Guide to Buying French Bulldogs for Sale Oregon

If you are looking for a pet that is cute but still has a rather fearsome look, consider looking into French bulldogs for sale Oregon and getting one as your pet. French bulldog is a cute pet due to their relatively small yet perfect size, but their tough appearance gives an impression of a pet that can act both as your charming friend and as the best guard for your home. Here we will explore what this breed actually is, the reasons why you should choose a French bulldog as your pet, and how to buy a French bulldog in Oregon.

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Let’s begin with getting familiar with this cute yet tough breed of dog first.

What Is French Bulldog

A bulldog is supposed to be an English dog. This is actually also true with the ancestor of French bulldog because the frist Frenchie—the term we’ve been using to call French bulldog—was actually the result of a cross between English bulldog and French terrier. French bulldog has a relatively small stature, which makes them a perfect friend for all people of all ages, but they still retain the tough look of bulldogs, which in the past were known for their excellent performance in bull baiting and other now-banned blood sports.

French bulldog has been becoming one of the most popular breed to be adopted as pet in many parts of the world. It appears in the lists of top ten most popular pets in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and many other countries on earth.

Physical Characteristics

The most distinctive body part of a bulldog is their iconic head. Just like their English counterpart, French bulldog also has rather large and square head with flat yet slightly rounded top and broad muzzle that makes them look funny and fearsome at the same time. The muzzle of a French bulldog is almost unmistakable with wrinkly cheeks, short and black nose, and loose skin around the throat area. Projecting from their head are a pair of bat ears that are broad and facing frontward.

Their body looks menacing with wrinkly neck and tough-looking legs. The front legs are short, but the rear legs are both long and powerful. When they stand on their four legs, they will show this threatening look as if they want to jump immediately to anyone in front of them. Nevertheless, all Frenchies are friendly dogs with relatively calm and relaxed attitude.

Reasons to Keep a French Bulldog as a Pet

Why should you buy a French bulldog in Oregon and keep it as your pet? A portion of the information about the dog’s physical characteristics above should have provided you with some clues of why a Frenchie is always a good pet. They are cute and funny, they look fearsome, but they are a calm and amiable friend for everyone. There are also more specific reasons why keeping a French bulldog as a pet is a good idea. Here they are.

  1. French bulldog simply has a perfect size for a cute pet.

Although French bulldog looks cute with their relatively small stature, their size is actually just perfect to be everybody’s pet. French bulldog doesn’t look too small like a Chihuahua but also doesn’t look too bulky and ferocious. Both toddlers and adults can pet, have a good time with, and put on their lap a Frenchie without any concern about their size.

  1. French bulldog is an amiable breed.

Despite their ferocious look and although their ancestor is a fighter dog, French bulldog is actually an amiable dog. With proper training, they will not bark or bite anyone around them. In fact, a Frenchie uses their muzzle to kiss you more often than to bite you. They are great playmate for children and companion for senior people.

  1. French bulldog is funny.

When you look at their face, you can hardly decide whether they look ugly or funny. Their unique look is indeed exhilarating and tend to make you love them more. Search the internet for dog memes and you will find many of them depicting the funny look of a French bulldog. Their behavior is also entertaining. They love to do entertaining activities like scooting around the house and they are actually so playful that you will mostly have a good time if you spend time with them or if you simply walk them.

  1. French bulldog is easy to maintain.

A Frenchie is not a spoiled dog that demands full care. Just treat them normally and amiably and take care of their basic needs properly and they will be happy to live with you. Even with basic care, your dog will still look happy and beautiful. This is the reason why many people, especially the busiest ones, love having a Frenchie at home.

  1. French bulldog is a good walker, but they also enjoy indoor life.

Your French bulldog loves to spend their time outdoors, but they are also quite content if they have to stay indoor most of the time. Walking them is not the only way to let them exercise because they can also do their own exercises indoors. This makes French bulldog an even suitable pet for busy people.

How to Buy French Bulldog in Oregon

There are several things to consider if you want to buy a French bulldog in Oregon.

  1. Get a Frenchie with clear paperwork.

Every pet must be equipped with a number of certificates explaining their health, breed, etc. Make sure that you buy the dog only from a breeder who can provide you with the dog’s complete paperwork.

  1. Be aware of color.

Color often becomes a tool for an unscrupulous breeder to scam their customers. If a breeder offers you a blue or chocolate Frenchie because their color is “rare,” be cautious because blue is not a color recognized by AKC as French bulldog’s color. In fact, a blue Frenchie most likely has problem with their skin.

  1. Mind the price.

Last but not least, pay attention to the price you buy. French bulldogs for sale Oregon have price tag somewhere between 1,500 and 3,000. If the offered price is ridiculously cheap, you may inquire whether there is a scam involved.

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