Blue French Bulldog Breeders

The blue French bulldogs have been one of the most popular rare-colored dogs in the USA. The distinct thing that makes this bulldog different is the fur which is slightly bluish hue. This color occurs due to genetic reasons. Despite the difference on colors, blue French bulldog doesn’t have any other differences with other colored bulldogs. So yes, the blue ones are as needy, sweet and affectionate as the black and white ones. And, they are also very active with so many funny habits and a bit of stubbornness. In case you are looking for this wonderful dog, find the dog in any of the reputable blue French bulldogs breeders in the USA we have listed below. Contact as many breeders as you can to get your perfect sweet family dog.

reputable blue french bulldog breeders

It is true that small size and gentle personality are not the only reasons making this dog breed popular. It is also because of their cute fierce face and bat-shaped ears. The popularity of this dog among the kids is another reason. Therefore, you can definitely make the dog becomes your kids’ best friend. They love to stay both inside and outside the house. Inside, they become the perfect dogs to snuggle with. Meanwhile, outside they transform into active and playful dogs that will love to play along with your kids and other pets you have been taking care of. In other words, the dogs are perfect no matter what lifestyle you have. And, since the dogs have low energy, they do not need heavy exercise. This is great news if you happen to be person with busy schedule.

Best Breeders for Blue French Bulldogs

Living in the USA means having more choices of reputable blue French bulldog breeders in order to find the perfect match. In every area, there is at least one reputable breeder breeding the wonderful puppies. However, some breeders only offer few number of puppies so you may have to book in advance because the waiting list can be quite some nuisance. Check out the list of best breeders we have collected so you can find the perfect blue French bulldogs. The list is categorized based on the area.

  1. Alabama

The best breeder in Alabama has the name of Cam’s Breeder managed by Harriette Cameron. This wonderful dog lover has been dedicating her life to love and breed French bulldogs including the rare colored blue puppies.

  1. Arizona

There are several most reputable blue French bulldogs in this area including the Rising Star French Bulldogs (by Mike Doty), Del Sol’s Kennels (by Chuck Coyle), and also the Fox Canyon French Bulldogs (by Sandy Fox). Pay a visit to any of them to find your most wonderful puppy.

  1. California

California has many reputable breeders you can choose. Among the best breeders are LeBull (by Arle Amarie Alford), Allusion French Bulldogs (by Amanda Ashley), deNoble French Bulldogs (by Rhonda Cole), Copen’s French Bulldogs (by Ken Copen), VonDuran Frenchies (by Jacquie Duran), Yvet’s (nu Yvette Ellingwood), Mon Petit Chou (by Connie Hughes), Magic Time Frenchies (by Linda and Eric Jacobs), Mt. Bliss French Bulldogs (by Michelle Jones), Kamibulldogs (by Kathy Lerchenmuller), BayHill French Bulldogs (by Linda Maugeri), Fulla Full French Bulldogs (by Jane Norries), Carob Frenchies (by Carole Salisbury) and also Maisonette de La Reine (by Alvin Samala). It is okay to visit more than one breeder to be able to see more choices of gentle puppies to adopt.

  1. Colorado

Finding a reputable breeder producing high quality blue French bulldog puppies is no longer difficult thanks to two most reputable breeders available. They are the Starlette Frenchies (by Tina Olsen) and Consort Frenchbulldogs (by Janis Stadler). All the available puppies are AKC registered, in great health, vaccinated and vet checked. Therefore, it is certainty that you will get beautiful, healthy and sweet puppies.

  1. Connecticut

Despite only one reputable blue French bulldogs breeder in Connecticut, you can also find a wonderful pup you have been looking for. The breeder is known by the name of Hollycroft French Bulldogs managed by Tracy Cavaciuti.

  1. Florida

There are quite a few of high quality breeders in Florida including Envybull (by Rachel Botts), Floresta Farms (by Jean Burns), McBeth’s (by Beth A. Car), Trilogy French Bulldogs (by Susan Cooper), Sonja Frenchies (by Sonja Kaye Mayfield Doherty); Jerrys Frenchies (by Jerry Mayfield), Kobi Show Dogs (by Robin Meletti) and the Urban French Bulldogs (by Becky Smith).

  1. Georgia

Currently living in Georgia means you have quite a few reputable breeders to find your perfect blue French bulldog puppy. The most recommended breeders are Framke’s French Bulldogs (by Steve Framke), Starcreek Frenchies (by Kathi Liebe) and also Oolala (by Lois Milligan).

  1. Hawaii

If you live in Hawaii, make sure to contact only this reputable breeder for finding your dream dog. The breeder is popular by the name of Rabang French Bulldogs by Michael and Jacqueline Rabang. Feel free to contact them via email or phone.

  1. Idaho

Living in Idaho gives you the opportunity to pay a visit to great breeder known as Padlock Boxers and Frenchies managed by Pat Gonzales. This breeder has been producing high quality and healthy blue French bulldogs every year ready for adoption.

  1. Illinois

There are at least two reputable breeders in this area. The breeders are known  as Enchante French Bulldogs managed by Sheri Alkevicious and also Chato Kennel breeder managed by Merri Ann Gonzalez.

  1. Indiana

Indiana has certainly been one of the best areas producing wonderful champion bloodlines blue French bulldogs. Contact any of these most reputable breeders: B&B Boston & Frenchies (by Billie Bunch), Eybul (by Nelson Eylander), Danall’s Frenchies (by Dana H. Riotte) and also Nicolerin (by Sandee White).

  1. Iowa

The city of Iowa has two most popular breeders for French bulldogs. They are the KOTUR breeder (by Theresa Wilson) and Fiesta Frenchies (by Gayle Lopez). Only in these breeders you can find the most wonderful, gentle, smart and attractive Frenchie. So, make sure to contact them the moment you want to take a blue French bulldog into your house and be a part of your family.

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