Bulldogs for Sale in VA: What You Can Find Out

Finding bulldogs for sale in VA to be adopted is something interesting while confusing. You will find so many websites and shops that have their best bulldogs for sale. What you can do is looking for the most suitable bulldog that you need the most. Ask yourself what do you want from a bulldog and what will you do with them. Adopting a bulldog is just like adding a new member of family in your house or having a new partner in your apartment. Before you regret the decision of having a bulldog, you need to consider it wisely. The next thing that you need to do is, know the bulldog closer.

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Where do Bulldog Come from?

English Bulldog or we can call them shortly just with the name bulldog, is decent of mastiff dog. Today’s bulldog is relatively smaller than the early bulldogs that are involved in sport activity. Bulldogs are firstly shown in public by the breeder in 1859 in England. The bulldog was brought to Unites States for the first time in 1880. The popularity of bulldog is ranked on the number 10 during the 1940s and 1950s. But today, Bulldog ranks on the number 12 out from the 155 breeds. The bulldog is the favorite!

Bulldog’s Character

Bulldog with its big and muscular body is specific with the short nose. They also have the special shape and size of head and front that make bulldog is easy to be recognized. Compared with French Bulldog, British Bulldog’s character is mostly similar. Mature male breed of bulldog’s weight is 50 pounds while the female’s is 40 pounds. They are quite big and heavy if you want to pick them up to the vet. You may need help of somebody else.

The short nose of bulldog makes them prone to respiratory disease. This is why you have to keep them clean and groomed. The size of their front and head is usually a problem for them to give birth. Most of bulldog needs caesareans to give birth their puppies.

Always remember that bulldog can’t get along with heat temperature. Some people who have bulldog as their pet provide small pool filled with water for them to lie in during the hot day. But, you can’t let them outside for long time without your monitoring. They can’t do too much exercise either indoor or outdoor. But, it doesn’t mean that you give them less time for exercising. Daily exercise is a must for bulldog. They are kind of breed that easy to obese. It’s because they are greedy for food. They will always eat and eat. Once they stop, it’s the time for sleep, and then awake for food again. They are pretty lazy dog that will spend the day laying and waiting for meal time. So, it depends on how you treat them to be a fit bulldog.

You also can’t get them in the cold weather. Make sure that your bulldog live in the place with stable temperature.

The Personality

Bulldog is sweet and sociable. They are able to live in family with many people. They are kind and the fighter for their family. They will fight against any threat for their love ones. They are typical of dogs who love to follow you wherever you go. They can’t be left alone at home for days. They are very good companions for you. Sometimes they will rebel when they are trained because they are freethinker, stubborn, and temperament. But generally, they are nice friend.

Exercise for Bulldog

Bulldog is a lovable pet that will be your loyal friend and nice partner to play. They like to play with their master, especially if they will get food for prize. If you have kids, you can let your bulldog to play with them. Note that it can’t be too much doing exercise. Walk them for a couple of 15 minutes a day is the simplest way to give them exercise. It is giving the chance for your bulldog to respire new fresh air than always be inside of the house. But, remember not to take them for walk in the hot or extremely cold day.

Bulldog can be stubborn but joyful to be trained. You can try several techniques to train your bulldog.

Feeding Bulldog

For an easily get obese dog like bulldog, you need to maintain the amount of food that you give to them everyday. It’s recommended to give them ½ to 1 cup of high-quality food divided into two meals per day. You can change the amount of their food depending on their size, activity, age, and metabolism. Always check their health condition to the veterinary regularly to know if you need some treatment for your bulldog. Don’t let any disorders come late to be known.

Tips for Adopting Bulldog

Bulldog can be found everywhere even in Virginia. The biggest organization that takes care of bulldog is Bulldog Club of America. But you also can find them in The Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network. Finding a bulldog for sale in VA is not difficult thing to do. You can find plenty of websites that allow you to see the prices with the characters of the bulldog. It’s really easy just to find them. But, adopting a dog is not like purchasing clothes that you can see the fabric and mode, and then you can pay them directly. Adopting dog is about caring. The bulldog that you pick will be the member of your family. You need to make sure that the organization that provides the bulldog for sale is trusted and willing to answer any questions about the bulldog from you. Know what the reason of the bulldog being sold and what kind of treatment and training that you need to give at home. You can find bulldogs for sale in VA by looking through the websites of Hoobly Classifieds, Puppy Find, Pets4Home, Blue Sky Bulldogs, Dogs Now, Doggies.com, and Dogs on Oodle Classifieds. Good luck!

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