How to Choose Dachshund Pandora Charm for Pandora Bracelet

If you like dachshund dog and want to have accessories with dachshund shape, you may need to know about dachshund pandora charm. Yes, there are so many things can be done to make you remind of your lovely doxie every time, such as by having accessories with dachshund or doxie shape. Actually, dachshund looks so cute with its long body and short legs. No wonder if many people always interested in making dachshund accessories. Even, dachshund also becomes inspiration to create various household appliances, such as paper towel holder. For you who want to match a doxie pandora charm with your bracelet, you can read some information below.

pandora dachshund dog charms

Things Should be Considered When Buying Dachshund Pandora Charm

Nowadays, there are so many types of doxie pandora charm. Sometime, it may make us feel so confuse to choose the best pandora charm. Actually, you don’t need to worry. There are some things you have to consider when buying a doxie pandora charm, such as below:


Size is important thing you have to consider. When you want to buy doxie pandora charm, make sure the pandora charm has a good size. A good size means the pandora charm will be good when it is installed on pandora bracelet. So, you are better to know the right size of your bracelet. Make sure you choose pandora charm which the hole is suitable with your bracelet. Finally, it can be installed well. Not only size of hole, size of Pandora charm is good to be considered. For example if you like simple thing, you can choose a small doxie pandora charm. But if your bracelet has big size and you need something that looks glamour, you can choose a large doxie pandora charm. It depends on your interest. But, every doxie pandora charm looks so cute.


Whenever you choose accessories, make sure you consider about material. It also happens when you choose material of doxie pandora charm. There are so many types of doxie pandora charm. Make sure you choose pandora charm that is made of high quality materials, for example is silver or platinum. Silver is durable enough and looks shiny. Platinum is also good choice, because it is durable and resistant to scratch or bump. You can also choose pandora charm that is made from white gold. It depends on your interest. If you choose pandora made of high quality material, it will make the pandora charm becomes durable. So, you can wear it for many years.


It is other thing you have to consider. As mentioned before, there are so many types of doxie pandora charm. For example, you can find pandora charm with full-body doxie shape, doxie head shape, and many more. You can also find doxie pandora charm that looks unique because mixed with other materials. There is also doxie image attached on silver. It is also good choice for you. It depends on your interest. You can choose a doxie pandora charm that shows your style and passion.

How to Match Dachshund Pandora Charm with Pandora Bracelet

Now, let’s we talk about tips to match doxie pandora charm with a bracelet. If you have chosen the type of doxi pandora charm, you can try doing some steps below:

Choose a Bracelet

Talking about pandora bracelet, there are so many choice for you. You can choose bracelet based on your hand size. For example if you are slim enough, you can choose a small pandora bracelet. There is other consideration when choosing a bracelet. Yes, that is about budget. Choose a bracelet that matches with your budget. White gold bracelet may require $1.145, while silver bracelet just requires $45-$65. Although silver is not better than white gold, but it doesn’t mean that silver is not good material. It depends on your interest. White gold and silver are recommended material for pandora bracelet.

Choose a Perfect Clasp

It is also important thing should be considered. When you want to create beautiful pandora bracelet, make sure you choose a perfect clasp. A perfect clasp means a clasp that will make you easy when wearing or taking off the bracelet. Actually, there are two common bracelet clasps that can be your recommendation, which are lobster clasp and barrel clasp. Every clasp looks unique, but you can choose a clasp based on your interest. Make sure the clasps will not make you difficult to wear or take off your pandora bracelet. If you choose a perfect bracelet clasp, you will feel so comfortable with your pandora bracelet.

Mix Doxie Pandora Charm with other Charms

When you want to create a pandora bracelet, you may consider about the number of charms you have to use. If you have chosen doxie pandora charm, you can mix it with other charms. But for you who like simple look, you don’t need to mix the charm with other charms. Nowadays, there are more than 900 charms you can use for your pandora bracelet. If you feel so confuse to choose charms for your bracelet, you can choose a theme for your bracelet. For example, you can choose animal theme. So, doxie pandora charm can be mixed with other animal pandora charms, such as cat pandora charm, dolphin pandora charm, and many more. You can also choose family theme. For example if you have assumed that your doxie is your family, you can mix doxie pandora charm with other charms that show family images.

Choose Spacer and Clips

It is the last step to create a beautiful and unique pandora bracelet. After installing doxie pandora charm, you can use spacer or clip, finally the doxie charm with other pandora charm will look beautiful and will not attach to other pandora charm. So, your pandora bracelet will look perfect and beautiful.

Well, those are some information for you about doxie pandora charm. You can use some information above whenever you have a plan to create a unique and beautiful pandora bracelet. Hopefully, some information about dachshund pandora charm above will help you to create best pandora bracelet.

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