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French Bulldog or also known as Frenchie is small dog, muscular and compact door. This dog is so popular with its square shaped head along with broad muzzle and cute black nose as well. If you live in Oregon, there are much information about French Bulldog Breeders Oregon, of course choosing a right or reputable breeder is not easy thing. Frenchie also has distinct underbite and has bat-like ears that make him just so cute as your best companion. You should know that the body is wider in front than in the back, so it looks like pear shaped. The skin is forming wrinkles and loose, especially around their head and shoulders. There are many things that you should know when you consider to purchase or adopt him. So, let’s take a look general information about French Bulldog below.

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Here information that you should know about French Bulldog

Where they came from?

Despite of its name, this breed was actually originated in the Nottingham, England in 19th Century. French Bulldog was breed as the alternative of larger and heavier England Bulldog, and French Bulldog was so popular in that period as well. When there was Industrial Revolution, there are many artisans were off job then decided moved to the France, brought their smaller breed of Bulldog along with them. Then this breed becomes so popular rapidly. The French developed something further, especially in the shape of ears. As we know that the newer Frenchies have batlike ears as we know today, then the original breed has ears in rose shaped. Slowly, when there are many Americans visited France, they were enamored with this breed and take Frenchies to the United State. However, in 1940 the French Bulldog was considered as the rare breed and only 100 French Bulldogs were registered in AKC, Later, in 1980s, the French Bulldogs made their comeback.

Are they friendly?

You should know that Frenchies are so playful. Affectionate, alert and intelligent along with their sweet and comical characteristics as well. In other words, they are friendly. Generally, they are curios in many things and get them into trouble when they are not supervised. They go well with strangers and other pets, of course they love nothing more than be with their beloved humans. French Bulldog need string hands because they are able to develop small dog syndrome. Frenchies can be your best companionship and you should not get one, then ignore him or leave him during many hours. So, when you interest to get one, you can find reputable breeder of French Bulldog in Oregon.

Is French Bulldog the right dog for you?

You should know that Frenchies can do well in house with a yard or even apartment as well. you can engage yourself in a game and take him walk around regularly to prevent obesity and keep him does not get destructively bored. So, he requires low exercise need, however you should commit to spend your time with him. You should note that Frenchies cannot stand in extreme temperatures, whether in hot or cold as well. So, you should avoid take your Frenchie walking around in hot days, ensure that you cover him when cold.

The grooming need is also low and does not need more than getting weekly brushing to maintain his coat. Of course, he need bath as well, which is means once in a month or less, do regular maintenance on nails and teeth as well. However, this breed is also prone to get medical problems, such as: birthing issue which often needs cesarean section, joint disease, heart defects, respiratory problems and spinal disorders. So, you are able to get help from a good veterinarian who are able to help you maintain your Frenchie for potential health problems.

How you can find reputable French Bulldog Breeder?

When you considering buying French Bulldog, this is important to find out reputable French Bulldog to avoid something that you never want. Purchasing from bad breeder can exploitation of French Bulldog as well. So, you might spend more cost in the long time ahead. So, what you look for to get reputable French Bulldog Breeders Oregon.

–       The reputable French Bulldog breeder always registered their puppies in AKC. This is only legal of DNA in America. So, when you visit the kennel to meet with new puppies then the kennel master does not answer where they are registering their puppies, so you should insist to make him answer your question.

–       Reputable French Bulldog breeder usually dedicate most of space in their house or building to breed the French Bulldog. The reputable breeder will treat their puppies like a craft and you should ask for tour inside their breeding site. You should note that spare bedroom with the kennel is not a good sign for good breeder. The house should be dedicated for breeding site along with safe building which puppies can play, eat, relax and learn as well.

–       The reputable breeder never confines their Frenchies to kennels all of the time. Good breeders provide large yard that complete with places to cool or stay warm as well. Of course, they should provide open space in safety way for each litter and dog as well.

–       If you see that there are many French Bulldogs are lining up in small cages, then you are inside the puppy mill and this is better that you report the owners to the ASPCA immediately.

–       A reputable French Bulldog might have waiting list, as we know that French Bulldog is rare and hard to get, so you can expect to get in line.

–       A reputable breeder would be equally wondering about you as you were them as well. Your breeder might visit your house after you visit to their breeding quarters.

There are many French Bulldogs who need a good house, so you are able to check your local shelter or purchasing French Bulldog Breeders Oregon, of course do some homework before you choose a reputable breeder.

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