Bulldogs for Sale In NY

Among various dog breeds, bulldogs have certainly been one of the most popular. There are so many great things from this breed aside from their unique wrinkle appearance. So, when you decide to get bulldogs for sale in NY, you have definitely made the right decision. Bulldogs are simply so unique that it is easy to recognize them from far away. They make great companions for kids and they are easily getting along with other dogs as well. Now, how much do you know about bulldogs anyway aside from their wrinkle appearance? Do you know there are at least three most popular types of bulldogs? The American, English and French bulldogs are the most popular. So, just before you make the choice of which bulldogs you actually want to have, learn each of them very well.

Bulldogs For Sale In New York

American Bulldogs for Sale in NY

Let’s start with the American bulldogs. It may be named American bulldogs but it is not the only bulldogs being so popular in the US. It maybe is the biggest bulldogs compared to English and French bulldogs. It has some characteristics like powerful, strong and muscular body with smaller frame. It is also swifter and more agile. In fact, some of these dogs can jump up to 6 feet into the air. In general, male American bulldogs are heavier compared to female bulldogs. This dog breed has substantial head with solid jaws. Its feet are light with wide midsection. On its face, it is clearly visible how characterized their looks are with unique characterized profound stop and wider placed eyes. And their mouth is also square and expansive. Most of the owners favor the uncropped ears as it has become the ABBA standard.

Take a look at their eyes and you will notice how their eyes com in various colors with black eyed edges being the most popular although there are other colors too like the pink eye edges. They have full lips but not excessively detached. Meanwhile, they have large-boned front legs that are simply straight and solid. To even make their appearance more attractive, they have the extremely thick and wide rump with characterized muscles. Move on the tail, there is the low-set tail with base thick and thinner point.

Many people love American bulldogs because they are simply bull hearted, brave and very loyal. They also are confident and very aware of anything surrounding them which make them a perfect companion for the kids. With their protective instinct, they make firm and consistent protector for their master. And their life expectancy is amazing up to 16 years old. If this is the right bulldogs for you, you can usually afford to buy the puppies at least for $800 or more. Reputable breeders offer puppies at more expensive price like around $3000 to $6000. If you think you can afford it, go for it because you will get your lifetime’s best friend.

English Bulldogs for Sale in NY

Here is another bulldog, popular as perfect pet. Known as English bulldog, this dog breed was truly originated from England. Compared to American bulldogs, English bulldog has smaller body size. Their history dated back many centuries ago when they were originally bred for working with the bulls or to fight the bulls in around 1200s until 1800s. This dog breed was ferocious once but now has become a great and lovable companion for human including kids. Yes, this devoted and playful bulldog has been known for being friendly for kids. Just like the American bulldogs, the English bulldogs’ puppies are offered at varying price from at least $600. The more expensive puppies usually have higher quality and better physical condition. Only reputable breeders are able to offer the expensive English bulldogs for sale in New York City.

What about the characters and personality of this bulldog? Good news! English bulldogs are very calm yet brave. Therefore, they are the ideal companions for kids. Being affectionate, patience and brave at the same time, make this dog breed an excellent choice of family pets. And, they are also sociable to most pets and other dogs so they can easily get along with the any existing or new pets. All these characters make English bulldogs charming and jovial animal.

French Bulldogs for Sale in NY

Here comes the next most popular bulldogs, the French bulldogs or often known as Frenchie. For your information, Frenchie is the smallest bulldogs which simply make them the cutest one as well. There is also one distinct characteristic that only Frenchie have, the bat ears. Yes, you cannot find this kind of ear in other bulldogs. A French bulldog puppy can be as expensive as $7000 from reputable breeder but it can also be as cheap as only $600 so the choice is actually yours.

The size of this bulldog has made it a popular city-dweller dog as it usually has less than 28 pounds. It has wide variety of colors from black, brown, creams and any other attractive colors you can name. Just like other bulldogs, the Frenchie has easy care coat which requires only weekly grooming. Since it is considered small-sized dog, it doesn’t have as much energy as big dogs have so it doesn’t need heavy exercises. Instead, a regular walk around the block is enough already to keep the dog’s active.

How do you know that French bulldog is the right dog breed for you? Well, it should be on your list if you are not very active people and live in apartment with no backyard. If you are looking for funny dog, this is definitely your top choice as Frenchie is very charming with high sense of humor yet clever. You can get the French bulldogs for sale in NY when they are at least 10 weeks old. Make sure to ask for complete information regarding the background and condition of the puppies before purchasing. But if you want to save lives as well, try adopting the French bulldogs’ puppies from the local shelters.

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