend for your children.

They have moderate size, low-slung body, but some can be very heavy, with massive and square short-muzzled head. They are wide, muscular, have broad shoulders, chests, cheeks, and head. Their foreheads have dense wrinkles, and droopy upper lip with undershot lower jaw, yet strong and massive, you can’t let go easily if bitten by it. Thus, making it, small, ferocious-looking, but very cute companion.

The Bulldog’s body, it wiggles when it walks, resembling loose-jointed and shuffling. Due to its wide shoulders and head, the female dog sometimes has a hard time whelping puppies without human’s help. Thus, to deliver their puppies most of them have to go through caesarean sections.
Unfortunately, with that unique body traits, Bulldog are prone to health problems, especially their respiratory system and joint difficulties. If you don’t exercise it enough, it will be overweight due to their habit, exposing it to more health problems.

They often calm when they are mature, but the puppies are more playful. They are known by their stubbornness and protective. They love people, seek out for attention and enjoy languishing next to their masters. But sometimes they have serious food possessiveness, so it will be wise to feed them far away from kids or other pets. One have to know that this kind of dog tend to slobber much, especially after being fed.

But despite all of that difficulties, English Bulldog are one of the most loyal and can be a great companion. There are not that much Blue English Bulldog Puppies for Sale if you want one. So, if you really want one, and can afford the cost, the blue bulldog puppies definitely will be your trusted and loved friend. When you’re getting an English Bulldog Puppy, you’re also acquiring its potential on what it will be one day, thus you have to consider thoroughly its breeders.

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