French Bulldogs for Sale in NC: Do You Prefer a Frenchie?

When you are looking for French bulldogs for sale in NC, you need other things to know before you take your beloved French bulldog home. You have to know them before you live with them, especially if you don’t have any experience of having pet or never live with a dog. Basically, every dog has their specific characters that make them special. This also help human to choose what kind of dog that they will have for pet. If you decide to buy a French bulldog, you better know how they live their life and how to treat them right. Maybe you can change your mind if you find that French bulldog isn’t really for you. But, let’s find out!

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How is French Bulldog?

French bulldogs tend to be smaller than English bulldogs. But, you may find them very look alike from the face and coat. French bulldog also has short nose that is very ‘bulldog’. They look unique with the bat ears and the muscular body. With the height of 11 inches to 1 foot tall, their small size makes them able to live in small space like apartment. Actually they are indoor dog that can’t tolerate extreme cold and hot temperature. During the cold winter and hot summer, you must keep the room temperature stable for a French bulldog to stay in healthy condition. When they feel uncomfortable, they possibly scratch on their skin, and it’s dangerous for them.

If you want to have a pet that can live with kids, then you need to have French bulldog. They are friendly and joyful mate that can have fun with your kids. They love to play and run for food prizes. When you leave French bulldog with your kids, don’t leave them alone for too long. You need to keep them under your monitoring to keep away from unexpected kids. French bulldogs love to play and also easy to be trained. They enjoy every moment of the training with joy. But, they can be stubborn because French bulldogs are clever and freethinker.

Treat Your Frenchie Right

This dog is smart and wants to spend a lot of time with human. They love to play with people like fun game with food prizes and praise.

When you train your French bulldog, you need to know that this dog is intelligent and freethinker. They may rebel against you. You just have to try different some technique to know which is suitable for your frenchie. To get their attention and interest of playing, you can use toys and give them food as prize each time they done well.

They love to play, but also like to stay on the couch all day. This could be noted that you must take it for walk at least a couple of 15 minutes a day. Remember, this frenchie can’t live in high temperature. So, don’t walk it on a hot day. It shouldn’t be do too much activity as it doesn’t need much exercise to avoid it from overexert.

If you are planning to have them as pet but on the other hand you love to do traveling, you should have not let your frenchies outside of the house alone. It’s because French bulldog is a type of dog who can’t live outdoor without your monitoring. At least, you can take them with you or just rent a pet care to look after you French bulldog while you are away for days.

Feeding a French bulldog is really simple. It is advised that the dog needs to be fed with 1 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dog food in two meals everyday. You have to give enough amount of food for them to avoid obesity and disease. There are several things to consider before feeding them such as age, size, metabolism, and their activity. Always remember that feeding your French bulldog with enough nutrition from selected food can improve their metabolism and increase their exercise level. it will be effective prevention to many diseases and health problems.

French bulldogs have various colors such as fawn, cream, and coat patterned. They are commonly easy to groom and need brushing to keep their coat healthy. It’s a must to get them familiar with the cleaning and grooming habit. You may begin it from the young age of your French bulldog. Grooming is the right time to check their physical healthiness. Check every part of their body to find if there is any bare spot, skin lesions, flaky skin, scabs, rough, or any signs of infections. You must check their eyes, ears, and teeth for any dirt or bad smells. You should know this earlier to prevent the worse disease.

The French bulldogs also need their nails to be trimmed regularly to prevent splitting and tearing which can hurt them. Keep them in clean and health condition by taking them for bath using high-quality dog shampoo and soap regularly.

Finding French Bulldogs in NC

Hoobly, Puppy Find, Dogs Now, Local Puppy Breeders, Dogs on Oodle Classifieds, Adore Frenchies are the recommended sites that you can visit to find the most suitable French bulldog in North Carolina. You can check the details of the dog just by visiting the site. They also provide the range of location and price that is quite affordable.

It’s important to know the background of the French bulldog that you are going to buy because it will help you know how to treat them. By knowing their character when the French bulldog was living with the previous owner, you can reduce the possibility of the dog being shocked. You can ask the reason why the previous owners sell the French bulldog. If the previous owner is able to be contacted, you may ask them about the habit and the personality of the French bulldog that you are going to take. Generally, French bulldogs for sale in NC are available with their recent conditions of health, physic, character, and personality. Happy finding and good luck!

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