English Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Ms

Are you an English bulldog lover? Then you should get yourself English bulldog puppies for sale in Ms. You will certainly get your perfect dog. There are just so many reasons why this dog breed is very popular aside from its cute wrinkle appearance. It has great personality that makes the dog ideal for family with kids and pets. With numerous breeders around Ms, it should not be hard to find the perfect puppy to grow up in your family.

english bulldog puppies for adoption in ms

Buying puppies from reputable breeders is always the right choice to make. These breeders breed dogs in great ways that the dogs born and grow as family members instead of products. It certainly is different than buying dogs coming from illegal puppy mills that certainly do not have respects for dogs. So, we gladly have prepared information on the best and most reputable breeders available in Ms for you to choose.

When you see English bulldogs for the first time, you certainly notice how short and small their body size is. Yet, they are also very gentle toward human including kids and other pets despite its tough and ferocious look. It is certainty that these dogs are very kind and docile. They love to nap and playing outside with the kids. This is the most basic reason why family with kids should put this dog breed on the top list. As a very loyal companion, you will be much less likely looking for your dogs because they will not wander outside without their owner being nearby. With the right training and exercise, these not so intelligent dogs will be very obedient and easy to control. There will be no scenario of your English bulldogs attacking kids or other pets. This way, you certainly enjoy your role as the owner of great pets.

Reputable English Bulldog Breeders in Ms

So, you are now looking for the perfect English bulldog as another additional family member. Well, reputable breeders are the only choices you should get. Never buy puppies with unknown background because they are most likely coming from puppy mills. But, you can also consider adopting from local shelters if you really want to make change. Well, the choice is fully yours. In case you have no idea about where to find the reputable breeders, we have the information just for you.

  1. Top Bulldogs. A great breeder that has been breeding English bulldogs for more than 10 years. You can find this breeder in Oxford or reach them through email or phone.
  2. Oby Tubby Bulldogs. If you live around Petal city, you are certainly familiar with this amazing English bulldogs breeder. They have great puppies to adopt and you can contact them in case you are interested.
  3. Shady Lane Kennels. An amazing English bulldog breeder located in Collins has many cute and wonderful puppies you can get. With high health quality standard, you can certainly get great healthy puppies
  4. Impressive Bulldogs. In case you are looking for breeder in Summit city, go to this breeder location. There, you will be asked to join the tour seeing how great the dogs are being there ready for finding forever home
  5. B Bulldogs. This reputable breeder is located in Laurel city and available for contact through email and phone. Choose your perfect puppy and bring it home for your kids.

General Information

Do you know the basic information regarding this wonderful dog breed? Let us tell you the basics. Start with its height that can reach up to 16 inches in average with maximum weight of 50 lbs. English bulldog is slightly bigger than French bulldog. Meanwhile, its average lifespan is from 7 to 10 years old. It has varying great colors including tricolors, bi, single, piebald, fawn, red, white and also brindle.

Having been originated from Britain as the name suggest, this dog breed is fabulous. When it comes to its history, it does have a long and debated history. But at least most people agree that this dog breed had started to come into existence in the 19th century. The ferocious look that English bulldog has perhaps is originated from its ancestors back in the 16th to 18th century when they were actually bred as fighting dogs. So, they did have fearlessness, aggression and strength. But now, English bulldog is all about cute look and funny behavior.

Personality and Temperament

Compared to their ancestors that were known to be ferocious and aggressive, the today’s English bulldogs are fantastic with mild manner. They are even very friendly toward kids and other pets so they always make great companion. But they do have dominant and possessive personality so they need a firm pack leader in the family who can train them correctly. Actually, this personality gives benefit because the English bulldogs then become ideal pets to help protecting the family.

Training and Personality

What about the training? Does English bulldog require timid, heavy and constant training? Well, they do require constant training like everyday walk but it doesn’t have to be timid or heavy. 20 minutes walk every day is already enough to keep them in great shape and avoid any excess energy and weight. After a walk, you will usually find the dog just lying and napping around because they do like napping. With mild energy, they can perfectly match cats. And, they also are great companions for snuggling on the bed. However, you may find them a bit stubborn in the beginning of the training, so you really need consistency and strong leadership. Show them you are the boss and soon they will happy to follow you and please you anytime.

As for the grooming, there is no need for constant grooming or bathing. Brushing several times a week is enough already to remove any dead hair. And since they have very short coat, you do not have to be bothered with too much shedding. With such great personality, easy grooming and simple training, you will soon have the perfect dog you have been looking for.

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