French Bulldog Puppies Bay Area

If you are looking for a sweet gentle small dog, the Frenchie or French bulldog can be one of your best options. This dog breed is very popular for not only their cute ferocious look but also great personality. They behave very nice towards kids and other pets which make them perfect to grow within your family. This time, we have listed some best reputable breeders so you can find the perfect French bulldog puppies Bay area. Buying puppies from breeders is always the right decision to take because all the breeders breed only the high quality puppies.

french bulldog puppies for sale bay area ca

Let’s talk about Frenchie a little bit more. If you think of having cute dog, the Frenchie certainly has the criteria thanks to its bat-eared appearance. Its ears are so small resembling the bat ears and this is definitely the thing that makes the dogs very unique. Thanks to their small size and low energy, you have found yourself the right apartment dog. This dog breed doesn’t need heavy exercise. 15 minutes of walk is enough already to maintain their good health. And since they have smooth short coat, you will not have face with heavy shedding around your house. What a perfect dog to own, right?

Reputable French Bulldogs Puppies Bay Area

When it comes to the best and reputable French bulldogs breeders in Bay Area, there are more reasons than you can ever imagine. From the small to big breeders, name what you want and you will find them. Of course, reputable breeders dedicate themselves to give you the high quality puppies to grow with. And, the puppies are great in terms of their health status. Usually, they come with one year health certificate.

  1. Lily Belle Farms

The name of Lily Belle Farms is certainly familiar among the French bulldogs lovers in Bay Area. This is a great breeder in the Gilroy, California that has been breeding this wonderful dog breed for years. You can clearly see how healthy, beautiful and happy the puppies are. Of course, the puppies are AKC registered and have the 1-year health certificate.

  1. Shorthandle Ranch Frenchbulldogs

If you happen to live in Greenwood, visit this breeder to find your perfect Frenchie. It is one of the best breeders in northern California that has been breeding AKC French bulldogs for years. Since the early weeks, the puppies are already trained with the basic obedience rules so you will not have to face possibility of having aggressive dogs in the future.

  1. Forever Frenchies

Located in Reno, Nevada 89521, the Forever Frenchies breeder is a reputable breeder that has been breeding great puppies for years. Just like other reputable breeders, their puppies are AKC registered and are ready to socialize with kids and other pets including cats. And, they are also vet checked, dewormed and also vaccinated. Call the breeder if you wish to have a tour before getting your Frenchie.

  1. Cali French Bulldogs

This breeder is located in Ojai, California 93023 that has been breeding the wonderful French bulldogs for years. Being a small breeder makes them to only able to produce limited number of puppies each time. But all the puppies are healthy, happy, vet checked, vaccinated and ready to find new forever homes.

  1. FrenchiPuppyLove

Here comes a reputable breeder located in Grants Pass, Oregon 97526. They are breeder with commitment and much love that they breed the Frenchies for companionship instead of profit. In fact, they only offer at least 8 weeks puppies to be adopted because they want to keep the puppies as long as it can and shower them with love and attention.

  1. French and English Bulldog Puppies

Finding a reputable breeder in Los Angeles, California is certainly easy especially with this dedicated breeder around. This breeder is your choice if you wish to look for Frenchies with rare colors. All puppies are vaccinated and AKC registered so you will not buy with doubt. But, you have to wait for the puppies to reach 11 weeks old before you can adopt them.

  1. Clear Skies

Moving on to Phelan, California 92371 to find the Clear Skies breeder. This is a fully dedicated breeder that has been producing healthy, happy and gentle Frenchies for years. They have also been doing early training for the puppies so they will be ready in their new forever homes with you and your family.

  1. Norco Bullies

If you look for breeder in Rancho Cucamonga, California 91701, Norco Bullies is clearly one of your best options. This reputable and responsible breeder doesn’t only offer puppies and stud services but also rescue. Yes, they rescue the abandoned and neglected French puppies and help them to get new forever home. So, you certainly in the right place if you come to this breeder to find your future Frenchie.

  1. Alberto French Bulldogs

Here comes a dedicated French bulldogs breeder located in Huntington Beach, California 92647. This breeder is always committed to give you the best companion in the form of cute French bulldogs. They have vet checked all the puppies so you can be rest assured.

  1. Oc Playerz

Have you currently been living in Orange, California 92865? Well, you have found yourself the perfect French in this breeder. Their Frenchies are wonderful, gentle and trained. They are the four paws friends that will be a great life companion for your family. Contact this breeder for adoption.

  1. Etenna French Bulldogs

Some people are familiar already with the Etenna French Bulldogs breeder thanks for the breeder’s great reputation. With more than 45 years of breeding experience, this breeder located in Mira Loma, California 91752 definitely has the Frenchie you have been looking for, the sweet, happy, gentle and playful dog. All the puppies have champion bloodlines which is totally great. So, contact them anytime you want to get your perfect dog.

  1. Na Na Land

Living in Oakland, Oregon 97462 means you should contact Na Na Land breeder for adopting the perfect Frenchie. This breeder has been breeding Frenchies for more than 25 years so all the puppies are guaranteed.

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