Meet Gentle Breed in German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies For Sale

The German Shepherd Husky Mix also known as the Gerberian Shepsky can be your best ideal pet that also get you wonder about German shepherd husky mix puppies for sale. You know that this German Shepherd Husky Mix was a cross breed from high intelligence dog and energetic dog. This is similar with their parent, this dog breed has countless qualities and characteristics which make them as your best ideal pet. If they trained and well socialized, this breed will become your best furry friend that also able become a great companion for kids as well. They were so alert, protective and loyal belong they loved one because they working dog history. German shepherd husky mix also so ideal for the guard duties and make this breed become a great police dog and service fog. However, as this dog is protective, it might bark whenever they see strangers or intruders.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Puppies For Sale

The origin and bloodlines

Both of German shepherd and husky were originally had been bred as the working dogs. The German shepherd was originally bred in Germany 1889 as the ideal herding dog and soon listed as the military before getting popular as the ideal family dog in US and Europe. This German shepherd is currently become second the most popular dog breed among the dog owners in United States.

Then Siberian huskies were had been bred in Siberia Arctic, Russia become the sled dog which can pull of the heavy loads in long miles and well survive in cold. They had been registered in American Kennel Clun in 1930 and also become the popular family dog in United State and Canada. They also currently become 12th most popular dog breed among the dog owners in United States. This is thought that Gerberian husky get the traction with breeding and whole popularity in United States after 1930s when both of dogs had gained popularity as the household pet in United States.

So, when you look for German shepherd husky for sale, or you want to adopt one. You can check for many pet finder sites, dog finder sites or other sites of German shepherd husky mix puppies for sale that provide you with information about this breed. You should check for guarantee, completeness and accuracy which ensure you get the best one. So, you can do some researches, such as: read their review and check their terms of service for more information as well.

Physical Appearance

As we know that this breed is a large size dog with height around 20-25 inches. The weight around 45-88 lbs, but this is mostly depending on their diet and overall well being as well. The average life span this German shepherd husky mix is 13 years. Therefore, this dog was suit for those who look for the short term emotional and physical commitment.

Their life span also possible so vary, because this is just human estimation. This breed come in variety colors, the most common is black and brown with black color. The other color varieties, including of red, blue, white, brown, cream, brown and white, light golden, light brown, pepper and gray.

The Gerberian shepskies also have double coat that have straight hared which can be long, short, dense or medium as well. The coat usually thick with the fluffy appearance. The inner coat is usually containing of thick and soft hair as well. As the Arctic dog, the double coat can provide most needed protection in both of cold and hot weather condition. Their ears also pointy as well as their muzzle. The skull sometime look like the German shepherds or Siberian husky. Their ears sometime be dual colored as well. However, this Gerberian shepsky does not suit to live in hot weather condition.

Their temperament and personality

This German shepherd husky mix has extremely gentle and quite, but it mostly feared because their muscular body shaped. They can operate as pets and working companions, because they are able to assist some task. They also classified as the working and herding dog as well. as the pastoral dog type, this breed have incredible ability to react with verbal command and whistles, this is also become a reason why they were trained to herd. The training plan is able to minimize their innate proclivity to treat the cattle and other animals as the prey wile in the same time maintain their hunting prowess, so it can create efficient hunting dog. This is also come from as police dog, no wonder that this dog is high intelligence as well.

This Gerberian shepsky’s obedience, strength, intelligence and train-ability make them become a perfect choice for several types of work, such as: searching and rescuing, action and even involve into other military roles as well. They also have a good ability to learn simple task after some repetitions and obey with the first given command. So, they are very active dog and please to learn something new. Their nature curious characteristic make they become excellent guard and scout as well. However, if they do not get proper socialized, this reed can be over protective for their territory and family. This is important to note that they are not be programmed as the immediate friends with strangers. They also so loyal with their master, as the result, they are also so loyal and loving their master’s children too.

So, in other word, this Gerberian shepsky are affectionate toward kids which likely to attach with them. Similar with other dog, the best way to start socialization with kids is when they are still puppy. They will grow become a great companion and usually patient with kids. However, do not leave your pet with your kids without supervision, as their large size and strength can present a threat as well. You also need to teach your kids to be gentle toward the dogs as well. When you consider getting one, you should choose best place of German shepherd husky mix puppies for sale which meet with your need.

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