Important things to Mind before looking for Bulldog Puppies for Sale Near Me

Once, I ever feel lonely at home. But then a friend suggest me to have a pet. I found a bulldog puppies for sale near me and pick one for me. Since then I have a joyful day and never be bored ever again. If you have a quite similar problem with me, do not be hesitate and choose your pet immediately. As I have been with my lovely bulldog puppies for several years, here I would to tell you some important things you need to mind before having them.

Brief information of Bulldogs.

When you wanted to make a bulldog as your pet, then you also need to know a brief information about them. At first, Bulldogs bred by the purpose of fighting. In the 1500’s in England, Bulldogs were trained for a bull baiting. It was a kind of sports where one or more dogs were paired up to fight a bull or a bear. They were known well for the ability to take down their opponent. Since they have a good power, Bulldogs often be the mascots of several sports team. Bulldogs keep gaining their famous trophy as they become British symbol of firmness and greatly. More additional information, bulldogs are the most popular pet having by American.

How to take a good care of a bulldog puppy

English Bulldogs in common has a 31 – 36 cm height of shoulder. They can weight from 22 kg to 25 kg. The authentic characteristics of bulldogs are a droopy face, silence behavior, short body, and also an undershot jawbone. A bulldogs’ fur is smooth and glossy. Their colors vary from white, beige, spotted and even brindle. So, you are free to choose the one you think is has the cutest color. Bulldogs has a short leg, it goes the same for the tail. They have a muscular body combined with round chest.

Bulldog puppy’s character.

Bulldogs are known as an intelligent animal. They are also famous of their fearless and gentle characteristics. Even so, they are also a perfect buddy since they really loved to play around with their master or with children. One habit that is having by most of bulldogs are they like to snore when sleeping and can not help to control their saliva. When it comes to the discussion of their loyalty, indeed it is unquestionably proven. One thing you need to pay attention is, do not be tricked by their bitter face, a bulldog really loves to be invited to play. When they give you a signal to have a game and you ignore them, the might misbehave.

How to take a good care of a bulldog puppy.

A bulldog is easily infected by breathing and skin problem. It is because of their facial features. Therefore, when you wanted to remove dead hairs from your bulldog, remember for always use a rubber brush. It is also find to give special lotion to keep them clean, more precisely, on their facial area and their tail. Do not take their toothbrush and tooth past quality easy.

Almost all bulldogs does not have the ability to swim. So do not waste your time on training them to be a good swimmer. Instead, you can use a simple training using your voices. Since one of many facts of bulldog is, they have a sensitive hearing of its master tone. Therefore, it will be good choice to give them simple task by commanding them.

You also need to know that bulldog puppies need a lot of attention. If you are not ready to give them proper care, then do not force yourself to raise one. When you keep them as your pet, you need to be consistent. It means that you need to prevent any accidents happens in your house. For example, your bulldog likes to pee on the carpet. What you need is a patient and consistency in training them to throw that bad behavior away; never expect a sudden outcome of your hard work. A research shows that a bulldog puppy with 3 months old needs to pee once in an hour. Therefore, you really need to pay attention every time they want to pee. It is even better if you could train them from the start.

Your bulldog puppy daily routines.

Since a bulldog is also known for its great adaption, you do not need to stress about finding activities for them. Bulldogs are not complicated. Once they have been in your family, they will adapt themselves. Now your only task is to find a suitable sport you can do with your bulldog. Remember to never ask a bulldog for running a long distance or jumping from a high place. These kinds of activities do not suit them. A simple activity like taking a walk around your complex is a good choice. Since this activity is easily done, in exchange you need have a commitment on doing this in order not to make your bulldog puppy feel stress.

Know your bulldog puppy.

If you never have a bulldog puppy before, then it is important for you to know that sometimes a bulldog puppy could show a resentful behavior too. They can just destroy your cloth, shoes, papers or anything in your house. Another little trouble you may face is, when their teeth start to grow. Even it is small, a bulldog puppy’s teeth are very sharp. Moreover, some of bulldogs puppies really like to make their master’s hair, hand or feet as their toy for showing their new teeth ability. Therefore, you really need to spare some of your time to give them a good attention.

Those are all important things I guess you need to know about bulldog puppies before making them as your pet. Always remember to give them proper care. What you give to them will they give back to you. Act as their friend, and they will give you a pleasant day that you will never forget. I hope a brief explanation of my experience in finding bulldog puppies for sale near me will inspire you to have one.

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