Healthy Dog Food for Chihuahua

Dog food for Chihuahua requires a healthy diet, not a nutritious meal. Whatever the choice of food, make sure the food contains meat as its main ingredient. Chihuahua foods should contain a protein of at least 30% and contain at least 20% fat. Make sure that the food contains up to 4% of the fiber.

what can chihuahua puppies eat

Chihuahua is a very expressive breed of dog. It can be very sweet if you are feeling happy and can be very fierce and aggressive when angry or feel threatened. Chihuahuas are also one of the most sensitive and irritable dog types. Therefore, Chihuahua is less suitable to be a pet for puppy because this dog will become impatient, rough, and turned into a ‘little monster’ if he provoked his emotions.

This dog loves to ‘drown’ in corners or narrow places inside the house. They like to squeeze in pillows, piles of clothes, or in blankets. They also like to remain silent under the mattress or other places that are dark and lonely, because they think such a place is safe to live in.

In Chihuahua feeding, give a medium portion of food, 3 times a day. Portions that are too much and too often can cause obesity. Food issues, Chihuahua tend to be fussy and picky. Therefore, these dogs often do not get enough nutrients. As a result, it becomes painful and not agile. If the Chihuahua does not want to eat, the wet and strong aroma of dog food can usually become a Chihuahua appetite. Its pick-eating can lead to a lack of blood sugar in the Chihuahua body. This can be dangerous for the health of your dog if it continues to be left over.

Puppy under six months

After the Chihuahua child is born, place the child and the mother in a 100 x 50 cm cage sized room made of iron that has excellent air circulation. Try to always keep the air around the room stay warm by installing a light bulb in the cage Chihuahua. In addition, try to always monitor whether Chihuahua puppy have suckled or not. If not, help the Chihuahua pups to feed on his mother. During the breastfeeding period, the breeder should not lack calcium because if it does, the breed can be convulsive and cause death.

Chihuahua puppies can learn to eat dog food that must be mixed with warm water first to be tenderer when chewed, because the new Chihuahua puppy will pull out teeth after 2.5 months. Giving dog food is done 4 times

Chihuahua puppy should start eating solid dog food at about 3-4 weeks old to complement their mother’s milk. Pups less than three months old or weighing less than 1 kilogram can be fed dog food constantly or fed around three or four times a day for about six months. Chihuahua puppies need lots of protein, calories, and calcium at to have healthy grow.

Six months and older puppy

You can feed your six month or older puppy less frequently after. A six months to a year puppy should be fed 2 or 3 times a day. Feed the dog at the same time every day and give it time around 30 minutes to create a consistent feeding schedule. The right timing will lead your puppy to understand the feeding time and it will train the puppy to pup regularly.

Adult dog

An adult dog can be fed twice a day (morning and evening). Keep the feeding time by feeding the dog at the same time every day. Do not forget to give the dog 30 minutes to eat its food. Do not feed too much because it will cause weight gain that can give bad affect to the health of the dog.

The best dog food for Chihuahua

If your dog does not have appetite even if you have changed the dog food brand, try to make a menu so that it is not saturated and want to eat again. There are many types of dog food in the market with different quality of raw materials and nutrients. Wrong choice, can have a bad impact on the growth and health of your dog. What do you need to do and watch when choosing food for your favorite dog? Check out the following tips!

Define nutritional needs

When choosing a dog food make sure you check the nutrient content on the label and determine based on the stage of growth, size and needs of your dog lifestyle. Instead of dog types, these three are far more relevant to nutritional needs. Ensure that the nutrients on the label meet the standard of at least sufficient food 22% protein (growth and reproduction), 18% protein (adult dog’s daily needs), 5% fiber, and 12% fat.

Consider dog age and activity

Dog food is designed to meet nutritional and energy needs at every age level. Young dogs tend to be more active and in the future so they need more energy and growth nutrition than older adults. Usually puppy food average contains about 30% protein because this nutrient is most needed in the growth period. Check the label on dog food before buying. Buy dog food that suits your dog’s age.

Check the list of composition labels

Dogs are omnivores, which mean that dogs can eat meat, vegetables and whole grains. Make sure that the list of compositions in the first order is meat or meat, such as chicken meat or beef, not meat-meat or meat-which means part of a chicken or cow that is wasted during the cutting process, for example, blood, offal, bone.

Chihuahua food is no different from most dog food. The puppy should be fed a special dog food formulated for body growth and then weaned into adult dog food. When choosing dog food, look at the ingredients. The main ingredient must be meat and least grain. An adult Chihuahua needs 1/4 to 3/4 cups of dried dog food every meal. Canned dog food for Chihuahua can be used to replace some dry food if needed.

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