Buying a New Pet from French Bulldog Breeders Los Angeles

Getting a new pet is like embarking on a big adventure. It is a lifetime undertaking that will change your life forever. So, before you visit any French bulldog breeders Los Angeles to get your new pet, be sure that you already know what’s special about this breed, what is the pros and cons of having a French bulldog, and how to find a reputable French bulldog breeder in Los Angeles.

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French Bulldog Compared with Other Bulldogs?

French bulldog is one of the most popular pet breeds in many parts of the world. There are many breeds of bulldog, but three are considered the most popular: English, American and French bulldogs. They share many similarities, including their large head, wrinkly skin, and stocky build, but apart from the name of the country where each breed comes from, there are actually many things that make them different and ultimately make French bulldog a special breed.

Let’s take a look at the thing the three breeds share. The ancestor of the three breeds was used in bull-baiting, hence their name, so they were actually destined to be a strong and bold breeds. When bull-baiting was banned, they didn’t lose their formidable attitude; however, they were also proven to be amiable pet for everyone. Bulldogs are now considered among the most lovable dog breeds. Both their attitude and their unique look have attracted a lot of pet lovers to adopt them.

Although they share some similarities, the three breeds still look different especially in size and physical features. Among the three, French bulldog is the smallest and American bulldog is the largest, with English bulldog staying in the middle with size that is only a little bit smaller than that of American bulldog. American bulldog also has taller legs than those of their English and French counterparts. In terms of behavior, American bulldog prefers to stay outdoor to do outdoor activities whereas English and French bulldogs are often considered indoor breeds that prefer to lounge around.

What Makes French Bulldog Special?

Here are several characteristics that make French bulldog a special pet.

  1. They have small size that is just perfect.

Many agree that the small size of French bulldog is what makes this breed special. For many people, having a formidable and amiable pet that can sit on their lap is simply perfect.

  1. They are quiet and peaceful dog.

French bulldog is quiet and peaceful. This can be one reason why they are considered a perfect indoor breed. French bulldog can lie on a couch or carpet for hours if they wish.

  1. They are a perfect guardian.

A French bulldog can take the role of a guard dog excellently. They can sit on the front door for hours while monitoring their surroundings. Their large ears work like very sensitive radar that detect even the quietest noise excellently. Also remember that a bulldog is actually a formidable breed, which makes guarding one of their specialties.

  1. They will still be healthy even without exercise.

There is a good reason why a French bulldog is considered a perfect indoor pet: you don’t have to walk them often to maintain their healthy. They will remain healthy even if you rarely take them outside.

  1. They bark rarely.

Although they have sensitive ears that make them react to everything they hear and see promptly, they rarely bark. If you don’t want a pet that scares everyone who visits your home, a French bulldog is a good choice.

Anything to Be Concerned with about This Dog?

Before you adopt a French bulldog as your pet, you may want to know the negative side of this breed. Here are some characteristics of French bulldog that many people think as annoying.

  1. They don’t really care about hygiene.

French dog is known to be one of the piggiest pets on earth. They hair falls everywhere, they fart often, they throw up everywhere, and they enjoy playing with anything dirty, such as garbage, your children’s messes, etc. The focus of your care if you decide to adopt this dog is to keep them clean.

  1. They are very sensitive to allergy.

French bulldog’s another weakness is that they are very prone to allergy. French bulldogs with certain colors, such as dark blue and chocolate, are even considered sick bulldogs who become bald because of their very sensitive skin.

  1. They have poor respiratory system.

One of the first things to do after adopting a French bulldog is getting their respiratory organ operated because French bulldogs have inbred respiratory problem. The operation indeed costs you a lot of money, but if you want to skip it, be ready to hear their loud snoring all the time.

  1. They eat everything.

French bulldog is known as a highly curious dog, and they satisfy their curiosity of things mostly using their jaws. Therefore, don’t be surprised if they chew many of your belongings if you leave them alone at home.

  1. They are not loyal.

This is possibly the biggest con of having a French bulldog. They are amiable indeed, but one moment after someone gives them a treat, they will forget you.

How to Find a Good Dog Breeder in Los Angeles to Get a Frenchie

After you read the pros and cons of having a French bulldog and you decide that getting one as your pet is a reasonable idea, you should start to look for a breeder in Los Angeles where you can get the dog. Here are things to consider when you want to choose a good breeder.

  1. Knowledge

A good dog breeder must be knowledgeable about French bulldog. When you ask them about the dog, they should be able to give you straight and clear answers.

  1. Attentiveness

A good dog breeder must have a strong concern about the dog that you want to adopt. Don’t be surprised if they ask you about what you will do with the dog, what your experience is, and whether you want to sign a contract as a pet owner. An attentive breeder not only sells the dog, but also wants to ensure the dog’s welfare.

  1. Resourcefulness

A good breeder should be able to give you reference of a good veterinarian to consult when your dog needs treatment. The best  French bulldog breeders Los Angeles are always ready to provide you with help whenever needed after you adopt the dog.

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