French Bulldog Breeders In California

What do you think about French bulldog? Well, you are right if you think this dog breed is one of the cutest and gentle dog breeds. Despite its bat-eared and fierce appearance, this dog is actually very gentle and sweet inside. In fact, the dogs will become your kids’ forever best friend. Just like other bulldog types, this French bulldog also loves to snuggle or just lying around on the couch enjoying beautiful days. So, if you do not live in big house but wanting to have a perfect pet, this dog breed is undoubtedly a great choice. For Cali people, finding the reputable French bulldog breeders in California will not be a hard thing to do.

french bulldog breeders northern california

French bulldogs may be tough on the outside with distinctive bow-legged gait but they are very sweet and have becoming the perfect city-dwellers’ dog. Weighing for less than 28 pounds and smooth short coat, the maintenance and grooming for this dog breed is considerably easy and simple. Of course, they do not require heavy exercise thanks to their small figure and low energy. You can just take them for 15 minutes walk around your house or apartment. However, since they can be pretty stubborn especially when they are puppies, you have to be quite persistent when training them.

Reputable French Bulldog Breeders in California

Once you have done with the training and be consistent with it, you will get the perfect family dog for you, your kids and also other pets you have. Now that you have made up your mind to get one of the cute Frenchies, you need to find the best breeders in order to get such dog. This time, we have listed some of the most reputable breeders you can consider. Then, you will find the clever charming dog that loves to snuggle with you.

  1. Lily Belle Farms

Located in Gilroy, California 95020, this breeder is definitely reputable and reliable. They have been known for producing happy, beautiful and healthy AKC registered puppies that are raised inside the house showered with love and attention. You need to contact them first for getting a puppy because the waiting list can be quite long.

  1. Shorthandle Ranch French Bulldogs

If you live in Greenwood, California 95635, you should consider visiting this breeder. All the puppies are AKC registered, have great health condition and have also been exposed to early obedience training. Being raised inside the house as family members have made the puppies and dogs to grow into gentle and sweet creature.

  1. Forever Frenchies

This time, another reputable breeder can be found in Reno, Nevada 89521. Like other reputable breeders, this breeder also offers AKC registered French bulldog puppies that are ready to adapt in their new forever homes. With early socialization, the puppies will grow into very well socialized dogs that behave nicely toward pets and kids.

  1. Cali French Bulldogs

Living in Ojai, California 93023 means paying a visit to a reputable breeder known as Cali French Bulldogs. As the name suggest, this breeder is specially breeding Frenchies for several years. The even breed rare colored Frenchies. All the puppies are veterinarian checked, vaccinated and also AKC registered.

  1. Clear Skies

Another reputable can be easily found in the city of Phelan, California 92371. This is a reputable breeder that has been raising Frenchies with lots of love, attention and commitment for many years. This way, they can make sure that you can always get the perfect gentle Frenchie to be the additional member in your family.

  1. Norco Bullies

Now that you may have moved to Rancho Cucamonga, California 91701, you should pay a visit to Norco Bullies, a reliable breeder for a wonderful French bulldog puppy. Of course, the puppies have AKC registration and good health condition. Feel free to contact them before adopting your perfect pet.

  1. Etenna French Bulldogs

Have you been looking for reputable French bulldogs breeders in Mira Loma, California 91752? Well, you should put the Etenna French bulldogs on your list. With almost 50 years of experience in breeding French bulldogs, this breeder definitely has the ability and skill to produce wonderful puppies and train the puppies to grow into such beautiful creatures.

  1. Oc Playerz

Located in the city of Orange, California 92865, the Oc Playerz breeder always welcomes visitor for French bulldog adoption. Since they have been committed in producing healthy dogs with wonderful personality, you definitely can get the perfect dog. The dogs are also known for having perfect figure like blocky heads, flat face, thick bone and short back.

  1. Alberto’s French Bulldogs

Located in Huntington Beach, California 926747, this breeder offers a number of wonderful litters that are ready to grow into gentle sweet adult French bulldogs. All the puppies come with health certificate, AKC registration, vaccination and deworm to make sure that you can adopt wonderful pups.

  1. Cherry Valley Blue Frenchies

If you have been living in Cherry Valley, California 92223, you certainly will be feeling great knowing that this reputable breeder is located in the same area as yours. From this breeder, you can get the most wonderful French bulldog puppies you can adopt and grow together with your family. There are usually only less than 10 puppies available at a time so you may consider to contact them in advance.

  1. Blissful Bulldogs

In the city of Las Vegas, Nevada 89178, the reputable Blissful Bulldogs breeder has been breeding high quality and healthy French bulldogs for almost 15 years. Being raised as family members have made the puppies grow into such beautiful gentle creatures that are ready to be adopted. In this breeder, you can also obtain stud service.

  1. Karmalot Kennels

Located in Hemet, California 92548, this is a popular breeder that has been breeding AKC registered champion bloodlined French bulldogs puppies for years. You can even find some rare-colored dogs like brindle and fawn. You can check their Instagram or Facebook to see how wonderful and gentle the puppies are.

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