Getting Friendly Family Pet of Golden Retriever Puppies for Sale In Michigan

Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog in United States and make some peoples willing have one Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Michigan. This breed is so friendly and tolerant characteristic which make them become a great family pet along with their intelligence which make thigh highly capable on several things as well. Golden Retriever is also great in retrieving game for tracking, hunters, smell out drugs and as assistance dog as well. They also natural athletes and do well in dog exercise, such as: competitive obedience and agility as well.

Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Michigan

We also recognized that this breed become so popular because some reasons, if you want smart dig, snugly, lot of fun character and laid back, so you can choose this Golden Retriever. They will make great pet for anyone in all age level, of course, they also great working dog as well. You might often see that this breed assisted the blind or helping the handicapped as well as hunting dog. Whether you own a house full of pet or children, when you consider to get your fist dog, Golden Retriever is a perfect option. This is because they are laid back and easily to get along as mentioned before.

They also so lovely. This breeds also slow to mature and maintained their silly and playful characteristic until 3 or 4 years. The original bred had been aimed for physical job, such as: retrieving ducks and other fowl. So, this breed also need to get daily routine exercise, such as: jog, take a walk, getting free time in a yard, running at beach or getting fetch game. Similar with other intelligence breeds which had been bred to work, they are really enjoy with dog sports. But the tired Golden also still become well behaved Golden.

As well as giving physical exercise and mental exercise for this breed, you should always be prepared to include him in your family activity. This is because Golden Retriever is family dog and it should be along with his pack as well. Do not consider get this breed unless you want to have him inside the house with you, underfoot and every day. However, there is one other weakness point to the breed: they are not watchdog. They might bark toward strangers, but you cannot lay on it. The big possibility, they will wag their tail and show smiling characteristic.


For males around 23 to 24 inches tall and weight 65-75 pounds. For female usually 21,5 – 22,5 inches tall and 55 – 65 pounds. Golden Retriever usually reaches their full height during one year old and their weight will increase twice.


As mentioned before that they are very sweet and calm which marked this breed. Golden had been bred to work with peoples and willing to please their owners. Although they had hard wired with a good disposition, similar with other dogs this Golden Retriever should be trained and well raised to maintain their most good heritage. Like the other dogs, Golden also need early socialization, get along with many peoples, sight, experience and sounds when they were young. The socialization will help to ensure that the Golden puppies will grow up being a very good dog.

Care option

This bred had been built for action and love outdoor activities. If you enjoy jog, hike or run, your Golden Retriever will feel so happy join with you. And if you want to toss a ball on backyard, they will become happier to joint with you. As the named show Golden love to retrieve, of course. Trained them around 20-30 minutes for vigorous exercise in twice a day can make your dog stay mellow when they get inside. This is reducing activities, or other thing which can cause the behavior problem.

Similar with the other breeds, Golden is naturally mouthy and they were happiest to carry something on their mouths, such as: soft toy, newspaper, a ball and more. You also need to pay extra attention when raising the Golden puppies. This is because they grow fast between 4 to 7 months age and make the prone with bone disorder. Do not let Golden puppies run and play on hard surface, such as: pavement. At least around 2 years and their joints formed fully. There are some locations of golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Michigan which you can get through online searching. Ensure that choose the best one and provide you with essential information which related with your potential dog as well.

There are a lot of said that golden’s make great pets for everyone, and this is true. But you should remember that there is no dog to be left alone by their owners. If you do not have enough time to spend with your dog, this Golden is not suit as your pet or you might not get dog at all. Golden Retriever is extra friendly dog and they are also known for being loyal and lovable. They love to play and gain attention, so if those things are not something that you can commit to, you should not consider to get one. If you have this breed, you should arrange plan to do fetch and chase game. This is even better when there is a dog park in your town.

You also can consider getting obedience class for socialization and giving you and your golden getting socialization and bonding chance to learn something new. Better communication that you had with your Golden is able to make you more satisfied as well. The trained dog and well behave dog is happier moment which you can create together. However, there is one thing that you should note that this Golden is beautiful long haired dog. So you should have a good care treatment and make a commitment for grooming. Generally, your Golden will need brush for several times in a week and bath once in a month. Be ready get your beloved Golden through Golden Retriever Puppies for sale in Michigan.

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