French Bulldogs For Sale In Ma

Despite its name, the cute small French bulldog actually has the same origin with English bulldog as the two of them were bred in Britain around the 19th century. This dog breed has been so popular around the world thanks to its small size, cute appearance and great personality. In case you are looking for French bulldogs for sale in Ma, we may have just the right information for you. We have gathered information regarding the reputable French bulldog breeders in MA for you to consider. Of course, buying from reputable breeders is the best option you can have because you will probably end up buying from puppy mills if you purchased the dog at pet store.

french bulldog puppies for sale in massachusetts

What’s Included

When you buy a dog, you certainly want to know what is included in terms of health standard. It also applies when you buy a French bulldog. The health standards usually include veterinarian examination, Pedigree, Health guarantee, health certificate and also current vaccinations. Some puppies also come with other standards like AKC certificate. Ask the breeders about it to get thorough information. Make sure to carefully listen to every information that the breeders have to provide including the health concern because French bulldogs do have some certain concern.

Reputable French Bulldog Breeders in MA

Now you are living in MA and looking for the perfect French bulldog for your family. This is a great decision you have made because this dog breed is lovely. They do not require too much exercise like big dogs and they are typically friendly with kids and pets. So, they make great companion in your big family. Check out the reputable breeders around MA:

  1. La Bete Bulldogs. A reputable breeder who loves French bulldogs so much. This breeder is located in Attleboro and you can reach it through email or phone
  2. Cape Cod French Bulldogs. A wonderful breeder with tens of gorgeous French bulldogs ready to find new forever homes. If you live in Sandwich, MA, this breeder is the nearest breeder you can reach
  3. Bella Luna and Campcova. A great breeder who has been dedicating their lives to French bulldogs so that you can get the perfect French bulldog puppies. This breeder is located in Boston in case you live in the same city
  4. English and French Bulldog. A French and English bulldog breeder who has been breeding for years so you can always find your ideal puppies. You can find this breeder in the city of Framingham.

General Information on French Bulldog

How small exactly is French bulldog? Well, in average, a French bulldog can grow up to 10-14 inch only with average weight of 19-28 lbs. So, yes, you can consider it as a small size dog yet cute and attractive. As for their lifespan, it is around 10-12 years. Just like other dog breed, French bulldogs do have typical coat coloring such as white, fawn and white, brindle and white, fawn, brindle and other colors except black and tan, browns, solid brown and black and white. In other words, their colors are rather soft and not solid. With this range of colors, it is typically easy to spot them from far away especially with their unique face appearance.


Every dog breed has distinct character and personality and so does the French bulldogs. In case you haven’t had any French bulldog before, read on the following information. This is a dog with delightful, calm and loving personality. It always seeks for human contact so you will get the perfect dog to snuggle every day. French bulldogs are great with kids and other pets. Yes, you heard it right. You may have the perfect additional member into your big family. What makes them perfect is because they are comedic, lively but not too excitable. And their size is small so your children will not feel being intimidated by the dogs. In case you are a first timer dog owner, this breed is perfect because it is considerably easy to train the dog.

Training and Exercise

Let’s get to the important part of owning a dog like Cesar has always said, training and exercise. First thing first, you cannot treat dogs like babies because they aren’t. Dogs are animals and they do need constant training and exercise if you wish to have a great life companion. When big sized dogs like Pitbull and Retrievers require many exercises and trainings due to high energy, French bulldogs do not. And this is basically a great thing about this dog. This breed isn’t an athletic breed so it doesn’t need long walk in terms of mental and physical health maintenance. 15 to 30 minutes walk every day is enough. Then, you can let the dog enjoys playing with other dogs or kids in your backyard. As for the training, you will find it considerably easy to train the dog although this breed is not actually the most intelligent.


So, as an owner, you will find the grooming considerably easy. French bulldogs have smooth short coat. You only need to do the brushing several times a week instead of every day to remove any dead and excess hair. And, since the dogs have short coat the shredder is average unlike the Retriever. What about the bathing? Well, you do can simply do the bathing once a week to prevent the skin from drying out. Even the grooming sounds easy, right? Well, if you are living in apartment then French bulldogs are the right options. They will be the great companion for years ahead.

Suppose you have just purchased your perfect French bulldogs, you can join any French bulldogs organizations across the states. There are so many organizations available for you to join including French Bulldog News & Forum, French Bulldogs Village, French Bulldogs Rescue Network, French Bulldogs Club of America and many other organizations. All organizations have great regular activities that you and your dog can join. For instance, a regular dog and owner meeting at the dog parks to enjoy shared activities.

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