French Bulldogs for Sale in Wisconsin: Pick Your Favorite

French bulldogs for sale in Wisconsin will help you to find the best French bulldog to be adopted. Picking a pet for an adoption is not like picking clothes for purchasing. This is about your responsibility and sense of belonging. We will help you to decide what kind of pet which is best for you, and we suggest you to have a French bulldog for sure.

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Why French Bulldogs?

French bulldog or you can call them with their nickname frenchie is the mini version of English bulldog. They look similar but the frenchie has the smaller size. French bulldog and British bulldog have the same condition and you can treat them in the same way. What makes them different is the personality, but it doesn’t really significant.

Having frenchie as pet is like having loyal companion that will follow you wherever you go. They will get very close to you as you take care of them intensively. They are the typical of dog that is gentle with kids, but it must be under your monitoring. If you have other animals as pet in your house, it’s not recommended for you to have French bulldog. They can be jealous of the existing of other animals that take part of your care. If you still want to do this, you can try to make your French bulldog adapt with other animals. Maybe it will work better if you are adopting a French bulldog puppy. You can try to train them socialize with humans and other animals.

With the weight of 16 to 28 pounds, French bulldog will be the most suitable pet to live in your small house or apartment. They are type of indoor dog that love to play, but they can’t do too much exercise. If the weather is extremely hot or cold, you have to able to maintain the room temperature where your French bulldog lives. French bulldog can’t deal with the extreme weather. If you want a pet that is clever, kind, and friendly to be placed in a small apartment, then you should have French bulldog.

How to Care French Bulldogs

French bulldog has the special shape of the front and nose that make them prone to several diseases. Most of French bulldog has the problem with their respiratory system and skin. You can keep everything hygiene for your frenchie and always feed them with high quality dog food. You can give ½ to 1 cup of food divided in two meals per day. But you can add or reduce the amount of food that needed depending on the size, age, metabolism, and activity of your French bulldog. Always remember to not give your frenchie too much food, or feed them everytime they beg you for food. French bulldog is easily getting obese. Just like English bulldog, French bulldog can wait for the next meal while sleeping all day. They can be very lazy animal if you let them to be

This dog is smart and wants to spend a lot of time with human. They like to play fun game with food prizes and praise. When you train your French bulldog, you need to know that this dog is intelligent and can be stubborn sometimes. They may rebel against you. You can try some different techniques to know which the suitable one for your frenchie.

They love to play, but also like to spend the day with sleeping. This is why you need to take it for walk at least 30 minutes a day. Remember, frenchie can’t live in high temperature. So, don’t walk it on a hot day. It shouldn’t be do too much activity as it doesn’t need much exercise to avoid it from overexert.

The French bulldog is a type of dog who can’t live outdoor for long time. If you decide to have them as pet but on the other hand you love to do traveling, you should have not let your frenchies outside of the house alone. At least, you take them with you or you rent a pet care to look after you frenchie while you are away for long time.

Adopting Tips

If you want to buy a French bulldog, you must find a good breeder who is able to show you everything about the French bulldog that you are going to buy. Checking the health record such as vaccination and history of any disorders is necessary for the next treatment of your French bulldog. By knowing the health record, it’s proved that the dog has been checked and cleared of certain health condition. You have to pay attention about the heredity and disease history before you adopt or buy a French bulldog. Make sure that the pet shop or the breeder can be contacted easily. Make sure they guarantee the real breed of French bulldog for you to purchase.

For the French bulldog, you need to make sure that the health clearance is from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for hypothyroidism, elbow dysplasia, and hip dysplasia (with fair score). For certifying that their eyes are normal and healthy, you must know that it’s certified by Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF). You may check the health clearance certificate on the OFA website.

Finding French Bulldogs in Wisconsin

There are plenty of organization and shop that provide French bulldog for sale. You can choose the French bulldog from a rescue organization or from a pet shop. Both of them are giving the best breed as long as you are pretty careful of picking a frenchie. Profit the adopting tips and add your knowledge about French bulldog before adopting or buying will help you much to consider. This will prevent you from any things that could go wrong after purchasing French bulldog. You have to recognize well the character of French bulldog so you won’t be tricked by irresponsible pet shop or organization. Puppy Find, Dogs Now, Hoobly, and Bj’s Frenchies are recommended to find French Bulldogs for sale in Wisconsin.

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