Choose The Best French Bulldog Merchandise as A Gift

Do you perhaps want to get a good French Bulldog Merchandise? Are you a  big fan of those little Frenchies? Do you have trouble to adopt a pet? Your environment forbids you to have a friendly animal companion? First, before we talk about cute merchandises, before that we shall know about French bulldog.

cute french bulldog gifts

A Brief History of French Bulldogs

French bulldog, popularly known as Frenchies, are descendants Ancient Greek dogs, owned by a tribe known by the name of Molossians. Like all other bulldogs, French bulldogs were bred to compete in a bloody sport, Bull-baiting, before it was banned in 1835.

After that, Bulldogs were changed from working dogs to a friendly companion. As a result, they were cross-bred with various other breeds, such as Pugs and Terriers. They were loved by lace workers, especially France emigrant. Thus, they were really popular in France, England, and all-across Europe back in the days. They became great show dogs, their fame even known up to several thousand miles from their original birth place. At 1986 Westminster at the United States they gain their renowned nickname, Frenchie that still used up to today.

Things You Have To Know About Frenchies

  1. This breed does not really need much exercise, but still, need regular walks to keep them in shape.
  2. Frenchies do not like heat and cannot handle it well, you need to watch them carefully on a hot day to make sure they are not overheating or overexert themselves.
  3. Frenchies are known to be a stubborn breed, despite they are intelligent and easy to train. You just need to be patient and firm to train them, they are also easily distracted.
  4. Drooling, a unique traits all Bulldogs have. So, if you have a problem with cleanliness this breed probably does not suit you well. Also, they are hard to house-train, so you need to consider it well.
  5. This breed can be quiet due to inactive nature, they do not bark needlessly, always remember not to cross the line.
  6. Because of that, this breed are really good for you who lived in the apartment, they won’t make a lot of noise and ruckus.
  7. This breed is somewhat doing okay with children, but you still need to watch it carefully and supervise children when they are together.
  8. They can be great watchdogs since they are territorial and possessive. Making them more protective of their family. They like attention, but don’t give them too much, because it can lead to a behavioral issue.
  9. They cannot be left alone outside for a long time because they need human contact frequently. So it is not suitable for you who want an outside dog.
  10. This is can be applied to all dogs. Always remember to not to buy a puppy from an uncredible breeder, pet shop, or puppy mill. Because sometimes, most of the time, the dogs are less healthy and badly behaved.

Dog Merchandise For Gifts

While you provide nourishments and shelter to your lovely dogs, they will give you loyalty and love as well as companionship. It is a great deal, even more for people who cannot or do not like interact with other humans. Normally, if you love your dog wholeheartedly, you will give it something special, like delicious treats or luxury bedding, or even funny toys. Any best facilities you can provide.

However, don’t you think that give something fancy to your dog to be torn apart is rather wasteful, isn’t it? So the best gift to your little drooling machine is your attention and time. But, you can give them these merchandises to keep them happy:

  1. You can give an Orvis FleeceLock Bolster Futon as a gift for your cute poop machine. It cost around 100 to 200 bucks and large enough for your Frenchies to stretch out its body, curling up on a chilly day, and laze around in a hot day. Even more, this futon can be washed with washing machine and has a great amount of softness due to its being fleece-lined.
  2. Dog Photography, one of many great gifts you can give to your fellow dog lover. After the viral underwater dog collection, now we will be stunned with Carli Davidson’s Shake only for 18 Dollars. It is composed by various photo of dogs that shakes off water and drool. Sounds so-so or even “ew”, but the photos were taken beautifully and amazingly.
  3. Always had a hard time to track your dog’s whereabouts? Afraid to lose your cute Frenchies? Now you don’t need to worry anymore. Tagg Tracker, one of the few useful gadget for dog owners, for only $100 with additional $8 per month. This device package comes in GPS collar chip and a charger station. It will allow you to track your dog’s exercise and its precise location. It is worth enough in exchange the peace of mind you can get to know your little trouble’s position.
  4. Collar and Leashes, one of the must-have things if you have dogs in your life. For only 20 bucks you can get this Paww Secret Agent Leash and will get you and your dogs to places. This leash is made from durable yet super-soft webbing, not only that, it has a reflective effect, enabling you to walk your dog in the nighttime. Even more, this leash let you attach your dog to parking signs and parking meters, without unleash them from the tether.
  5. You like to travel a lot, but do not want to leave your little French bulldog behind? Worry no more, with Filson Dog Car Seat Saver, you can easily bring your dog inside the car without fearing it tears, urinates, or ruin your car seats. With 165 Dollar you can get hammock-like exotic fabric with luxurious seat-guard system, and fancy attachments to keep you seat hair, mud, scratch free.

Those are some insights on Frenchies Breed and various French Bulldog Merchandise you can get. Not only those five things, but you can also get T-Shirts, Mugs, Shoes, poodle skirts, and many other fancy Merchandises just for you.

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