How to Get English Bulldog Puppies for Sale in Michigan?

Do you feel lonely when your house is always quiet? Do you need a friend to play? Having a pet is one of the most effective ways to eliminate the loneliness feeling while it’s helping to lower your stress level. Dogs are one of the smart animals that can accompany you, therefore this article will discuss about english bulldog puppies for sale in Michigan.

English Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Michigan

The History of a Bulldog

Bulldog is one of the oldest breeds of dog which derive from England so that the bulldog was originally named as an English Bulldog. Initially, the maintenance of this type of dog is intended to be a dog that will fight with wild cows or bulls so in the past Bulldog was an aggressive dog and very tough. In 1835, however, Britain banned any battle activities on all breeds of dogs and suggested the changes toward the Bulldog maintenance as a pet dog and bred or as a companion dog, it was formally written in the English law. So until now Bulldog bred as a friendly dog to humans so that this type of dog experienced several changes in the aspects of anatomy which has a large head size, a pug nose and a short body.

The Types of Bulldog

Now, do you you want to have Bulldog as your pet at home? If you are wanting to have a Bulldog, then you should know the types of Bulldog so you can have the pet  that precisely as you want, here are some types of Bulldog :

  1. English Bulldog, from its name we can know that this dog is came from England. English Bulldog has two types of feather color which consists of brownish and white color and their weight can reach 25 kg for males and 20 kg for females. In general, English Bulldog has a round body shape and very short, muscular, and has a wide chest with larger head  than the size of his body. The body’s difference between the puppies and the adult one is not too far, so this type of dog has the capability in maintaining the appearance precisely just like the puppies although the age is not young anymore. Therefore, this type of Bulldog is the most suitable one as a pet.
  2. American Bulldog, originated from the English Bulldog race but then was brought to America during the time of colonialism. American Bulldog has a bigger body and the taller body  than an English Bulldog with a weight about 30 to 60 kg.
  3. Olde English Bulldogge, is a new race of dog from the United States and newly inaugurated by the American Kennel Club in January 2014. The dog is bred for the purpose of restoring the anatomy of the predecessor bulldog where it had a taller, leaner and muscular body.

The Characteristic of High Quality Bulldog

After knowing the types of bulldog, then you need to know about the Bulldog characteristics that have a high quality, so you will not wrong in choosing a right pet. Here are some characteristics of a good quality bulldog:

1. Have a moderate body size, solid body appearance and stocky also wide chest.
2. Weight 30 kg for males and 25 kg for females.

3. Have a flat and wide head’s skull.

4. The ears bend inward but stay open.

5. Has a black nose color with a large hole.

How to Find The Right Place to Buy English Bulldog Puppy

English Bulldog is one of the most unique dog breeds so it is very difficult to find a place that sells this type of dog with good quality. Buying an English Bulldog puppy from the breeder is one of the safest ways compared to others, but there are some things that you should take as a consideration when buying a Bulldog directly from a breeder:

  1. You need to learn the types of English Bulldog breeders in Michigan.

In general, breeder is divided into three types which are hobby breeders, home breeders and commercial breeders. Hobby breeders have the most profound knowledge compared to home and commercial breeders. Usually hobby breeders only do the process of breeding at home but this breeder tends to invest time and energy to really study the dog and raise the dog with the affection. Second, home breeders generally do not have a deep knowledge of dogs and breeding the dogs just to earn some extra money. Third, a reputable commercial breeder generally has a dog that equipped with a PERKIN certificate thus ensuring the quality of the breeding dog.

  1. Find more information on breeders with a good credibility.

You can find this information through a vet or animal-loving organization in Michigan. The responsible breeder will generally ask you some questions like the reason you want a dog, where the dog will stay and who will take care of the dog.

  1. Visit the farm site.

The important thing to remember is  never buy a puppy from a breeder before you visit the location of his farm. Some things you should consider is the activity of the candidate english bulldog puppy that you want, the environment and puppy friends. Responsible breeders will welcome you very well.

  1. Check the completeness of your puppy certificate.

The responsible farmer will show you the complete PERKIN certificate to you. You should be worry if the  breeders only attach the pedigree of the puppy.

In addition there are some things that you need to know if you want to have an English Bulldog puppy as a pet. First, the puppy has a sense of anxiety when you rarely play with him, otherwise you are obliged to always pay attention to your puppy’s health by vaccinating thoroughly so that your puppy is save from the  dangerous diseases such as parvo.

Then there are some things that you need to prepare for your puppy:
1. Dog bed
2. Dog leashes
3. Dog strap
4. Two bowls to eat and drink
5. Dog food
6. Toys like balls, plastic bones and ropes
7. Spades and waste plastic
8. Newspaper

That’s all the article about english bulldog puppies for sale in Michigan, hopefully this article can help you who want to make English Bulldog as your pet at home.

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