English Bulldog Rescue for Your Best Friendly Pet

If you interest in adopting the rescue English Bulldog, you should consider contacting an English Bulldog rescue organization in your area. There are many bullies in variety life that need to be rescued. The dog enthusiasts have the opportunity to save their live and provide a good house for dog which desperately need one. So, English Bulldogs can be your best alternative if you want a pet that does not much exercise and friendly pet. The AKC standard stated that the disposition of English Bulldog shall be kind and equable, courage’s and resolute then the demeanor shall be dignified and pacific. Although they gave gloomy mug, English Bulldog breed is one of the most amiable breed. The Bulldog puppies were frisky, but adults were sometime quitter and rather phlegmatic as well. They will spend much of time snoring in the sofa. So, you still need to take him get some exercises to make him stay healthy, preferably walk out in cool weather.

rescue dogs english bulldogs

Even some English Bulldog were friendly with strangers, while the others were politely reserved. Although not a barking watchdog, his block odd and build, rolling, and the shuffling gait give the intruders pause. You should know that need tremendous amount for serious teasing or threatening to provoke that can make this sweet breed, once getting aroused, he could be the force to reckon with. His resolve and tenancy mean which it could be difficult to change his mine, when he once decided to go something. However, they also peaceful with other fat and some Bulldog men can involve in the battle of will with other man. Although sometime stubborn, English Bulldog is so sensitive, remembering what they learn and give a good respond to patient.

About the English Bulldog

English Bulldog also known as the British Bulldog, Bulldog or even simply Bully, is the medium sized dog which have range weight around 40 to 50 pounds. This dog also has thick shoulder and large head with the folding fat round their lively round, dark eyes along with the short muzzle which make distinctive Bulldog face. The American Kennel Club also recognizes the English Bulldog as the Bulldog. Bulldog is able to trace their origin to England in 1500s. This breed was initially breed to fight, however, the breeder had been red them as the companion dog since middle 1800s. Today, Bullies are friendly and lovely dog companions. As mentioned before that these dogs could be so stubborn and some might be resistant with training, generally they are so clever, well behaved and trainable as well.

Several reasons why English Bulldog need to be rescuing

Bulldog ends up inside the rescue organization for a number because many reasons and many were not the bulldog’s fault. Several common reasons these English Bulldogs end up in rescue including of:

–               The dog’s family move and having no time to take care him.

–               The dog owner passes away and there is no one of family that can care of the dog.

–               The dog owner does not have enough time to care of him.

–               The dog was abandoned and the rescue origination finds him in the animal shelter.

–               The dog is hard to be trained and the owner does not have patient to work with him.

–               The owner cannot afford the expensive veterinary care for their health condition.

There are several things that you can consider before adopt bulldog as your friendly pet:

Before you adopt the English Bulldog

You should know that Bulldog might not a right choice for each family. However, living with Bulldog could be so rewarding, but should be committed to fulfill their special need. Some peoples stated that Bulldogs were a lot more work than other breeds. Bulldogs want to be with you all of the time. They are great companion. But if you do not have enough time to dedicate this breed, you should not adopt them. Note: these dogs were rescue dogs, so you need to get extra special care.

Several things that you should consider

Bulldogs were perpetual kids, they never grow older. Bulldogs are able to do best in loving environment, free from the neglect and fear as well. They will feel most happy when with people and need a lot attention from peoples. When he left alone, sometime Bulldog can be so destructive. They might need to be created when there were not being supervised. So, a bulldog shall never be left in your backyard alone. This is not only harmful for their health, but Bulldogs were often had been targeted for theft as well.

You should remember that rescued Bulldogs were not always happy, healthy or adjusted well. If you consider adopting rescued animal, you should be committed to give the homeless dog with second change. This is means that time and patient need to be conducted with social, behavioral and emotional problem. There are many rescue bulldogs do not get along with other animals and some of them were not able to place with children’s. In many cases, they also have health issue as well. f you look for a way to get cheap bulldog, you come in wrong place, you should be passionate about this breed and ready for upcoming journey that you will face. Rescuing place is not the best place to get puppies.

You should know that Bulldogs were extremely do not tolerant with heat. They should be kept in air condition area with limited trip outside was over 80 degrees or when the humidity getting high. You also need close supervision during the outdoor activity, especially in summer and spring to prevent getting over extortion that can lead over heating. They are also unable to get prolonged physical activities, both in heat and cold weather. Rescue English Bulldogs is not for someone who love to take a walk their dog outside. There are limitations for physical activities that can be tolerated in Bulldog. Their short muzzles also limit their oxygen intake and case them to get acute respiratory disease.

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