Cute Miniature Siberian husky for Sale

Are you looking for miniature Siberian husky for sale? Having a pet is not easy; you must meet some requirements of ownership and you should always keep your pet in order not to disturb others.

Miniature Siberian Husky For Sale

Siberian husky miniature is one of the most beautiful, clever and fun races. If previously you already know or have seen Siberian husky; then this is the mini version of the wolf-look-alike dog. For those of you who are considering wanting to make them part of your family, we recommend first identifying their other characters further. Know more about the race you want to adopt is the key to a long and happy relationship.

Characteristics of miniature Siberian husky

  1. Great runner

Because of their origins as sledding dogs for the Chukchi community in northeastern Asia, the husky bred for speed and resilience. They love to run and will often run for miles before they stop. When you take your husky for a walk, never forget to always use leash. They are strong and like chasing small animals, which means the person holding the leash need to be strong to hold them if necessary.

  1. Master in escape

Like his big brother, the Siberian husky, the mini husky is also an expert in running away. One thing that distinguishes is the ability of miniature husky to dig; They are not great diggers like the big husky.

  1. Should not be left alone

Mini Huskies are very social dogs, but it’s okay for them to be left alone for a while because they are tamer than the bigger brother. Don’t leave them for too long, and then you may have to accept the consequences, including continuing howling, escaping experiments or destroying things. You can put them in dog daycare if you have to leave them for some times.

  1. Friendly

Mini Husky is not suitable to be a guard dog. In fact, Chihuahua is a better choice for guard dogs. Mini Husky loves to play with everyone and almost everything. They’ll bark when seeing someone new, but they’ll play with them in no time (even not for too long).

Mini husky are very friendly with other pets you have. They’ll play with cats, or another dogs easily. But mini husky are over-exited dog, you’ll find something broken once they play with the others.

  1. Safe for kids

Mini husky is one of the safest dogs for kids. It’s tame and playful, but one thing, don’t let your children hold the strap because the mini will drag your children with them. This is a small yet powerful dog.

  1. Genetic health problems

Just like the kind of Siberian husky, the Siberian husky mini also has some genetic health issues. Mini Siberian husky has a higher risk of canine hip dysplasia and is susceptible to three eye diseases including juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, and corneal dystrophy.

7. Hair loss

In addition to falling out every day, the mini husky will release all of their undercoat in large quantities at least once or twice a year. And, do not ever think of wanting to make your mini husky more cool by shaving her fur; because their undercoat fur acts as an insulator, not only against cold temperatures but also against heat and harmful UV rays.

Tips to buy

Dogs are friends and family members. You have to be really careful in choosing who you will make “friends and family”. Choosing a dog is not an easy thing, there are many things you should consider before buying a dog.

Here are some things that you can make consideration in buying a miniature husky.

  1. Try to buy puppies directly from the breeder. Check the cleanliness of the dog environment. Dirty and smelly place indicate that the dogs may be treated unwell. you better find another place when you find something like this. Dogs will not grow well in a dirty place because they contain lots of germs and bacteria.
  2. Check the condition of the dog’s skin to be purchased. If there are abnormalities such as wounds, ulcers, etc. should undo your intention to buy to avoid problems. Usually a bad breeder will say the puppy is fighting with other puppies if there is a scab or wound. Puppies that fight or play with other dogs do not usually cause injury. The injury occurs if the puppy has a skin disease, it will continue to scratch.
  3. Test its appetite. Dogs until the age of 4 months (or so) if the condition is healthy must be greedy. It will eat even though it has been fed. If the dog you are going to buy does not want to eat or low appetite then maybe it has health problems. If the dog passes the feeding test, wait a few moments until the dog passes the dirt. Make sure the feces come out in solid form. If the dirt is not solid, the dog may have digestive problems.
  4. Make sure the dog you are buying has been vaccinated. New vaccinations will provide maximum protection after 2 weeks after being vaccinated.

Mini husky is a breeding dog that must have a birth certificate. This certificate contains the data on any parent, breeder, and vaccinations that have been received. This certificate also serves as a major requirement of dog breeding legality.

As a dog owner, you must have a license to keep your dog. This license serves as a sign that your dog is not a wild dog and you can find your dog when the dog is lost or captured by dogcatchers. License is a must have for a dog owner.  Those are tips for you who are looking miniature Siberian husky for sale.

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