Buying a Pet from English Bulldog Breeders Northern California

If you want to have a pet that simply makes you laugh, consider buying a pet from English bulldog breeders Northern Carolina. They look funny, they are an entertaining buddy, and they can be trusted. There are indeed some pros and cons of keeping an English bulldog as a friend, so you need to look into them in order to decide whether an English bulldog is the best pet for you. We will look into that matter as well as some additional points, including whether you should adopt a male or female bulldog and why you should get the dog from a breeder, below.

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The Advantages of Having an English Bulldog

An English bulldog is a somewhat unique dog in terms of look and attitude. Here are the advantages of having an English bulldog as your pet.

  1. An English bulldog is an adorable pet.

An English bulldog is unique in many things, but their look is the most apparent feature that makes them a unique dog. If people say an English bulldog is ugly, you may reluctantly agree, but their ugliness actually makes them an adorable dog. Their wrinkles, chubby and fat body, and their gait when walking are simply irresistible.

  1. They are everyone’s best friend.

An English bulldog is everyone’s best friend because of their loyalty, friendly attitude, and—the most important of all—laziness. They are so lazy that no matter what you or your children do to them, they will not budge, let alone bark. Your children can even dress them to make them look even uglier and they will neither resist nor protest. If you are looking for a dog that is never angry, an English bulldog might be your best choice.

  1. Because they are lazy, they don’t need to go out often.

This lazy dog is a perfect mate for a lazy person. If you don’t like to walk your dog often because you are either lazy or busy, an English bulldog is definitely your best friend. They can stay at home all the time without getting bored.

The Disadvantages of Having an English Bulldog

Having an English bulldog is fun and exciting, but every breed has both positive and negative sides. Here are the disadvantages that you should expect if you decide to keep an English bulldog as a pet.

  1. An English bulldog is possibly the ugliest bulldog ever.

All variants of bulldog share some physiological characteristics. Their face also looks the same, but you must agree that English bulldog is the wrinkliest and the ugliest bulldog ever. They look beautiful upside down and this is the reason why many children enjoy making fun with their look by dressing and cosmeticizing them. Fortunately, a bulldog is so submissive that they will not care very much if you try to have fun with their look.

  1. Their butt might be louder than their mouth.

An English bulldog is kind to everyone. They rarely bark and they can be very hospitable and friendly even to strangers; however, flatulence is their biggest problem. An English bulldog is like a gas tube that is about to explode. They fart a lot and when they become gassy, you can hardly distinguish them from a skunk.

  1. Don’t expect them to be a great running buddy.

They are so chubby and lazy that they are more suitable to be an English prime minister than to become a running buddy. If you want to have a dog that happily runs with you when you are jogging or a good catcher when you play fetch, an English dog is not your best choice.

Should You Get a Male or Female English Bulldog?

After understanding the pros and cons of having an English bulldog as a pet and you believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, you next need to decide whether to adopt a male or female English bulldog. This can be another annoying debate, especially because there is actually no significant difference between having a female bulldog and having a male one, but you need to deal with it to make sure that you get the right pet.

One thing that becomes your concern is the cost of dealing with their organ of sexuality. Spaying female bulldog costs a little bit more expensive than neutering male bulldog does. When they grow up, female bulldogs tend to be calmer when they are on their period. Male bulldogs, however, will become more aggressive as they try to find a mate.

All English bulldogs, regardless of their sex, are quite playful when they are puppies. When they grow up, female bulldogs tend to be more serious and less playful whereas their male counterparts remain playful as they are always.

Again, the above-mentioned distinction should not be generalized and the decision of whether to get a male or female bulldog often solely depends on preference.

Breeder versus Shelter

Now that you have made up your mind to adopt an English bulldog. It’s time for you to choose the right place to adopt one. There are two places that can provide you with an English bulldog to keep as a pet: breeder and shelter.

Generally speaking, breeders are people or institutions that provide you with puppies whereas shelters mostly give you adult dogs. If you are a kind of person who enjoys nurturing and training your dog since they are a puppy, you should consult a breeder. If you think that growing a puppy is an expensive and tiring choice, because you need to pay for their vaccinations, neutering, etc, you can order an adult dog from a breeder or simply go to a shelter.

A dog rescue or shelter rescues abandoned and lost dogs that are not claimed by anyone as the latter’s pets. It is possible for you to get a puppy from a shelter, but most of the time, a shelter can only provide you with a rescued adult dog. As said above, there are some advantages of getting an adult dog, but if you prefer to know exactly the complete record of your dog and who their parents are, it’s best for you to consult English bulldog breeders Northern Carolina to get your pet.

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