Dog Training Bells Petsmart: Best Way to Train Your Dog

Dog training is about consistency. It’s important to make your dog get used to ring the bells before it goes outside. It prevents from the things that we don’t expect to happen like missing dog. When you’re going to make your dog ring the bell every time it wants to go outside, actually it’s not hard to do. Dog training bells Petsmart is one of the solutions. Before knowing the product, it’s better for you to know the step of training your dog.

Dog Training Bells Petsmart

Start With Touch Training

To make your dog recognize well the bells, you can train your dog by touching the bells. You can use the bells from the jingle bells holiday or get the best training bells in Petsmart. The aim of this step is to make the dog familiar with the bells. Say “touch” while showing the bells to your dog and keep the distance about couple inches away. As the dog touch the bells with its nose, say “yes!” as the sign of it’s doing right. Then give it treat as a reward. Repeat this step for 10 to15 times until your dog automatically touch the bells when you say “touch”. Next, you may start to move the bells a little father and still try to command “touch”. You will see if the dog completely understands with your command by touching the bells even when the distance gets farther. You need to repeat this exercise about 10 to 15 minutes daily to make sure that your dog is ready for the next step.

Ring the Bells by the Door

Placing the bells from the doorknob to the door, will make your dog notice the bells easily especially when it will go outside. But, you can introduce your dog by ringing the bells on your hand with the position by the door. You may start with the longest distance by the door and do the same step by saying “touch”. Once you know that your dog understands, give it treat as a reward. And then, you can try to get closer to the door and repeat the step. Always repeat the step until your dog smoothly responds to your command and give it reward.

Hang the Bells by the Door

When you know that your dog is ready with the further step, you can put the bells at the height that easy to touch by the nose or the paw of your dog. After you put the bells by the door, you can start say “touch” while hanging the bells. When your dog touch the bells, click or say “yes!” and give it treat as a reward.

Repeat this step for 5 to 10 times until your dog instantly touches the bells when you say “touch”. You need to repeat this step daily for about 3 to 5 days to get your dog used to it.

The Bells Just for Going Outside

After your dog is get used with touching the bells, now it’s time to introduce it to the main purpose of ringing the bells. You have to show your dog if touching the bells is only to go outside. You can approach the door with your dog and say “touch”, while pointing to the bells. When your dog touch the bells with its nose, immediately say “yes!” and give it reward. Do this step every time you want to take your dog outside. Repeat this constantly to make your dog understand if it has to touch the bells every time it goes outside. When you see your dog is able to do this habit, give it treat as a reward. Eventually, the dog will touch the bells when it wants to go outside.

Training the dog is about consistency. So, don’t stop instantly after knowing that your dog isn’t doing your command. It’s all about patience and repeats it for times. Every dog has its own ability of learning something new. So, if you find that your dog is a little bit difficult or even worse it’s really hard to train, don’t give up. Maybe you can try another method or you can modify the steps that we just gave to you. You know how to treat your dog, and it must be you who now the best way to train your dog.

Petsmart provides all needs for your beloved pets. It provides pet supplies, accessories, and products that surely affordable for you to purchase. You don’t need to worry about the quality, because Petsmart always do the best products for your pet. You just can go to its website to know more about their products and it’s available for shipping or in-store pickup.

Petsmart also provides you the tools to support your dog training. It’s included the dog training bells with the other support products like the training pads that will make your dog comfortable while trained and pet-specific stain and odor removers that help you to remove any stains and odors of your dog. Usually the bells’ training for dog can be done by yourself by profiting the jingle bells from your last holiday. But, if you don’t want to make some mess –in case you can’t make such a thing–, you can just purchase the dog training bells from Petsmart.

Dog training bells from Petsmart is equipped with a training DVD that helps you much to train your dog. The bells are hung on the ribbon that is adjustable by length. So, it will perfectly fits with either your puppy or large adult dog. It is also available is three colors which are black, white, and silver. It’s very easy to be hung by your door. Your dog will be easily touched it by its paw or nose every time it wants to go outside. It’s beautifully designed to attract your dog. So, don’t wait much longer to buy this dog training bells Petsmart. You will get helped so much when training your dog.

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