How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost of Ownership?

“How much does a German shepherd cost?” is one of the most common questions asked by people who are immensely interested in this breed. Many would wonder what is it about German Shepherds in particular that makes them decide on the breed to be their furry companion. Of all breeds available for them to choose from, it may not make sense how someone would just randomly choose German Shepherds. There has to be a good reason behind it. Simply because they do not look exotic quite like Neapolitan Mastiff, they are not stunningly beautiful quite like Siberian Husky, they are not well-known for being incredibly powerful quite like Saint Bernard, they do not seem smart quite like Border Collie, and they also are not popular for its pleasingly friendly demeanor quite like Bull Terrier – so what on earth makes these people decide it would be a great idea to get a German Shepherds?

How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost

While majority of them are curious about the reasoning behind why anyone would opt for the breed and ask about how much does a German shepherd actually cost in my state, many others are concerned about the decision to get the breed as their family companion. Simply because they know the history of German Shepherds being a classic herding breed used to guard the farm in the past. Not only that German Shepherds also make up a large percentage or Police’s K-9 Unit as well as a part of Search And Rescue units in all parts of the world. With such line of work, to them, it only makes sense that German Shepherds could never be a suitable companion for the average job, let alone those who have a family consisting of small children. In the back of their collective minds, they are absolutely sure that while German Shepherds are an incredible working companion for the police and SAR, there is no way they can be transformed into a great pet.

Common misconceptions about German Shepherds’ characteristic

Due to the history of German Shepherds being a herding breed and the fact that they are the most sought after breed for the K-9 Police squad give off the impression that they are this big, burly and extremely temperamental type of dog – but is there some truth to this misconception? Those who have made up their minds about getting the dog and ask questions such as how much does a German shepherd cost where I live may shake their heads in disbelief upon hearing these misconceptions. It’s clear to them that those who are oblivious to the fact need an enlightenment, which is the primary reason why we are here. This article does not only talk about the bits and pieces such as how much the dog would cost you, but also the characteristic of these dogs.

The most common misconceptions about this breed is its temper. Being in such line of work sure is a good sign that the breed is rather quick-tempered and aggressive, right? The answer may come off as a surprise to those who believe in the aforementioned misconception: it’s not. The fact that German Shepherds are incredible in that line of work does not necessarily make them an aggressive breed, it is none other than the testament of how intelligent and courageous this breed is. Yes, German Shepherds are not only courageous, they are also extremely intelligent – in fact, compared to other breeds, the German Shepherds are the most capable breed. This is largely due to their curiosity and eagerness to learn, which is why it is advised for owners to teach them some tricks and give them a regular mental stimulation and mental exercise to avoid boredom.

A well-trained German Shepherds are not only intelligent, they are also not opposed to having a close, non-businesslike bond with humans – let alone children. When introduced early, they can be incredibly friendly. You may be oblivious to the fact that other than working for the K-9 squad, German Shepherds are also the perfect fit for service work, hence their fame as a service dog for people with disability. That kind of work would have been impossible for them to tackle if they had zero compassion and loyalty.

Everything you need to know about German Shepherds

Speaking of loyalty, German Shepherds also have what it seems like an undying loyalty. They may come off as indifferent to those they are not familiar with in the beginning, but once they are absolutely sure the latter poses no trouble and they have friended them, the bond would last forever. On top of that, this breed is also the type of dog that loves being involved in whatever their owner is doing – which is why farmers typically go after this breed. Like other powerful dogs, German Shepherds also enjoy being active. However, the difference lies in the fact that this breed does not require a long strenuous type of activity day in day out. You can take them brisk walking every morning for a few minutes, or just simply unleash them and let them run and tire themselves out in an enclosed backyard or park. A strong, and intelligent dog that is loyal and makes for a good family companion? This profile is a thing of perfection, that’s for sure. Now that you have found out the reason as to why more and more people are interested in adopting the dog, you would probably share the sentiment and find wonder “how much does a German shepherd price for puppy?” as well.

If you decided to purchase the dog from one of your respected local breeders, expect the decision to set you back for about as low as $300 and as much as $1,000 for both puppies and adult ones. However this cost also depends on whether it is a normal German Shepherds or a show or proven-working German Shepherds, for the latter, it may cost you upwards $7,000 and that doesn’t include the average ownership cost of about $1,500/year. Now that you have found out the answer to your “how much does a German shepherd cost?” question, ready to get yours?

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