French Bulldogs For Sale In VA: How Do I Know?

Are you looking for French Bulldogs for sale in VA? It’s quite easy to find them. Before you decide to adopt them to be your friend or family, it’s good to know how is French Bulldog. So, you will get along with it well.

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The Origin of French Bulldog

French Bulldog or usually known by its nickname Frenchie is a miniature breed of English bulldog which is originated from England. But when the lace workers move to France for work, they also bring their Frenchies. By this time, French Bulldog are spread in France and Europe, and sooner In America.

Generally, French Bulldog height about 11 to 12 inches tall. The males weigh between 20 and 28 pounds, and the females weigh 16 to 24 pounds.

Why French Bulldog?

Adopting a frenchie will give you much happiness. French bulldog is small but they are shaped in powerful muscular body. This breed is a lovable companions that possibly being jealous by the presence of another pet. So, you’re not recommended to have multiple pets living together with French Bulldog.

They are typical of alerting their people of strangers but they won’t bark without reason. They can be protective to their home and family.

Basically, Frenchies don’t need a large room. They are easily adaptable in your small room or apartment. But, you should keep the room cool; it’s because of their inability of living in high temperature. They will possibly scratch their body if they feel uncomfortable. They are the type of dog who will follow you wherever you go once they are comfortable with you. French Bulldog will be a very loyal friend for you.

The Character

This dog is smart and wants to spend a lot of time with human. They like to play fun game with food prizes and praise.

When you train your French bulldog, you need to know that this dog is intelligent and can be stubborn sometimes. They may rebel against you. You just have to try different some technique to know which is suitable for your frenchie.

They love to play, but also like to stay on the couch all day. This is why you need to take it for walk at least 30 minutes a day. Remember, frenchie can’t live in high temperature. So, don’t walk it on a hot day. It shouldn’t be do too much activity as it doesn’t need much exercise to avoid it from overexert.

The French bulldog is a type of dog who can’t live outdoor for long time. If you decide to have them as pet but on the other hand you love to do traveling, you should have not let your frenchies outside of the house alone. At least, you take them with you or you rent a pet care to look after you frenchie while you are away for long time.

How to Feed Them?

It’s not too difficult to feed a French bulldog. We suggest you to feed the frenchie with 1 to 1.5 cups of high-quality dry food per day. You have to give them the right amount of food to avoid obesity. There are several things to consider before feeding them such as age, size, metabolism, and activity level. You can give the same amount of food to a tiny dog and the same time to the big one. It’s important to note that feeding your French bulldog with enough nutrition from selected food will boost their metabolism and increase their exercise level. This automatically prevents them to get infected by certain diseases.

Grooming and Treatment

French bulldogs have various colors such as fawn, cream, and a coat patterned with specks and markings. They are fairly easy to groom and need brushing to keep their coat healthy. It’s important to get them familiar with the cleaning and grooming process. You may begin it from the young age. Try to teach your frenchie stand on the table or floor to know which is more suitable for cleaning them. Grooming the frenchies is the time to check their physical healthiness. Try to check if there is any bare spot, skin lesions, flaky skin, scabs, rough, or any signs of infections. You must check their eyes, ears, and teeth for any dirt or bad smells. You should know this earlier to prevent the worse disease. Those are the signs that your frenchie need to go to veterinary.

Clean the ears and nose regularly using warm cloth and also cotton swab. If the edges of the ears dry, you may apply mineral or baby oil. The French bulldogs also need their nails to be trimmed regularly to prevent tearing which can hurt them.

Keep them in clean and health condition by taking them for bath with high-quality dog shampoo monthly or as needed.

Tips for Finding Good Breeder of French Bulldog

If you want to buy or adopt a French bulldog, you have to find a good breeder who is able to show you the health record of the dog. By knowing the health clearance, it’s proved that the dog has been checked and cleared of certain health condition. You have to pay attention about the heredity and disease history before you adopt or buy a French bulldog. Make sure that the pet shop or the breeder is trusted. The contact and address should be clear as well.

For the French bulldog, you need to make sure that the health clearance is from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, and hip dysplasia (with fair or better score). For certifying that their eyes are normal and healthy, you must know that it’s certified by Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF). You may check the health clearance certificate on the OFA website.

There are plenty of French bulldogs for sale in VA that are ready to be adopted. You must pick it wisely and from the trusted shop or French bulldog organization. Know the dog’s character to avoid the unwanted things from adopting a French bulldog.

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