How to Make a Poodle Skirt Which You Will Surely Love

Do you have a plan to go to the party with particular theme? If the theme of the party is a vintage or retro style from the 1950, you can also wear a dress that is very trendy in 1950. One of the famous styles in the 1950 is by wearing a poodle skirt, if you do not what the look of the poodle skirt is, it is just simple dress like other ordinary dresses, but what makes the poodle is special s like its name, there is a poodle pattern in the dress which makes the beauty of the dress is increased. If you do not understand and difficult to find the poodle skirt, the only thing that you have to do is making your own poodle skirt, so that how to make a poodle skirt? To make a poodle skirt, you need some certain materials to make the skirt. The original material of the poodle skirt would be better from the felt material. But, things that you need to know, ,although the dress is called a poodle skirt, sometime people do not put the poodle as a pattern in the dress, they can put something else aside from the poodle, it could be cars, flowers, and other patterns that according to every desires and taste of the dress’ owner. You can also make the appealing poodle dress by selecting the colors that you like and find the perfect combination with the later pattern whether you want to make a poodle or not.

How To Make A Poodle Skirt

It is very easy and simple to make a poodle skirt; you can find many ways to make the poodle skirt easily, no need until two weeks to finish in the making of the poodle skirt project. In addition, the mixed between the pattern and the color has an important role to make the best poodle skirt. The tips before you are going to make your own poodle skirt, the only thing that you have to do is determining about what kind of taste that you like, you don’t have to always use the poodle skirt as the main theme and pattern for the dress. For example, if you want to appear with enjoyable and fresh style, you can apply some red roses to replace the poodle theme, but in the same design and position, then you can use the pink color as the dominant color for your dress, so that it will make the perfect combination between the rose theme with the attractive pink dress color. It can be such a dazzling poodle skirt. Now is the time for you to decide which the main pattern that you are going to choose between the well-known poodle skirts or you want to show your true taste for the appearances. But, thing that should not be forgotten is do not out of the style from the original poodle skirt style, because if you go too far in modifying the poodle skirt, it won’t be as good as it should be.

How To Make A Simple Poodle Skirt

If you are interested in applying the poodle skirt as your appearances to go to the retro party, it is very the best choice that you chose. Now is the time for you to learn about how to make a simple poodle skirt. The first thing that you have to do is collecting all the materials to make a poodle skirt. The first is collects the big size colored fabric which the color is depending on your taste, the weight of the fabric should be light but still rigid. Then, the used vintage ben linen can be the best part if you have one, and you need to know the best fabric material to make a poodle skirt is a felt material, but if you don’t have one, you can replace the felt material with a taffeta material. After that, measure the fabric and add for about 5cm for the hems. Make the skirt length till your knee. Then, fold the fabric into two folds. The next step is measure the length of your skirt. After you have done on doing some measurements, now is the time to move head to the next step to cut the fabric and make the skirt. Now is the time to choose the material for the yarn, and choose the color for it. if you want to replace the poodle with the rose flower theme, you can use a red yarn and start to sew it to make a rose pattern. Be careful in sewing the pattern, because it is kind of hard to sew the poodle theme in the skirt. You can also get the best poodle without you to sew it, you can get the felt poodle, so that the only thing that you have to do is just patching the poodle on the skirt and sew it for good, try to make sure it does not fall off the skirt.

How To Make A Poodle Skirt without Pattern

In the last part here, we are still going to discuss perfectly about how to make a poodle skirt, but this one is kind of different, because we make the poodle skirt with no pattern at all. Are you guys going excited to know about this? Let’s discuss about it. The making of the poodle skirt is easier. The first thing that you have to do is making a circle skirt, then you can start to add the poodle applique, then for the finishing to make a poodle skirt, you can finish the skirt by using a wide elastic waistband. For you who are often to sew and have a great in sewing, you are not supposed to find a difficult in making the poodle skirt. But, if you do not have a skill in sewing at all, you can follow the step by step from the making of poodle skirt in the previous paragraph, because it tells you step by step about how to make a poodle skirt in a simple way.

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