French Bulldog Puppies For Sale Seattle, A Simple and Useful Fact Just For You

Do you want to raise a Bulldog Puppies? Cannot decide which Bulldog Breeds that suit you the most? Live in Seattle? Want to look the elegant French Bulldog Puppies for Sale Seattle. Worry not, we there are plenty breeders in Seattle that can give you the best puppy you can get. However, it would be wise before going in person and choose your future companion to know one or two things about French bulldog breed.

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Brief Summary of French Breeds

This Breed, French Bulldogs, have already a long time favorite companion dog. They were bred in England despite their name, to be a miniature of the ferocious Bulldogs that time. After that, they accompanied the people abroad to France, where they gain their glory fame and signature name.

After the ban of bloody sport, bull-baiting, the Bulldogs were bred all over the way with another breed to produce a unique and fabulous companion show dog. They were bred to gain familial affection, love, and tremendous attention. Because they are rather rare dog breed, you will find it quite hard to bring this cute little lackey home.

Physically, they have small build and if you compare with other bulldogs, French breed are way cuter and adorable. They have bat-like ear yet you will find it oddly amusing and beautiful, this is the most visible distinction than other Bulldogs. Compared to other bulldogs, they are more uniquely appealing with their glamorous look. But, one’s beauty is not always the same as others, like the old said, “Beauty depends in the eye of the beholder”. However, this French bulldog group are undoubtedly one of the best companion dogs you can get.

Like all other bulldogs with their signature traits, small yet muscular build, powerful jaw and short coats, all along with their easygoing, lazy, and stubborn personality. Not entirely different with their cousins, French bulldog also enjoy laze around on the sofa, making them a perfect choice to be your apartment pet. Despite that, they are, like other dogs, love to play and seek attention, but they will limit their activities to a certain degree. Thus, you have to ensure them to take enough exercise to prevent over-weighting.

Their relaxed attitude makes them quite tamed and barely barking for no reason. They are intelligent, thus, training them won’t be that hard. But, remember to make it funny and entertaining for them, because they are easily bored, and with their overly “relaxed” character they will walk away once it gets monotone.

You can consider them to be free thinkers, so it will be hard to compete them in terms of obedience and agility with other breeds. However, that personality also can lead them to be headstrong, so it will be hard to move them when they already set their eyes on to something.

How to Take Care of Them

Like all Bulldogs, they are attention seeker, they are enjoying to shower under human’s love. This is a breed that love to lavish on human and chill around so much, so it is hardly considered as an outdoor dog. So, Frenchies, their nickname, are not the best breed if you want to spend extraordinary times in the park.

Generally, they are friendly with children, but with their possessive and territorial traits, they are easily offended at the presence of unfamiliar dogs. Though, they are rather easily to communicate with if they are accustomed with other people and dogs.

Because of their courageous and protective personality, they are excellent choice to be your watchdogs as well as companion. They won’t bark for no means and they will alert you if a stranger come, thus apartment life is not impossible for them, especially their small structure and don’t really roam around too much.

But you still need to watch their activity, 15 minutes regular walk will do great for their health. Always remember to keep them in cool temperature, because they are easily overheating, so it will best to put an air conditioner in the house. Again, this is not an outdoor breed where you can walk them easily in a hot season.

Though they are lazy, in fact they don’t really need that much exercise. Yes, mainly because they are big-no-to-heat dog. They are known to have low energy levels. But, daily exercise is still a must, you can also train them in a playful way so they can spend their time in much more activities. Their headstrong personality will make them prone to be bored, so you have to make the exercise more entertaining. But, do not over exercise them, they are easily tired, it will best to train them on a chilly time, such as early morning or in the evening.

Also, because they often seek love, always praise them if they are doing a good job, you can also give them treats once a time. Thing that you have to watch for is the fact that this breed is love to chew things, even if it will bring them harm, especially puppies. So, you have to make sure that your environment does not have many dangerous things, such as nails and broken glasses. Also you have to pay attention about their nutrition, better to consult first with the vet.

Frenchies are considered quite easy to groom, in fact, you only need to brush them occasionally, to keep the coat healthy. When you groom your dogs, at any stage, you have to check their skin, bare spot, rough, signs of infection, and scabs. Not only the body, but also their eyes, teeth, and ears, to keep the function in check. If you see any bad sign and bad behavioral action, you should immediately seek a veterinarian.

Those are some insight regarding French bulldog breed, may some of them help you to understand this breed better. Always remember to choose a reputable and credible breeders to get the best and healthiest puppy. Though it is not that easy to look for French Bulldog Puppies for Sale Seattle, it also not impossible.

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