Looking For English Bulldog Puppies For Sale In Houston Tx? Here, Some Tips For You

Do you really want to have a pet, and a dog more so? Do you want a cute beast-like bulldog puppies? Perhaps do you currently look for a English Bulldog puppies for sale in Houston Tx? Before we decide to adopt these adorable little shit-machine, it will be good for you to know more about English Bulldog.

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Brief Summary of English Bulldog

English Bulldog, also known as British Bulldog is a breed that originated back in England. They were famous back in 15th century, all along with their bloody past. They were originally bred to be sport dogs that compete in cruel activity that brought from Romans to the England, called bull-baiting. This breed descent from fighting mastiffs and now only slight resembles its ancestors in term of appearance.

Now, you do not have to worry because their ferociousness from the past is gone for good. Nowadays they are popular to the families to raised and had become rather adorable and lovable pet. Still, they have beast-like appearance is often misunderstood by many people, thinking that English Bulldogs are vicious creature, instead of lovely, you’ll find that this breed rather amusing.

With their signature look, English Bulldogs are almost never mistaken with any other breeds. Their medium-sized low-slung body and short yet massive head, square face really define this breed as no other have this kind of looks. Moreover, with their broad chest, thick yet sturdy limbs, it is like want to say that Bulldogs are the little thug dog with childish heart.

They have thick wrinkles all around their face, with broad cheeks and low-build body that sometimes you’ll find it surprising that it is just right beneath the ground. Like all bulldogs, English breeds have low jaw, more than its upper jaw, making it rather comical. However, do not underestimate their jaw power, cause they can easily crush any hard object, such as bones. It is only natural since their ancestors compete in the bloody sport that requires them to latch onto a giant bull to its death.

They have dark-round eyes with small ears that folded like a rose. You will find it more adorable with their tiny tails wiggling all around along with their amusing facial and body traits, especially when they demand treats or praise.

Not only their appearance, but also the way the walk, or more precisely waddling, is so funny, your children will only lough out loud seeing that. It is all because their muscular yet short build and stocky limbs in every corner of the body, making them also have their signature walk. But, the downside is, because of this body type, the females are usually hard to deliver their babies, so to breed English Bulldog is rather challenging, not to mention expensive (due to several health issues).

Despite having rather ferocious stereotype, you should know that Bulldogs are kind and can be compassionate. They are brave, stubborn, possessive, but also protective, love to play, but also like to laze around in a hot day. They love people and seek their attention and affection. It is really refreshing to see this tiny monster snoring in their sleep on the sofa.

The Bulldogs, especially English breed, are raising in popularity in the United States, though with their special distinction, they are not suitable for everyone. They are small, but also heavy at the same time, so it will be hard to carry them over, moreover in emergency situation that requires you to act immediately (remember, this breed is prone to some health issues).

They are indoor dogs, they love to be inside the house and chill around. They are less active than other breeds, love to sleep and eat. Yes, they like and kind to kids, but do not ever expect them to actively play with your kids, such as chasing balls. First, they will play along, but at certain period after, they will slowly walk back at your side to look you with happy face, demanding your attention and love.

Some Tips For You to Consider Before Adopting

Due to their unique build, Unfortunately, Bulldog’s, like all other breeds, also prone to several health problems. Moreover, in respiratory organs and their joints. Also, with their characteristic and personality, they also have more risk to be over-weighted if you do not train or exercise them regularly. Not only for humans, but also for dogs, overweight means that they will get more issues than the healthy one.

Surely, not all Bulldogs are prone to diseases and problems, but it is important to always be aware and keep in check. Thus, giving you more peace of mind and can determine the best act when something happen. Especially, if your residence is rather far from vet facility or breeders.

Speaking of breeders, if you insist buying the dogs on puppy stage, you have to select a responsible and credible one, so you can get the healthiest puppy you can get. Not only that, some breeders usually also test their puppies if they have genetic issues or other health problems, thus they sold at least 2 years old dogs.  Buying from credible and reputable breeders often results in getting dewormed and vaccinated puppies.

You have to ensure that both puppy’s parents are free from diseases. You can demand the health documentation that states that both of them are cleared from particular problems, especially for Bulldogs breed. You can also see the condition of elbow, hips, knees from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or the eyes condition documentation from CERF (Canine Eye Registry Foundation).

Some condition only appear after 2 years old, so it is best to sought clearances that were not issued under that age. Because of this, many breeders are often delay to breed their dogs until they at least 2 or 3 years old age.

Despite having a lot of health and personality issues, English Bulldogs are wonderful because they are loyal and willing to protect their family from danger. You only have to be sure not to overfed or underfed them, ignore them, or let them laze around too much. It is not that hard if you want to look for English Bulldog Puppies for Sale In Houston Tx, because Bulldogs breed is in spotlight right now.

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