French Bulldog Rescue in PA: Rescue the Frenchies

Rescuing French bulldog is such magnificence. There are some pet lovers which are working for French bulldog rescue PA. If you’re looking for French bulldog to adopt, maybe French bulldog rescue is a nice idea. Besides they provide you many frenchies which need their home, they are also very responsible of their French bulldog. Some frenchies that they found are not always in good health or manner. But, French bulldog rescue will absolutely help you to find the suitable one. They kindly will let you know the history and the character of the French bulldog that you’re going to adopt. It is not always bad to adopt French bulldog from a rescue. In fact, you’re helping the frenchies from suffering and save their life. Some French bulldog rescue are also open for donation for those who really care about frenchies but don’t want to have the as pet.

French Bulldog Rescue Pa

French Bulldog

French bulldog or commonly called by a nickname frenchies, is the mini size of bulldog. Frenchie is brought to America by the British immigrants in the 19th century. This small dog is weighed about 12 to 25 pounds. The name frenchies come it’s popular in France. They are also interbred with French Terriers and become to the new breed’s new name French bulldog or usually called Frenchie. They have muscular bodies and large square head. They also have dark eyes and the ears that look like bat ears. Frenchies have short and smooth coat that have various colors like white, fawn, and mix brindle. They are affectionate, friendly, and loyal dog to be adopted. They’re also the type of dog which is able to live in small space like apartment.

Reasons of Rescuing French Bulldog

There are some reasons why the frenchies being rescued by the French bulldog rescue. They’re like:

  1. The unavailability of the previous owner to look for the frenchie’s illness, having financial problem, or busy of working.
  2. The dog owner passes away and none want to take care of the dog.
  3. The dog previous owner family finds out the unsuitable character of the dog for their home. This is like the case of hurting small children, or the dog can’t get along with the previous pet in that owner family.
  4. The frenchies don’t get proper training; it may causes behavioral issues that make them end in rescue center.

Rescuing French bulldog is automatically providing a new affectionate home for a Frenchie who may never have been in lovable home. The rescued dogs are actually loyal and vey lovable pets, because they really admire their new lovable surrounding. By adopting a rescue Frenchie, you provide a Frenchie a new permanent home, and this automatically a saving for a dog’s life just like French bulldog rescue that provides them temporary home.

French Bulldog Rescue Organization

French bulldog rescue organizations keep the frenchies in safe and homey shelter. They have capable knowledge about the needs of the dog and take care about them until they find a new appropriate family. The rescue organizations help the Frenchies to get their new home. But, they won’t give the Frenchies to random people. Usually, they will interview the potential adoptive family to make sure that the adopters are able to give a suitable permanent home and able to look for the rescued Frenchies. The rescue organizations generally will concern about several things like:

  1. The French bulldog needs family or owners who have times for the owner’s attention. The owner should not leave the Frenchie alone at home for the most of the day. If the owners go to work, the owners have to play for the rest time with the Frenchie after working.
  2. Some French bulldog are stubborn that make them difficult to train.
  3. The presence of other pets, especially cat.
  4. The Frenchie which doesn’t get enough socialization will possibly make them barking.
  5. Frenchies are overheated easily. When walking outside, it’s important to keep them out from overheating.

The French bulldog rescue organization will make sure that the new owner is able to take care of the dog by signing a contract and promising that the dog will not surrendered into a shelter. The organization will pose some questions and even come to the new owner’s home before finally give the dog to the new family. The rescue organization usually will take back the dog if the new owner can’t take care of the dog well.

French Bulldog Rescue to Find

There are several rescue organizations which are quite reputable for adopting the Frenchies in the USA, especially in Pennsylvania. You may contact the French Bull Dog Club of America (FBDCA) to find them. There are also the other rescue organizations like French Bulldog Connection Rescue and French Bulldog Rescue Network which are available in Pennsylvania. They are connected to the other French bulldog rescue organizations in USA. So, there is possibility to find a French bulldog that comes from another state. They generally welcome for volunteers, adopters, and financial donations.

If you don’t find the suitable French bulldog to adopt from the French bulldog rescue organization nearby you, and you don’t want to go to another state to adopt the frenchie, you may contact the rescue organization near by you to find the suitable one. They will kindly help you to find the local breeders which are able to be adopted. You maybe find the adult French bulldog that never be loved by a family but you also will find the French bulldog puppies if you’d like to. They will help you to select which dog that suitable in your home with your surroundings.

When you’re about to adopt a French bulldog, you have to consider of the rescue organization and so the breeders. You can find a great frenchie with the right knowledge. The playful and socialized breed is the most adaptable Frenchie that will fit well to multiple pet household. Try to adopt a frenchie from a French bulldog rescue PA.

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