Everything about Rare Blue English-Bulldogs for Sale

Rare blue English bulldogs for sale are maybe what you want right now. Without sale, this breed can be really expensive. White and brown is kind of their natural color but when you want the blue one then it can be really expensive. Before you go to the sale, there are several things you need to know about this dog. They have the same behavior in overall, no matter what its colors are.

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So, through this article we are going to find out about English bulldog before you finally hit the sale or breeder and take this dog home. Other than that, this dog is fairly expensive even though you get the general one. We know that you want to give the best care and treatment and environment for this do. Thus, we provide interesting information related to this mini bulldog.

Most breed clubs will simply call this pudgy dog as bulldog. But in order to distinguish it from other type of bulldog breeds like American bulldog and French bulldog, some people will refer it as English bulldog or British bulldog.

According to AKC Standard, this little creature disposition should be kind and equable, courageous and resolute. Other than that, dignified and pacific should be their demeanor. In other words, this dog is one of the kindest breed types even though his mug is gloomy.

In general speaking, when a bulldog is in a puppy stage then they will be a bit frisky. But once it hits the adulthood, they will be quieter and a bit phlegmatic. They will spend most time of the day on the sofa and snoring. Still, you have to bring them out for exercise. Walking outside in the morning will be a good idea. Make sure that the weather is not hot because just like any other bulldog, this one could not stand high temperature for long period of time.

English bulldog is friendly even with strangers and sometimes they can be really polite.

This dog is considered as a watchdog that does not bark a lot. But since its body build is blocky along with the rolling, his unexpected walking steps could make the intruders pause their moves. Since this dog is really polite, you need to train them in huge amount of serious threatening to provoke the natural politeness and sweet character. But, once it gets aroused, this dog will show the reckoned character.

This dog can be so stubborn and free thinker. Once he decided to something, you could not ask them to cancel it. Still, they are great with other pets too even though sometimes could engage with jaws battle with male bulldogs.

English bulldog may be the right company for you if:

  • You like the moderate size of pet but really heavy.
  • It has short coat with easiness to take care of.
  • The dog is very dependable and easygoing with the world at most.
  • It does not need much physical activity since they love to spend the day on the sofa and snoring.
  • They rarely bark.

But, this dog may be not designed for you if:

  • You do not like the tenacious stubbornness – if he really wants to sleep then he will not change his mind.
  • You do not like the serious possessiveness of foods – you should not feed them around kids or other animals.
  • Shedding, loud snoring, grunting, wheezing, and snuffling are not your thing.
  • You do not want to deal with drooling and slobbering behavior.
  • Gassiness disgusts you.
  • This dog has short lifespan, multitude health problems, and vet bills that are really high.
  • It costs as least as 1,000 USD.

Other traits and characteristics of English bulldogs

Their temperaments is unpredictable not like the physical traits. You can form the behavior and temperament by giving the good training in good raising environment.

It is common if a creature has some negative traits. If you do not want to deal with it then you can buy the adult bulldog from good shelter or rescue group. Most of adult bulldogs are proofing themselves not to keep their negative traits.

But if you still love to have puppy then the negative traits can be avoided by buying it from right and responsible breeders. But unfortunately, the inherited temperament as well as the health problem of puppy will be shown up once they grow up, not when they are still puppies.

Or you can also sign your puppy up for a behavior class. Training will decide a lot of their traits after all.

If you are considering to having an English bulldog, then you may give most concern about these several things.

Stubbornness may be the first concern if you want to bring this dog home. Even though they are really sweet, they can be so stubborn as well. In this case, you really must show them that you mean about what you say with absolute consistency. But when your dog hits the mature stage, they will be out of real trouble for real.

Aggression to other animals is also another thing you should give attention. Well, most of these mini bulldogs are good with other pets. The aggressive, however, may still appear if you have other dogs with the same sex. Also, cats are kind of another creature that they will not be along with.

Related to the possessiveness towards their foods, it is better if you not feed them around other pets or even your kids, for safety reason. No matter this is the regular or rare English bulldog, they tend to shed a lot. Since their coat is short, the coarse hair may stick on your furnishing and clothing tenaciously.

Bulldog produces sounds even though they do not bark a lot. They are quiet but not silent at all. You may find this dog spending its time in the afternoon on sofa and it will snore so loudly or grunting, or snuffling. Well, it is because their deformed face. And if they could choose then they might choose to breathe normally after all.

So, are you ready to hit rare blue English bulldogs for sale?

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