French bulldog Puppies for Sale in PA

Dogs are very animal friendly animals. Their humor and loyalty attracted many people to take care of them. They are one of the most popular animals to preserve today. Generally there are many types of dogs scattered around the world with differences in character, race and utilization. Before you want a dog you should know the types of dog and their character. One of the dogs that can be maintained as a human friend is the Bulldog. Bulldog has a long history and is known as one of the most popular dogs in the world. This dog has a medium-sized body with short legs. Although his appearance is a bit frightening, the bulldog dog actually belongs to one of the friendliest dogs.

French Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Pa

Getting a dog should since they were babies. Having a dog puppy is a very fun thing but there are many responsibilities we must do as the owner. The most important time in the development of a puppy is during the first year of life, especially during the first 3 months of life. By understanding their developmental stages, we can provide what they need and when they need optimally. With a good stage of development, we can train the dog to be an obedient and smart dog. Good for you if you live in Pennsylvania because there is French bulldog puppies for sale in PA. This can be your first step in dog-keeping since puppy.

Stages of Dog Development

1. First Stage
The transition phase usually begin from the age of two to three weeks. At this stage, your puppy’s eyes will open and they will slowly begin responding to the light, movement, and surrounding sound. They will start to move slightly, trying to move their legs and crawl. They will also begin to recognize the parent and his brother and every object you place nearby.

2. Second Stage
Puppy will begin to experience their fast sensory development in this period and be wary of the environment. They will start to recognize you and environment. During this stage, you should avoid loud noise or quickly changes because bad events can make an effect on their personality. Puppy learns how to become a dog in this period, so it is very important for them to stay with their mother and siblings.

3. Third Stage
Your puppy will begin the most important period of social development in his life from age 3-4 weeks. They learn to interact socially with their siblings, learn to live, learn to play & learn to control bite (bite inhibition). Bite inhibition is an important factor in dog socialization and it is usually studied as part of play behavior in puppies, while they are with their parents and relatives. By biting each other during play, puppies will learn that if biting their playmates is too strong it will stop their playing activities. At this stage, puppies will also learn discipline. Parent dogs will feed the puppies and begin teaching them about basic obedience, including accepting her (the parent) as a pack leader.

4. Fourth Stage
This period start from age 8 to 12 weeks, they will learn quickly and well “fear stage” that often appears around the age of 8 to 12 weeks. Most dogs experience it and they will look terrified of everything they do not know. At this stage the dog should not be given severe discipline, loud noises or events that could make the trauma. At this stage, your puppy’s bladder and bowel may begin to be well controlled and he’s been able to sleep during the night (so, you can take a rest). In this period, you are be able to start teaching him simple commands like: come, sit, stay, down, etc. Leash training can begin. It is mandatory not to keep your puppy away from people contact in this period, as he will continue to delve the behaviors and ordinances that will influence him in the years to come.

Why Choose Bulldog?

This dog is one of the family’s favorite dog. Behind the sturdy body of a bulldog, friendly nature of humanity is embedded in this dog. That is why many people keeping this dog. This dog include the oldest breed of dogs from UK. Their characters are brave, loyal and friendly, very suitable as a guard dog in our house. Dogs that have a moderate posture and stocky body. Do not look the book by its cover, so does the dog. Do not just look from their appearance. This dog is an easy one to train. They are easy to learn new things. Dogs are not born in a state of well-trained. He will see you as his coach. What he can do and what not to do should be taught from that day on. Combine this exercise with the game so he does not get bored and have a good friendship with him. Through this exercise, the puppies will know what their employers expect. Part of normal dog activity is regular exercise. The dog’s need for this sport depends not only on the size of the dog’s body but also of its breed. Bulldog is a type of dog that is actively moving. They always want to walk or run in the wild. However, do not give exercise that is too heavy for dogs because their bones have not grown perfectly. Combine the game with sports. This dog is very fond of games and sports. They are very cooperative to do things, provided they are given clear instructions. This will certainly allow you to play with him.

If you want to start to keep puppies, French bulldog puppy is a good choice. There is French bulldog puppy sale in PA. Your life will change a lot after you have a dog. Having a dog will be make you busier and get more responsibilities. But you will also get the attention from your dog. Their funny behavior will be very entertaining when you are tired of working. So no need to hesitate, soon adoption puppy you want.

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