English Bulldog Puppies for Sale In Ga

We all know that English bulldog is a great purebred dog with tenacious characters that was originated in England. Today, the English bulldog puppies for sale in GA are so easy to find because more people fall in love with this amazing dog breed. The English bulldog or also called as British bulldog is one of the oldest dog breed in England. Many centuries ago, the origin of this breed was started when the Romans brought the fighting mastiffs to British Isles for bloody sport known as bull baiting. And this was exactly how the history of English bulldog was started.

english bulldog puppies for sale in georgia for cheap

Today, this amazing breed is no longer used for bloody sport. The English bulldog has now become the kids’ best friend instead. Yes, despite its ferociousness appearance, it doesn’t have such bloody character. In fact, it has become one of the sweetest dog breeds with more loving disposition which is perfect for kids. English bulldog is one breed that is so easy to recognize even from far away. This dog breed has medium size body with low slung, massive square short muzzled head, thick sturdy limbs and broad chests and shoulders. This dog may be low to the ground but it is definitely muscular and wide. Other typical characteristics are the undershot lower jaw and droopy upper lip. This simply means that the top teeth stick out closer than the lower teeth. But one thing remains is the massive and strong jaw which is specially designed to holding on and to latch on to the opponent.

Recognize the Best English Bulldog Puppies

With the popularity of this dog breed increasing over the years, more people are now looking to own the English bulldog puppies. Well, just like other breed, some of the English bulldog puppies are high in quality thanks to amazing breeders but some others are just standard. Of course, the price of the puppies simply gives hints about how good the puppies are. Usually, the standard puppies are sold around $1000 to $2000. Meanwhile, the expensive puppies are usually sold at more than $4000. So, it is actually a matter of choice, which one you prefer to purchase and have as a pet.

Expensive English Bulldog Puppies

Some English puppies are even sold at $6500. This is the price of 5-weeks puppies and more. These puppies already have health guarantee, veterinarian examination, current vaccinations, registered, health certificate and also Predigree. They are born and raised among family who loves English bulldog and not raised in the cage. This is basically the reason why the price of these puppies can get very high even much higher than the standard puppies. With slow paced lifestyle in which the puppies are grown, it is quite certain that the puppies have very good attitude and behavior especially toward kids and other dogs. The breeders care a lot about the healthy bloodline of the dogs. And, the breeders also provide the color test panel results in case you want to own the colored lines English bulldog.

For people with enough money, buying the expensive English bulldog serves so many benefits. The dogs are usually very well breed so the owners do not have too many things to worry about the dogs they will have as lovely pet. And, the health condition of the dogs is usually very good because the dog was born and grows in such a great home with well maintenance. This is pretty different compared to buying puppies at pet store because the pet-store puppies are usually breed by not very good breeders so they sometime come with some health and behavior issues.

Cheap English Bulldog Puppies

How much is the cheapest price for English bulldog puppies? Well, does $600 to $800 sound good? That is the cheapest price you can get when purchasing an English bulldog puppy. Compared to expensive puppies that can get as high as $6500, this price is certainly amazing. Usually, this price is what most pet stores offer. So, what makes these cheap puppies different to the expensive puppies? The first thing is the bloodline. The expensive puppies are definitely purebred and it can be proven on the paper. But, the cheap puppies are not always purebred. The way the puppies raised also makes difference on the price. Expensive puppies are bred and raised in very good condition among the family so they are already getting used to human. Meanwhile, cheap puppies are bred by not so good breeders and raised in cages most of the time. So, it takes more efforts to train the puppies as they grow.

Despite the difference on the price of the puppies, English bulldog always becomes a star in the family. This is a great breed with affectionate and outgoing character that easily blends in your family. With its cute and distinct appearance, this dog is very entertaining and very comical just like clowns. Compared to the French bulldog, the English bulldog has slightly bigger body size but both of the breeds are simply amazing and loving.

English bulldog also has another great aspect on its appearance. It is the color. Exactly, the English bulldog has a variety of beautiful colors that you will love. Among the most popular colors are white, creams and brindles. These amazing colors make the dogs even cuter and more lovable as if they are babies so it will be like having several babies at a time which is simply great.

So, if you think of buying English bulldog puppies for sale in GA, you have definitely come to the right decision. Make sure to consider the quality of the puppies and the breeding programs. If it is possible, check out the breeding location so you can find out in what kind of place the puppies were born and raised. Remember that each dog has different personality despite being in the same breed, so it is important to find the right personality that matches your personal and family lifestyle. Owning a dog means one more living being to be taken care of so you have to be a responsible and committed owner.

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