How to Buy a Pet from French Bulldog Breeders NYC

A small dog is always an adorable pet, but a small dog that has formidable look, like a French bulldog, is definitely the most lovable one. If you are looking for such a dog, French bulldog breeders NYC can provide one to you.

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For many people, a French bulldog is an excellent dog for a pet. Although it is the smallest of all bulldog breeds after the extinction of toy bulldog, which is their direct ancestor, many people think that their size is simply perfect. They become friendly companion for senior people, their size allows them to sit on everyone’s lap, and their friendly attitude makes them completely harmless to children.

If you want to adopt a French bulldog, let’s take a look first at some key characteristics of this breed, how they compare with other bulldogs, and where to get them.

The Key Characteristics of French Bulldog

There are several characteristics of a French bulldog that you should be familiar with. A French bulldog will be your best companion only if you know what to expect from them.

  1. How adaptable are they?

A French bulldog is known to be one of the most adaptable breeds to their environment and people around them. No matter where you live, your cute pet can live there happily. Even if you live at places that don’t allow your pet to be outside, such as in an apartment, your bulldog will not feel sad, especially because a French bulldog is mostly an indoor dog. They, however, are relatively sensitive and can become gloomy and frustrated if they are left alone over a long time or if the place where they live is either too hot or too cold.

  1. How friendly are they?

A French bulldog is highly adaptable to people. They will become everyone’s best friend even if the person they meet is a complete stranger. They are good friend for children, they can sit on your lap if you want to play with them, they don’t find other dogs a threat for them, and they can patiently accompany senior people. Although this seems to be a good trait, it can also be a disadvantage because they are so friendly that they may not considered the most loyal pet. Let a stranger give a cookie to them and they will instantly forget about you.

  1. Is it difficult to train them?

French bulldog is among the easiest dogs to train. Even novice owners will less likely have problem training a French dog; however, it is important to know the skills that they naturally have because a French bulldog is skillful only in several activities. A French bulldog is not a hunting or wandering dog, so training them to be a running or hunting buddy is mostly useless. Just train them to be a good guardian of your home and you will mostly succeed. Train them not to bite everything because they tend to be mouthy and although they rarely bark, you still need to train them not to bark to everyone.

  1. How clean are they?

Hygiene is a red light for French bulldog owners because this breed is known for its problem with cleanliness. Although their hair is rather short, they still shed somewhat a lot. They also tend to be messy and piggy. If you have some messes at home, your dog will be very happy to play with them, making your home even messier. One of the biggest concerns about this breed in terms of hygiene is their flatulence problem. French bulldog, just like other bulldog breeds, farts a lot, so make sure that your home has good ventilation. Surprisingly, although other bulldog breeds are known for their excessive saliva, French bulldog has relatively low drooling potential, although that doesn’t mean that your dog will not drool at all.

  1. How healthy they are?

French bulldog is known to be prone to allergy, so keep your home everlastingly clean, which is rather difficult due to your dog’s pigginess and shedding. The majority of French bulldogs are also prone to genetic problems like hip dysplasia. For this reason, when you buy a new puppy from a breeder or an adult French bulldog from a shelter, be sure to check their medical records first to find out any genetic diseases that they may potentially have. Some French bulldogs have skin colors that are considered non-standard, such as blue and dark brown. French bulldogs with those skin colors may have problem with their skin that you should be aware of.

How Does a French Bulldog Compare with Other Bulldogs?

French bulldog shares a number of physical features with other bulldogs; however, they also have some physical characteristics that distinguish them. Just like other bulldogs, French bulldogs have wrinkles in many parts of their body and have face with flat skull top, recessed eyes, and unique muzzle. Among physical features that distinguish them are their sensitive bat-like ears and small stature. You can immediately know this dog by simply looking at their small body.

Where to Get a French Bulldog?

Unless you get the dog as a gift from someone you know, you can get a French bulldog as an adult from a dog shelter or rescue or get a puppy from a breeder. You can find both dog rescue and breeder in New York, so you should decide which entity you want to consult in order to get the dog.

A shelter rescues all dogs that are abandoned by their owners, born as stray dogs, wandering around the neighborhood and causing disturbance, and lost. Although a dog rescue mostly shelters dogs with no known past, they will try to investigate the past, records and identity of every dog they find. Therefore, if you want to get an adult dog and skip the hassle of growing and training a puppy, getting a dog with known records from a dog rescue can be a good idea. However, if you think that having a pet means training, grooming, and feeding them since they are a puppy, then you should consult French bulldog breeders NYC instead.

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