How to Choose Good Beagles for Sale in Indiana

Beagle is one of the most famous Hound dogs in its energy affairs, it is funny and good character. It is the result of cross-breeding of Harrier and also Hound in the United Kingdom which is used for hunting quail and rabbit. It is also often used as a sniffer dog, because the sense of smell is very good and often used as a drug tracer dog at the airport. It belongs to a dog that is very friendly to humans. It also has an energetic, clever and brave nature.  It is ideal pet for family dogs. Therefore, many breeder and seller in many country are interested in selling this race. One of them is in Indiana. To acquire more information about Beagles for sale in Indiana, consider some tips before buying beagle.

Beagles For Sale In Indiana

Tips before Buying Beagles

There are some points that we should be clarified before we buy beagles. Some of them deals with the physical performance, behavior and temperament. This section gives some tips before buying beagles regarding with the physical performance, see the following explanation:

  1. General Appearance

Beagle is a dog that looks similar to Miniature Foxhound with medium or medium body size, coarse and adjacent hair that is useful as protect from the bush. Beagle belonged to a dog friendly with humans or with other dogs when he was joined in a hunting group.

  1. Size

Some adult beagle dogs generally have a height of about 33 cm to 41 cm. In addition, the weight of the beagle dog is 8.2 to 15.9 kg. More than normal weight it seems, beagle dogs are very severe obesity. The thing you should remember is the female beagle dog race has a smaller size compared to the males.

  1. Ear

Beagle has a pair of low, long, good textured ear. Beagle with short and tall ears is a characteristic of a bad beagle. Therefore, be careful in choosing beagles with short and tall ears because it is not good beagle. Different from other races, the beagle’s ear shape is large and very wide. Even some of these race dogs have ears that hang on the face. The shape and size of the dog’s ear is so big that it makes the dog look better. Some people who maintain this dog assume that the larger and wide ear the appearance of this dog is more exotic. Of course you should pay close attention before intending to buy or adopt beagles.

  1. Eye

Beagle has eyes that are large and soft like the type of hound. Expression of his eyes very friendly with brown and hazel. Beagle eyes with small size and sharp is a characteristic that is less good. In general, the eyes of this dog are brown and this is very liked by the adopters of this race. His manner of fun especially when pleading for food, so adorable. Part of the dog’s eye is enlarged. Of course this moment is very rare and adorable.

  1. Muzzle

Beagle has medium or medium muzzle with straight and square shape. While the beagle with a short snout is a bad beagle characteristic.

  1. Jaw

In general beagle has a long skull, even the beagle muzzle is quite perfect when compared with other physical forms. As a hunter race, this dog has a strong jaw and the placement of the upper teeth in harmony. Of course all parts of this tooth also affect the shape of the jaw. Some hunters are very happy with this jaw shape. It is considered easy to beagle to get the game very well. In fact, some veterinarians also consider the jaw shape on the beagle to provide ease when they are hunting.

  1. Lip

The lips of beagle dogs have a twisted characteristic.

  1. Nose

Beagle has a large, open nose.

  1. Neck

The beagle has a medium or medium length neck and a clean throat and no skin folds. But if there is a little wrinkle in the corner of the jaw is still practically good.

  1. Shoulder

Beagle has a characteristic shoulder muscular and tilted but small size that makes it easier to move freely with strong and active.

  1. Chest

Beagle has a wide and deep chest. Beagle with a narrow chest and not too deep is a bad beagle characteristic.

  1. Back

The back of the beagle is short, strong and muscular. While the beagle with a long back is a bad beagle characteristic.

  1. Waist

The waist on the beagle is long and slightly curved. Whereas the flat beagle waist is characteristic of less good beagle dog.

  1. Front Feet

The front leg of the beagle is completely straight and short and straight. His legs are round and closed and strong, while the soles of his feet are rough and full.

  1. Rear Legs

Beagle’s back legs are very strong and have muscles. The rear joints are strong, the heels of the feet are symmetrical and slightly crooked.

  1. Tail

The tails on a well-raised upright beagle are slightly curved but do not exceed the upper back limit. The tail that is too long like a rat tail is a bad beagle characteristic.

  1. Fur

Beagle has a coarse textured fur with a length almost close to the length of medium dog hair. While the thin and short beagle is a bad beagle characteristic.

  1. Temperament

Although beagles are hunting dog but they are very friendly to other people. They always build good relationship with people and other dogs. Their hobbies are barking and howling. They likes to walk around outside the house. Beagles are not dependent dog.

  1. Body Care

Dogs body care is not difficult to do their body does not produce bad smell. Usually enough bathed 2 weeks or if it looks dirty just wipe it. The main concern to the ear, because the ears are closed so it is easy to dirty and infected with ear infections. Beagle dogs need a place to play because Beagle is an active dog.

Those are some tips on how to choose good beagles for sale in Indiana that you should know. After reading this article, hopefully you can be more detail in choosing beagle before you decide to adopt or buy it.

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