Criteria for Good Miniature English Bulldogs for Sale

Are you looking for miniature English bulldogs for sale? You better read this before you get one. As is known, the bulldog is one of the oldest dogs in the world who came from the UK, and is often known as the English bulldog. Initially this type of dog is maintained as a fighting dog because this dog is an aggressive and tough dog, but through the process of cross-breeding, now a companion dog.

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Dog battles are prohibited by law in the UK, leaving many bulldogs idle. However, they have been bred for non-sport reasons, so their use has changed from the generation of sports nurtured and bred for domestic dogs or non-companion dogs. Gradually the bulldog is bred into a good human companion dog, including with small children.

To reduce their size, some bulldogs are crossed with terriers, while others are crossed with pugs. Through a long process of time, his anatomy also undergoes a remarkable process of change. From a dog that is high enough, now a short and funny dog and snub nosed.

Despite having a look of unfriendly alias creepy, but now English bulldog known as a dog good friend and not aggressive. This dog is suitable to be kept in the house as a faithful and good family dog. Their ability to bond with children makes them an excellent family pet. English bulldog has a loyal, forgiving, compassionate, sensitive, and courageous nature. They love to please their owners and make them laugh.

With wide shoulder appearances, big heads, bow legs, wrinkles and bulging under-bite, English bulldogs seem intimidating, and their protective nature makes them an excellent guard dog. But the tough and brave dog symbol seems to stick to the bulldog. The reason, this dog is widely used as a symbol of courage and resilience in the military and national dog pride of the British state.

Criteria of best English bulldog

There are some essential criteria of good bulldog. As you already know that bulldog is a type of dog that has some genetic problems that almost all of the bulldogs have. This makes you really know and smart to find the right English bulldog. Following are some of the criteria you can use to buy an English bulldog.


  1. Size

Good bulldog is medium size, body compact (solid and stocky), wide and short muzzle, broad chest, sturdy legs. Generally showing strength and bravery and balance between head, body and leg size the important one.

  1. Weight loss

Male approximately 30 kg and female approximately 25 kg.

  1. Head

– Shell head (skull) flat (flat) and wide.

– Ears shaped like a rose (rose ear) that folds inward (inward) but open, not close (fall) or standing (erect).

– Wide and short muzzle, lower jaw and more advanced than the upper jaw (undershot) but bend upward (turn up) so that 2 lower canines are not visible when the mouth is closed.

– Black nose and large hole.

– Eyes slightly oval and dark.

  1. Neck, Top line (back) and body (body)

– Neck, short and thick / stocky

– Top line (back) slightly higher in the back (hips higher than the middle back). This is because the back foot is higher than the front foot.

– Body (body), solid, stocky and wide at the front and then smaller in the abdomen and widen slightly.

– Body viewed from the top like a pear (pear shape body).

– Chest width, wider than hip.

– Short tail and aiming down, straight the best, circular but not good.

  1. Front legs

Stump, relatively short and stretched wide (corresponding to the width of the chest), slightly outward, straight down, not bent bones.

  1. Rear legs

– Stump, longer than the front foot

– stretched narrower than front leg (according to hip)

– There is a slight bend in the legs (hock) between the upper leg and lower leg.

– The lower leg segment is shorter than the top.

  1. Fur and color

– Fur is straight and short

– Various colors: Brindle, white, fawn, brown and color combination with white. The large black (plain) color is very unpopular, though very rare.

  1. Gait (Street / movement)

The road (rear leg) swings forward side (side wise motion) but must be smooth. The front leg swings straight ahead.

  1. Temperament

Brave but not aggressive, perfect as a family dog kept in the house.

There are a few things to know if you are maintaining an English bulldog. This dog has minimal training requirements, but must run every day. Bulldogs can eat once a day, although some foods will reduce gas and bloating. Their eyes and tail need cleaning every day.

Bulldogs have a variety of health problems including reproduction, heart, lung, joints, skin, and eye problems; they are chewers, jumpers and diggers. Bulldog is snoring loudly. Exercise, excitement, and overheating can cause respiratory syndromes that have short, wide heads. The signs of this condition are snoring, panting, noisy breathing, exercise intolerance, vomiting, and difficulty eating.

The price

Adult English bulldog usually sells for $ 1,000 to $ 3,000. Breeder differentiates prices based on the above criteria. Each bulldog has its own character that will certainly affect the price. Age is also one of the main factors for breeders to set prices. English bulldog puppy is more expensive than adult English bulldog. Age is an important factor to tie the relationship between you and your dog. The younger the dog’s age the stronger the bond becomes, while the older dog will need time to adapt to your personality.

You cannot make the price a benchmark for dog quality. Some “bad” breeders spit a lot of fake things about the dogs they sell so you pay them for the price. You should buy from a qualified and trusted breeder. How to find them? Many dog-loving organizations will be able to provide information and recommendations about good breeders. You should really understand the miniature English bulldogs for sale before you decide to buy.

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