French-Bulldog Breeders WI: The Characteristic, Health, and Care

French bulldog breeders WI are going to be the best place for you to look for a cute Frenchie puppy with good quality for your company. The history told that this creature was originally coming from England as the miniature of the bulldog. This creature then accompanied the maker traveled to France and there he got the moniker look.

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Besides touted as a good companion, this dog is kind of great to be a ratter. But today, this dog focuses the job on being fabulous friend for a family. French bulldog is actually a rare breed.

In this section we are going to talk about the highlights in this dog. It is about all things you need to know when you have this dog in your household.

The coat of this dog is fine, shiny, smooth, and short. They have wrinkled and loose skin which can be clearly seen on the shoulders and head. The texture is also soft. They come in various colors like cream, fawn, and sometimes shades of brindle. It is kind of rare to see them in solid black, black with tan or white, mouse, and liver color.

Once you get the puppy, it will be good if you train them since in childhood. Kids are easier to be trained in order to prevent the behavioral issues in the adulthood.

When you clean their ears, do not ever use cotton swab inside their ear canal. You better use damp warm cloth. Since the ear edges are dry, you will need to apply the baby oil first. The baby oil can also be used for cleaning the dry nose.

Trimming their nail regularly will make them happy because it tends to teat and splitting them which is so painful for the mini bulldog.

This bulldog creature does not need a lot of time to do exercise. But in order to keep their healthy weight and the active lifestyle of him, you need to take him out to do daily walks instead. Just remember that this dog could not stand heat so well. When it is summer or in the hot days, you need to monitor the dog in order to prevent the over exert.

Good thing about this dog is the ability to train easily even though sometimes can be so stubborn. When you train this dog, patient and firmness should be on the list. We will say that this dog may be not suitable for you who value cleanliness. This dog is kind of droller, shedding, and also flatulence. House-train is definitely not the easy thing for French bulldog.

Generally, this dog is relatively quiet. He rarely barks. But there will be a moment when this dog tends to bark. Well, it is kind of the exception of every rule anyway. So, if you need an apartment dog then this dog will be an excellent one for you.

Basically, this mini bulldog is good with kids. Even though you still need to supervise your kids while playing with this dog, they both will make good friends anyway. This dog is also a great watchdog but sometimes can be a bit territorial too. Attention is a thing that he loves and unfortunately it could lead to issues with behavior when they are left alone for long period though.

Again, this dog is a companion dog which makes them really well when in contact with humans. But it makes them could not left alone for longer period of time specially to live outside by themselves.

If you want to get the healthy dog, it is highly recommended to buy it from the high quality breeder with good responsibility. The health of your pet is everything because once they got some disease it can give harm to your house as well.

Care and feeding your French bulldog

French bulldog has fairly low levels of energy that makes them do not need lots of exercises. In order to maintain their ideal and healthy weight, you need to take them outside for daily walk or just play time in open space. Many of these dogs enjoy to playing around and would love to spend their time to play various activities. But again, they have low energy level so they do not need large yard or long period of time to have physical activity.

This dog is prone to exhaustion due to heat or hot temperature. So, it will be better if you take for a walk in the morning and also evening or when the weather is not hot.

This mini bulldog is basically very intelligent and would love to please the owner. But it can be free thinker sometimes which means very stubborn as well. Do not worry because there are various types of methods to train this dog. If one method is not working you still try the other ones.

One tip to train this dog is by making the training feels like game along with prizes. The dogs love something fun for sure. Training the dog since the childhood is the right thing because when the behavioral issue comes up in their adulthood then you will be overwhelmed with a lot of broken things. They tend to chew anything.

For the food, you really need to make sure that they eat in the right amount since they tend to get overweight pretty easily. 1 to 1.5 cups divide into two meals per day will be recommended amount for the dry food.

The amount of the food depends on the size, the metabolism, the activity level, the build, and of course the age of your dog. They are individual creatures just like human and it makes them have different needs for the amount of the food. Other than that, giving them foods with the best quality will affect their health as well. Better dog foods provide complete nutrition that is needed by your dog.

Better nourishment will also result on how much amount your dog will eat. But still, if you want to have good breed of this dog, you can go the best and responsible French bulldog breeders WI.

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