English Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Oregon

Have you ever thought of owning English bulldog? You should. English bulldog is such as amazing dog that you have ever wanted for years. Yes, this dog breed has amazing characters, personality and appearance that make you falling in love in just seconds. So, if you are now really considering buying the English bulldog puppies for sale in Oregon, we will be glad to help you find the reputable breeders for ideal puppies to be your pet. Once you have this dog living in your hours and family member, you will have this docile and affectionate dog with touch appearance.

english bulldog puppies for sale in oregon state

It is true that there are many reasons why English bulldog is very admired and loved by dog lovers around the world. These are the dogs with clownish behavior despite their striking appearance and unparalleled companionship. With the right training and socialization, they will turn into the sweetest, patient nature and tolerant dogs. And, they will also help to protect their family thanks to their possessive instinct. Since they love being with family, you will get the perfect small companion to snuggle with all day long on the couch or on the bed.

Reputable English Bulldog Breeders in Oregon

Your best option to get a fabulous English bulldog puppy is the breeder instead of getting it from pet store that you do not know the clear history of the puppy. It is true that buying puppy from breeder is a bit more expensive but it is worth. Breeders take the dogs and puppies as their families so they are always under great care. There will be no health issues and other issues that may appear after you take the dogs in. So, check out the reputable breeders in Oregon for you to visit.

  1. Addicted 2 Bulldogs. Despite its unique name, this breeder is completely reputable with years of breeding experience. You can certainly get fabulous puppies from this breeder. You can find the breeder in Sweet Home city or contact them through email or phone.
  2. Windsong Farm English Bulldogs. If you live in Lebanon city, this breeder is certainly familiar because they do have great collections of English bulldogs in varying colors. You will get your perfect dog from them.
  3. Our Precious Pups. Another reputable breeder is located in Eagle Point city in Oregon. This is a breeder that is always happy to help you finding the perfect four paws companion for your family.
  4. Row Sansa. In case you are currently living in Eugene city, find this breeder for your soon to be perfect English bulldog puppy. Upon arrival, contact them first via phone or email.

Size and Appearance

Perhaps, you wonder how big the English bulldog is. Well, compared to big-sized dogs, English bulldog is certainly a smaller dog. It is not the smallest bulldog indeed because French bulldog is way smaller. At the first glance, English bulldogs look ugly with wrinkles on their faces but soon once you get to know them, you will think them of among the most beautiful creatures. In fact, it is the wrinkle that makes them so cute and entertaining. Their head is rather broad with big round eyes that always look at you with compassion. They also look tough with their strong thick limbs and wide muscular shoulders.

These dogs have smooth short coat that allows easier grooming and maintenance. With various colors for the coat including yellow, white, piebald, red, brindle and fawn, you can certainly get your dream puppy. The biggest English bulldog can grow up to 15 inch high and 55 pounds weigh. So, you should definitely give your dogs proper care to make them among the biggest English bulldogs.

Characteristics and Temperament

Every dog breed comes with its distinct characteristics and temperament and so does the English bulldog. Forget about the vicious and aggressive personality that some people think of because the today’s English bulldog is completely different to their ancestors. Today, they are known to be one of the most lovable, patient, friendly, cuddly and dependable dog breeds. Yes, they have personality that is the reverse of their ferocious appearance. This is the reason why English bulldog has been so popular among the kids and pets. By adopting an English bulldog puppy, you have given your family a perfect family dog.

Once you have this dog in your family, you will realize how they are growing to be dogs that crave human companionship and attention. Most likely, you will find them cuddling with you all day long. Since this breed is a very sociable dog, you have to make sure the dog gets early socialization with other dogs and other pets like cats. Begin this process slowly and constantly. This process is very important to prevent them from building aggressive behavior towards other dogs.

English Bulldog Puppy Training

So, do you already have any idea on how to train the English bulldog puppy? Well, you should have because the training is important. But let’s be honest here. The truth is English bulldog is clearly not among the most obedient dog breeds. They tend to be quite stubborn so you do need to be patient when training them. Make yourself a dependable English bulldog leader first before you begin the training. Here are the keys in the training.

The first time you bring the puppy into your home, teach him the proper household etiquette from entering the door. Just like Cesar says, never let your dog enters your home before you do. Then, teach him about your space so prevent them from being territoriality dominant in the future. Of course, you should teach him about rules so they do not misbehave like stealing the food and peeing everywhere. If you want, you can teach him about the basic obedience commands like asking them to come, heel, down or sit. Never forget to teach him to have a walk together with you either on leash or off leash. Once you have done great with the training, your English bulldog puppy will become the perfect companion.

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