German shepherd Puppies for Sale in NJ – Best Training Tips for Them

German shepherd puppies for sale in NJ could be the good news for you. But if you already have one from the sale, do you know how to train them well? There are several ways to train your German shepherd baby for the excellent adult of this creature.  The main keys of training them are being clear, kind and consistent since the puppies are so cute. But if you did not train them well then you will find your stuff destroyed by those little cute creature. However, they will always win your heart so you better not letting them destroy anything more and train them rightly and well.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Nj

Well, you will need the methods of positive training. It will be so practical and efficient as well. By using these methods, you will be able to train your dog and prepare them for any situation as well as make them the obedient dog too. You definitely do not need anything for the tools but make sure you give all your attention to them, love and treat them well. And here we start the tips.

Socialize the puppy

Socialization is kind of the most important thing that should be put on the first list. Once you get the puppy from the sale, you better take them to the vet and then start the socialization. You can just take them into a class and the vet can give you such suggestions for the good place to start the class. But some vets will ask you to keep your puppy until 4 months old in the house for the safety concern. And this thing will take the socialization time of your dog which is not good though.

Your main mission is creating the friendly yet confident German shepherd. This is why you need to take them for socialization since the first time they can live without the mother’s milk.

In other hand, you have to make sure that the place you take for class is safe for your puppy. Most big cities, especially in US, do not have problem about disease so you can take them to the class with good feeling. But if you live in kind of rural area, you better make sure how the area is.

Teach them to use their mouth properly

Chewing anything like pillow, shoes, carpets and many more is just a characteristic of the puppies especially German shepherd puppies and this is why you have to train them to use their mouth properly. But more than anything, all puppies did the same thing though. Thus, this is the right moment for you to teach them what they can chew and what they cannot.

German shepherd has pretty sharp teeth. You can teach them about how much pressure they should put when they play with stuff or bite your hand.

Potty train in young age

Potty training is also the thing you have to deal with immediately. Since the dog pee everywhere if you do not teach them, you can try to put the timer. The timer will be your reminder about the regular time you take the dog out for bathroom break. If it is necessary you can use the crate too. And you cannot punish them for everything they did but you better catch them when your dog acts on it. This point will help you to correct them right away and the dog also learns the appropriate things.

Everyone love treats

Food training is what your dog loves. Even though there are many people blatantly reject the use of food training, well, this is really helping when you put food between the training.

Treat is kind of the motivation for your dog. And if you want them to learn in the best way, you should find out what they like most, for the treat and motivation. Food is just one of treats that will be easily to use. The other treats are such as play time, toys, petting, walks, and anything. Treats and rewards are just what you need to make a German shepherd puppy becomes a good adult.

Well, once they know what to do, they will not need your treat every time they do what you ask. So, please be positive about your dog anyway.

Take them to different places

You should know a concept about dogs. If human describes as clever, you should know if the dogs are lemons. I mean, once we learn about thing, we can relate it to any situations. But dogs do not think the same though. They are not able to make those cognitive leaps in other hands. For example, if you train them to sit in the living room then he probably will not do the same on the grass unless you train them to do that. It is also applied for scratch.

The good news is German shepherd puppies are so smart. They need to be prepared but they will not let you sink down in the preparation only. They are smart, creative and love to learn new things.

Teach them to ask for permission

Asking for permission is definitely not a command. But you still train them to do this for you. And you will need a couple of times to make them understand about this habit. Once you are succeeded on this part, you will see how cute and adorable your dog is. For example, your dog will look at you asking for approval before running after the trees or kid or another dog. It also helps you to put them in more safety place. They do not know what hazard or dangerous is so they can ask your permission first before doing something that can harm their safety.

All you need to do is give reward to all good behaviors they do but just ignore the bad behavior. Once they get used to how this work, your puppy will understand when they do bad things or good things. German shepherd is smart ones so they know what’s good and bad after a moment of training. After that, you can head to the German shepherd puppies for sale in NJ.

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