French Bulldog Rescue California Giving Abandoned Dogs Second Chance in Life

There are hundreds of Frenchies that are abandoned or abused by irresponsible owner every year. Thankfully, French Bulldog rescue California is ready to help the dogs, nurse them back to health and also find a better home for them. The rescuers are nonprofit organizations that work tirelessly to ensure that every French Bulldog is living happily in a great environment that they truly deserve.

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French Bulldog Rescue Team Activity

French Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds, especially for these past couple of decades. Its small yet strong build as well as the cute shape of its nose become the charming point of this breed. Many people start looking for French Bulldog puppies for sale, but unfortunately only few really know how to take a good care of them.

While it is true that this dog is very sociable, good with other pets and also a natural couch potato that doesn’t need plenty of exercise, French Bulldog is a stubborn little canine and it can take ages to housebreak them. Furthermore, it is also prone to breathing problem due to the flat shape of its nose. Those problems make the owners get tired of the dog and ended up surrendering and even abandoning their dog.

This is where the rescue teams play their role. They accept reports about French Bulldogs that need help and then provide a shelter for them until they can find a better home. Here are some of the main activities of the Frenchie rescuers.

  1. Rescuing and Rehabilitating

Rescuing abandoned and abused dogs is just a small part of the team’s job. The most difficult part of this activity is rehabilitating the dogs. Mostly, dogs are abandoned when they are old or ill. Sometimes, the owner also gives up on their Frenchies because their dogs have some behavioral issues (which is also partly the owner’s fault). There are also many cases where the dogs are found full with wounds, become aggressive or even afraid with human due to the owner’s abusive behavior.

Besides providing a shelter for them, the rescue team also will rehabilitate the dogs. They will not only bring the abandoned French Bulldogs to the vet to treat their wounds, but they also will address the dog’s psychological issue so that the dogs can be happy again. The dogs once live miserably with their initial owners, but the rescuers give them a new chance to experience a better life.

  1. Fundraising and Educating the Public

When the dogs are under the rescuers care, they definitely need money to feed the dogs, not to mention the vet bill that can be very expensive. Since the rescuers mostly come from a nonprofit organization, they need to think smart to earn money for the rescued French Bulldogs.

Most of the income comes from donation, but the organization also often sells merchandise, that is not only used to earn money, but also to spread awareness about animal welfare. Dog rescue organizations also do so many things to educate the public about French Bulldog caring. It is a very important to make sure the owners know what they are up against when choosing Frenchie as a pet and to prevent more abuse and abandonment cases.

What You Can Do to Help

There are so many things you can do to help the rescue organizations. As a matter of fact, the rescue teams cannot work alone due to the amount of work involved in rescuing a dog. Here are some things you can do to help.

  1. Foster or Adopt

Each shelter has a capacity on how many dogs they can care for. The bad news is, due to the amount of irresponsible owners, most of the shelters already face overcapacity. This is why looking for French Bulldog for adoption is much better than buying from a puppy mill. It is the best form of help that you can give to the rescue organization.

If you are not ready yet to adopt, you can apply to foster the dog. By fostering the dog for a certain amount of time, you have lifted some of the burden the rescue team has to bear. Furthermore, you can also find out whether you are capable to take care of a French Bulldog or not. If it turns out that the dog’s trait and your personality is compatible, you can always fill the adoption application.

  1. Donate or Volunteer

Maybe you already have too many dogs at your house, you are very busy or you simply in a building where pet is not allowed. There are many conditions that can prevent you from adopting a dog, but don’t let them stop you from helping.

If you can’t provide home for the dogs, you can always donate some money because the shelter will always need some extra income to give the best care for the dog. The donation doesn’t always have to be in the form of money. You can also donate your time and energy to play with the dogs or bath them. You can also help by contacting the rescuers if you know any French Bulldogs that are in need of a rescue.

Taking care of dog is like being a parent. It is a fulltime job. If you have decided that you want to get a dog, it means you are committed to take care of it forever. French Bulldog is cute and all, but taking care of this breed can be pretty challenging. So, make sure you understand the characteristics of this dog as well as its needs to make sure you can take a good care of it.

If you think you are ready to add a Frenchie to your family, instead of going to a pet shop, it is best to head to a French Bulldog rescue and adoption near you and get your dog there. Rescue and adoption center has hundreds of dogs waiting to meet their new owner and new dogs always come on a daily basis. So, when you adopt instead of shop, you are not only helping the dog you adopt to get a new home, but also give more rooms for French Bulldog rescue California to help even more dogs.

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